February 02, 2018

Flashback Friday: The Day I Hit 60 Pounds Lost

As I mentioned last week, I'd like to start doing a "Flashback Friday"--where I post an old (probably embarrassing) journal entry. I cringe when I look through my old journaling, because the writing was terrible and I said things that I completely disagree with now; but it is what it is, and it's kind of interesting to see what I was thinking/feeling way back when.

I will not edit any of these journals, as tempting as it may be. I'm not posting them in any specific order, either. I just pick a random place in my journal and read a few posts before deciding what to share. (And one day, maybe I'll be cringing at my current blog posts! haha)

This post was kind of fun to come across... it was the day I reached 60 pounds lost! Interestingly, it was on February 3, 2010--so it'll be 8 years ago tomorrow. Where has the time gone?!

(This was the quilt I made out of all of my too-big-for-me jeans when I was losing weight)

February 3, 2010
Finally... the big 60-pounds mark!!  
I was SO SURE that I would only lose about 1/2 pound this week, simply because I lost 3 last week, 3 the week before, and 2 the week before that. I'm overdue for a "bad" week :) My average weight loss to date is 2.56 pounds per week... pretty good, right? 
But anyway, I'm psyched about it. I'm thisclose to being in the 180's, can you believe it?! My lowest post-pregnancy weight was 184, so getting to 183 will be a huge milestone for me. Then I'll finally feel like it's all downhill from there. Right now, I'm still losing what I gained back a couple years ago. 
I finished my second Weight Watchers 3-month food journal. (Each 3-month journal is 12 weeks). I remember thinking how it'd be impossible to actually finish ONE journal without having a page with "BINGE" written across it in bold letters, followed by lots of blank pages because I "gave up" again.  
Now I have TWO complete journals without a single binge. I've gone 24 weeks without a single gain. This has become sheer habit for me now, and the urges to binge are few and far between. I recognize the mindset now, and I take care of it before it turns into a binge. 
Accomplishments this week: I went on a 3-day vacation with my family and managed to stay on track. I counted points the whole time, brought food to the hotel to eat instead of going out to eat, and for the first time, made my vacation about the actual activities rather than food. I used to look forward to vacation because of the food and dining out all the time... seriously. That's disgusting. 
Goals for next week: I want to start writing daily entries in my OD again... so my goals is do write at least 5 daily entries with food journals. I have a few new recipes to post too, so maybe I'll get around to doing that.

Starting weight: 253
Last weeks weight: 193.5
This weeks weight: 191.5
This weeks loss: 2 pounds
Total weight lost: 61.5 pounds
Total percentage of weight lost: 24.3% 

I love that I was so excited to get to the 180's. As I'm at around 142 right now, it makes me not feel so bad for being up 10 pounds over the last couple of months. (My appetite is finally decreasing to what it was a few months ago, though, and I think it's because I completely quit drinking.)

I remember how exciting it was to weigh in every Wednesday, because I knew I had followed my plan all week and that I was getting closer and closer to an ideal weight. My original goal weight was 185. I never dreamed I'd one day be in the 140's, 130's, and certainly not the 120's.

Looking back at posts like these is actually really nice--I am so hard on myself sometimes, and seeing how happy I was for these milestones makes me stop and realize just how far I've come. I haven't weighed in the 190's in EIGHT YEARS now. I never would have guessed that when I started losing weight, I'd get to a "normal" BMI or maintain the majority of my weight loss for a year, let alone eight years!

I bought this shirt to wear as a joke for Jerry, because I despise football--but I'd promised him that I would learn the rules of football one time, and I'd read a couple of books about it ("Football for Dummies" kinds of books). Then, I was ready with this shirt for Super Bowl Sunday. Even after learning the rules, I hate it! The curse of being born on Super Bowl Sunday I guess ;)

I'm looking forward to this Sunday because of This Is Us, though!!! Can't wait.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. My favorite part is that you were excited for weigh in because you knew you did the work. This is what I want!

  2. Omg I didn’t know you were a This Is Us fan too!! Ugh I wish I could discuss theories with you!! Lol. I have so many!

  3. Your blog and story telling of your journey is the best. I hope to one day share flashback's as thrilling as yours. I can't wait until tomorrow night and "This is Us" as well and will have a box of kleenex ready!

  4. I remember your jeans quilt! Wow, eight years, hard to believe, you’ve accomplished so much Katie, very proud of you! So glad you’re still blogging all these years later and giving us motivation and inspiration along way! Janet ~xo

  5. I can’t wait for This Is Us too!! I wish they could start the game earlier, I will likely be dvr-ing the show because it will be late!!

  6. I joined WW too and so far so good. The app for my smartphone is the bomb! The plan is easy and I am slowly losing weight and not suffering for it either. Still having my adult beverages too. Missing out on cheese is the saddest part. No, it might the potato chips. Sweets not a problem for me but I love crunchy salty snacks. Eating a lot more veggies too which is good. Wish me luck! Thanks for sharing your journey.


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