June 11, 2015

Summer break begins

I had a super busy day yesterday! I sat down last night at 8:45 pm to start writing a post, and then just decided to wait until today, because I was pretty exhausted.

Yesterday was the kids' last day of school--a half day. Also, Wednesday mornings are my Weight Watchers meetings, so I wanted to get in my run before going to my meeting. Again, I had a 30-minute run/walk on the schedule, and I decided to stick with the 60 second run/30 second walk ratio. It was unexpectedly challenging on Monday, and my legs were really sore ever since (likely due to not running for so long).

I did the same routine as last time--walked for 90 seconds just to start, and then went into the 60 sec run/30 sec walk. It felt just as challenging yesterday as it did Monday, if not more so, because I was so sore! I'm not complaining about it--it actually feels really good to push myself again. It's just odd that running for 60 seconds at a 9:00-9:30 pace feels that hard.

My first mile was pretty slow compared to Monday's run, but then I ended up with negative splits somehow. I definitely felt like I slowed down a lot as the run progressed, but according to the numbers, I sped up a little. I was exhausted when I was done! I hope that I get back into shape quickly, and it doesn't feel so hard. Tomorrow is my long run, and I am going to run much slower (per Galloway's instructions).

Run 1:00/Walk 0:30

After my run, I took a quick shower and ate breakfast, then headed to Weight Watchers. I already knew that my weigh in wasn't going to be exciting--again, I lost less than a pound--but I am happy that it's the fifth week in a row of losses. It's getting easier to stay on track now that I have a streak I want to maintain. I just have to make it through tomorrow, and it will be the longest binge-free streak in at least a year and a half.

At the meeting, Glenda had some quotes written up on the board, and she asked for volunteers to read the one that we found most meaningful to us. I ended up reading this one:
"Movement is a medicine for a change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental health." --Carol Welch
I explained that I chose that quote because I'm a runner, and having been injured for six months, I haven't been able to run. It changed my mood dramatically (and not for the better!). I never realized just how much my mood was affected by my running until I wasn't able to run for so long. The past few days, since I've been able to run again, I've been much more pleasant. It's really remarkable how exercise has that ability!

I had to leave right from the meeting to go pick up Noah and his friend from school. I told Noah and Eli they could each invite a friend to come over and celebrate the start of summer vacation. After picking them up, I only had about 30 minutes before I had to pick up Eli and his friend. By noon, I had five excited boys at my house (Eli has a classmate who lives down the street, and he came over too). I had already planned for chaos, and just kept telling myself to "let boys be boys".

It was hot outside yesterday--90 degrees--and the kids were complaining of the heat. They wanted to come inside to play video games. I let them for a little while, but then I remembered I had a Slip n Slide tucked away in the closet from a few years ago. Jerry and I set that up in the backyard, and after a little coaxing, the boys gave it a try. They had a blast! They ended up playing on it for a couple of hours, and it was a great way to cool off on a hot day. Jerry had as much fun as they did ;) If I hadn't already done my hair and make-up, I would have tried it out, too!

 (I'm not sure I could nail that landing like Jerry did, though! ha)

I ordered pizza for the kids for dinner, because I don't even know how to cook for so many boys, but I ended up making a fish sandwich for myself. Pizza isn't too bad as far as PointsPlus go--about 6-8 per slice--but I like to eat at least 2-3 slices, and that adds up! So I'd rather save it for a special occasion or a big pizza craving.

At around 6:15, a couple of the kids went home. Jerry had a softball game, so he was gone. I had to take Noah and Eli to their baseball game, and I brought Eli's friend with us (he wanted to watch the game, too). My parents met us there, as well as Jerry after his game, and we sat to watch the boys' game. They each did great! Noah hit a double (one RBI) and pitched two innings. Eli had what would have been an awesome hit if the third baseman hadn't snagged the ball out of the air as it flew by his head ;)

The kids were winning in the fifth inning (they play just six innings) and it started lightening, so the rest of the game was forfeited, and our team won. We took Eli's friend home, and then got home at around 8:40. The four of us sat down to watch Naked and Afraid (we always get excited to watch a new episode, haha). The boys were thrilled that they could stay up late, because they didn't have school today, but by 9:30, they were out like lights.

At around midnight, we had a terrible storm. It started hailing really loudly (I was half-asleep, but the noise of the hail woke me right up); and the wind and rain was the worst I've seen since the tornado we had in 2010. A tree across the street snapped in half and fell across our road. Today, Jerry and I (and the kids) went out and started pulling the branches apart and tossing them over the dike. Who knows how long it would have sat there if we didn't!

Jerry and I were glued to the windows watching the storm, but it only lasted about 15 minutes. It's been a very stormy/rainy spring so far! I really like thunderstorms and rain, so it's been kind of fun  for me :)


  1. Is summer break of your kids from school or is it from your blog? When I read it at first I thought it was from your blog but now I'm not so sure

    1. First day of summer break for the kids :) If I was leaving the blog for a while, I'd make it very clear!

  2. Wow that was a busy day! I had to watch that S-n-S video of Jerry 3 times, it was so awesome.

  3. I saw the pic of the fish sandwich on your WW instagram and have been intrigued about what you used to make it. I love McDonald's filet o' fish!

    1. I love their Filet, too! I just bought some frozen breaded filets, hamburger buns, cheese, and made a tarter sauce with light mayo and relish. It's not exactly healthy, but it was very good!

  4. The picture of Noah and Eli asleep on the couch is priceless, especially with kitty cat all snuggled up between them. Life is good.


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