February 26, 2018

100 Things That Make Me Happy

I wrote a list of 100 things that make me happy way back in 2011, but when I was feeling really depressed in fall of 2016, I decided to make an updated list. I was sad and I felt like nothing was ever going to get better. It was hard to get excited or even feel joy about anything at all.

So, I started a new list. It was so hard to think of things! It's interesting how my state of mind (depression vs. "normal" me) affects my opinions on everything--even the really simple, everyday things.

So, here is a current list of 100 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Fresh, clean Brooklinen sheets straight out of the dryer and onto my bed

2. Perfectly ripe watermelon (I could eat an entire watermelon, I swear)
3. Cookie Monster
4. Chatting one-on-one with a good friend
5. A clean kitchen (especially the counters!)
6. Being at my goal weight
7. Watching cats try to fit into small boxes

8. Nailing a super tough run, and getting a runner's high
9. Watching a new Lifetime movie
10. An empty inbox (meaning I've caught up on all my email)
11. Watching our credit card debt go down, month by month, thanks to our budget
12. Spending time with my siblings

13. Spending time with Luke! (I am baby-sitting him tomorrow)

14. The color of the leaves in the fall
15. Wedding cake (with lots of buttercream frosting... none of that whipped stuff)
16. Wearing cozy jeans and a sweatshirt
17. Sitting around a bonfire at night (and watch the bats fly overhead)
18. Getting a refund for something
19. Buying or making a really great gift for someone. I love thoughtful gifts!
20. Watching old home videos
21. Listening to Eminem
22. Inside jokes with friends
23. Ice water after a hot run
24. When my cats sit on my lap

25. Eating breakfast outside on the front porch
26. Walking around downtown Detroit
27. Bantering with Thomas
28. Doing a random act of kindness
29. Putting on a brand new pair of Balega socks
30. Spectating a race (complete with cowbells, signs, and lots of yelling)

31. The smell of fresh laundry (probably my favorite smell in all the world)
32. Tucking my kids into bed at night with a hug and kiss ("Good night. Love you. Have sweet dreams."
33. Being a stay-at-home mom/wife
34. My bright yellow Jeep Renegade

35. Getting a wine buzz with Jerry (I can always tell when he has a buzz because he turns to me and says, "I love wine."

36. Super soft, thick, plush carpet
37. Having very vivid dreams--good or bad
38. Setting a new running personal record
39. Candle light
40. Family vacations (Boston is a month away!)
41. Winning Keno--enough to pay for our food, drinks, and Keno buy-in
42. Eating in moderation--not too much, not too little
43. When my jeans fit well
44. Hugging Jerry when he smells like Curve (it reminds me of when we were dating)
45. Crisp, fall air
46. A lazy Christmas morning, complete with mimosas
47. When my hair and make-up is done, and I wear something other than yoga pants
48. Google Maps. It changed my life.
49. Working on our budgeting numbers once a week or so
50. Playing Solitaire (Grandma's Game)
51. Getting caught up in a good book.
52. When I look good in a photo
53. Watching Naked and Afraid with Jerry and the kids
54. The first bite of a delicious dessert
55. Treating someone else to a meal
56. The Pacific Northwest (Portland, in particular)

57. When Jerry has a day off work and we get to spend quality time together
58. Passing out candy on Halloween
59. Watching a scary movie (I love slasher films)
60. Finding cute clothes in my size at a garage sale
61. Playing board games with friends
62. The smell of a brand new car
63. Eating a crisp apple while going for a walk in fall weather
64. Cuddling with Jerry when I'm cold
65. Getting a good massage from Jerry
66. Paying off a debt
67. Shopping with gift cards
68. Being taken care of when I'm hurt or sick
69. Grocery shopping when time isn't an issue
70. My bedroom--I love the new color scheme and furniture arrangement. And lighting.
71. Sewing
72. My electric heating pad for my back
73. Listening to people tell really interesting/funny/exciting stories
74. Visiting Thomas and not having a clue where we're going or what we're doing until we get there
75. Going for a walk on a cool summer's night with Jerry, the kids, and Joey
76. Chivalry
77. When I write a blog post that I think is really good
78. Chatting with girlfriends over wine
79. My lava lamp. My sister gave it to me about 20 years ago, and I still use it almost daily.
80. Men who play the piano. So sexy.
81. When Jerry leaves me little notes to let me know he's thinking of me. Or just to make me laugh.

82. Finding money. We have a jar that we use for the sole purpose of putting in the change that we find. Today, I deposited two pennies from a walk with Joey.
83. Sitting on the couch in my bedroom and having a real, adult, interesting conversation
84. Things that make me feel nostalgic
85. Spending time with people who don't look at their phones compulsively
86. When I say a funny joke that makes Jerry laugh
87. Carrot cake from Mike's Pastry in Boston
88. Having boudoir photos taken
89. Putting on a comfy pair of pajamas and watching a movie
90. Dark humor

91. Chewing ice. Such a bad habit, but it makes me happy.
92. The nickname "Cookies"
93. Converse shoes
94. The big stuffed teddy bear that Jerry bought me when I was very depressed
95. Finding an awesome clearance sale
96. Browsing a book store, even if I don't buy anything
97. Analog clocks with Roman numerals
98. The scent of lavender
99. Organizing a closet, cupboard, drawer, or almost anything else
100. Writing lists


  1. I just had my students write a list of 100 things they're grateful for as an extra credit assignment. It was due yesterday. Funny how this blog shows up today. :-)

  2. My family and I love to watch Naked and Afraid too- great list!

  3. I love this idea! I might have to copy you. I also love writing lists! That alone makes me so happy! Also, my husband wore Curve too! Mostly when we first started dating but he still brings it out once in awhile. I love that smell!

  4. One thing that will definitely be on my list is: When Katie Foster writes a new blog post!

  5. Wow- I was inspired to start a list of my own, and it really is making me smile and feel good, thank you for the idea! Also- it was YOU who inspired me to buy Brooklinen sheets, and they are unbelievable. I was skeptical and thought it was absurd to spend that much on sheets, but they are worth every penny.

  6. I love this. And I have to agree on the buttercream frosting - no whipped stuff for me! Plus, I always tell my husband "I love wine" too with a good wine buzz. But I really do.

  7. Haha I’m inspired to write a list now too. And I love naked and afraid! I wonder if they’re airing more shows in Australia, I’ll have to find out

  8. You might be anemic if you find "chewing ice" makes you happy! Craving and chewing ice is associated with iron deficiency anemia.


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