June 01, 2015

Motivational Monday #109

Ohmygosh... so many thanks to Jenny Yule, who commented on my last post, and helped me solve the issue with the Photos app! It was as simple as restarting my computer. I never restart my computer unless it's required for an update or something, so I hadn't tried that. But she had the same problem, and after Googling solutions, she figured it out. I'm so glad to have that headache over with ;)

It's been three weeks, so I'm going to jump right into the Motivational Monday shares...

Christa recently completed her very first marathon! She finished the Delaware Marathon in 5:20:36. She had a goal of sub-5:00, but after training through the cold winter, the humidity on race day was much more difficult than she was used to (I know how that is, *ahem* Cleveland...); but she is very proud that she completed her goal of running a marathon!

After losing about 50 pounds and 5 sizes, Diana completed her first half-marathon! She started tracking her food on My Fitness Pal last year, and ran her first 5K in September. In January, she made a goal to run the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon in May. She trained all winter, reaching a peak of 11 miles for her longest training run. The race was harder than expected--75 degree temps and very hilly--so the end was a struggle, but she pushed on and crossed the finish line in 3:30:42!

Today, Ashley celebrates 8 months of her weight loss journey... and she's lost over 69 pounds! She's been running for 6 months, and just completed the Austin Autism 8K race in Texas. Her secret goal was to finish under an hour, and despite the mass flooding in Texas (which also prevented her family from being there, even though they wanted to), she finished in 54:56! She ran the race not just for herself, but on behalf of Zell, her boyfriend's son who has autism.

Amanda just completed the Annapolis 10K! Her friend Michael, who ran the race with her, convinced her to sign up and train for it. She didn't have a time goal, but made a plan to run 3/4 mile and then walk 1/4 mile, and repeat for the duration of the race. She is proud to have finished in 1:17:41! Her next goal is to run the entire distance. She said that one thing she learned about this experience is that even though her weight isn't where she'd like it to be, she shouldn't let it stop her from doing something she wants to do.

Brittany was on Motivational Monday in December after running her first 5K in 46:00. She continued to train, and has since lost 40 pounds! She just ran another 5K, and PR'ed with a time of 35:05. Her husband, who has lost 30 pounds and just started running last month, completed the race as well--even placing in his age group!

During the last year and a half, Laura has lost 50 pounds and and 6 pants sizes! She did it on her own, by portion control, cutting out semi-daily stops for Mexican fast food, and a lot of running. She said she "mustered the courage to join a speed training group, enjoying the challenge of trying to keep up with the speed demons in compression socks" ;) She just completed her 21st race, a 5K--and set a PR of 29:50!

Kaitlyn has just hit the eight month mark in her weight loss journey, and she's lost 34 pounds! She said that it's coming off slower than previous weight loss attempts, which is resulting in her sticking with it for the long haul. She's only creating habits that she could/would stick to for the rest of her life, which has broken the restrict/binge cycle (that so many of us are familiar with!). In August, she is going to be doing her first 5K!

Congratulations everyone! You can check out more stories (and share your own) on the Motivational Monday Facebook post. Have a great week!


  1. Katie

    So happy you figured out the bug with a little help from Jenny .... that can be so frustrating - UGH !!!

    What a FANTASTIC job everyone - super amazing ! Because of you....I'll give it another try tomorrow.

    Thanks you

  2. Yes! So glad you were able to do the MM post this week. Congratulations to all these folks, and thanks for motivating me!

  3. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done on all of your accomplishments and achievements!!! And thank you Katie for encouraging me to share my story with your readers!!

  4. AnonymousJune 02, 2015

    So inspiring! Congrats Ladies!!! -Amy B

  5. Awesome! Congrats everyone--you guys are so inspiring!

  6. I couldn't believe it was as simple as restarting - like you, I hardly ever restart my laptop. So glad you got it sorted though! Love your blog :)

  7. Reading all the posts about running, I'm getting rather interested in starting to run again! My last 'real' run was 15 years ago when for the 3rd time I took part in a grueling [for me] 8.5 mile run. It took a lot of effort and I was running most of the time with angry tears rolling down my face saying to myself: 'I can do it! I can do it!' And I did!

    So I wonder: can I start again at my age? Well, why not. I think I will give it a try. I may get to like it again.

    I am fit from other type of exercises and according to my doctor, all is well. So, let's see. Where to start? I suppose by donning my running shoes and going outside.....Although here in Scotland UK often the weather is rather unkind. Is that a good enough reason not to run...?


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