October 17, 2022

Deep Thoughts With Jerry #7

I have been driving myself crazy over the last couple of days while trying to transfer pictures to my new computer from an external hard drive. I'm trying to clean up the mess that is my 50,000 photos, and I can't seem to keep them organized while transferring. Anyway, I am so tired of looking at the computer that I asked Jerry to share his "deep thoughts" today. I didn't give him any writing prompts--he just chose these ice breaker questions.

I also didn't give him a lot of notice, so if these aren't interesting... it's my fault!

Showers... do you prefer morning or evening?

I think maybe both. I love taking showers! I will stand in a super hot shower all day long. Katie can attest to this... I take notoriously long showers. There is something just so relaxing about them. Katie, on the other hand, hates showers. 

What's the worse style-choice you ever made?

There's been so many. A mohawk, pink hair, bleached hair, clothes that were too tight, Crocs... the list could go on. One that comes to mind though is when Katie and I were dating and I wore a pimp costume on our anniversary date. It was purple with black and white polka dot trim. How we made it past that date I will never know. Maybe it was my pimpalicious charm and my playa swag that sealed the deal. 

So much cool happening in this picture

If you had your own late night talk show who would be your first guest?

There would have to be two, because  they work best as a team... Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. The chemistry those two have is undeniably awesome and they're hilarious. They've done multiple movies together and when they do the promotional pressers for an upcoming flick they just constantly roast each other and it's epic. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to support my claim. 

If you have to sing karaoke what song would you pick? 

There are two songs that come to mind, 'Mr. Jones' from the Counting Crows or 'Danger Zone' by Kenny Loggins. How embarrassing. LOL. I picture myself dressed as Bruce Springstein singing 'Danger Zone' and the whole bar singing along with me. If it's not obvious, I've thought way too much about this. 

What fictional family would you be a part of?

Who wouldn't want to be a Pearson? 'This Is Us' was such a powerful show and the family dynamic was awesome. I wasn't a big Kate fan, but to be the sibling of The Manny or Randall would be pretty sweet!

What is your best scar story?

My dad was in the Air Force and he was stationed in Sacramento for a couple years. Because of the dry fields that surrounded the base, tractors would disc the perimeter of the housing areas. The cultivated dirt acted as a fire break in case of any sort of wildfires. The discing would bring up a bunch of big rocks and bricks.

A friend of mine and I would go out and pick through the rocks and start throwing them in the field. One day, while we were doing this, my friend yelled 'DUCK!'. I looked up and said, 'Where?'... then everything went black. A brick had hit me square in the left side of my forehead and knocked me out. If you need a visual of what it might have looked like, this gif pretty much sums it up. 

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - Brick scene HD

What is the last TV show you binge watched?

24. And it's the third time I watched the series. I love it. If you have never seen it or heard of it, it follows a day in the life of a fictional federal agent that works as part of a counter terrorist unit. Each episode represents 1 hour in the day and usually involves a nuclear or biological threat. It's so good. And so worth the time.

Currently I'm catching up on The Blacklist. Speaking of binge watching things... I have a habit of rewatching movies in a series before a new installment comes out. For instance... Black Panther: Wakanda Forever comes out November 11th and I plan to watch all 29 movies of the MCU before seeing it. Seems like overkill but I like to think of it as dedication. I'm dedicated.

Katie here. It's true, I do hate showers. They're only warm when you're in there and then it's twice as cold when you get out. But I shower anyways, because hygiene. And speaking of, I'm going to go take a shower now and get ready for bed. It's only Monday... this feels like it's going to be a long week!


  1. I love how geeky you both are in your own ways. You with your 50,000 photos (hello blogging) and Jerry with his shows and tunes and costumes. So glad that rock didn't do permanent damage. Ouch.

  2. Always enjoy Jerry and his humor. Thanks!


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