June 22, 2015

Motivational Monday #112

Happy Motivational Monday! I've had a fantastic week on Weight Watchers, and I've continued my binge-free streak--today marks 34 days now. Each day that passes, the more determined I get to keep the streak going. This week is going to be a little challenging, because I'm going to St. Louis for a few days (Purina invited me to their headquarters--I went a couple of years ago, and it was AWESOME to spend a couple of days with a bunch of cat-lovers like myself!) I was able to count Points the last time I was there, so I know I can do it again.

The run/walking has been going really well, and today, I increased the run portions a little, which I'll write about tomorrow. I also had a physical therapy appointment today, and my left hip is getting stronger, but I still have a lot of work to do to get it symmetrical to my right side (to avoid a future stress fracture).

Anyway, here are a few stories for Motivational Monday. Enjoy!

Linda (one of my From Fat to Finish Line teammates) just completed her first half-marathon since 2013! She was unable to run for a long while due to an injury; and then her husband, Charlie, was accepted into the NYC Marathon (it's a lottery, and VERY difficult to get into). Linda wasn't accepted, but she decided to run for a charity, so she'll be running NYC in November! Running the half this weekend put her halfway there ;) (You can read Linda's story here, and read her blog here)

Hannah just completed her first half-marathon! She did The Biggest Loser Run/Walk in Rockford, Illinois, and finished under 4:00, which was a pleasant surprise to her. She said the last few miles were tough, but she is thrilled to have finished! She plans to do another next year, with a goal of doing more running and less walking.

Celeste submitted this last month, but I didn't get it for some reason, but better late than never... Celeste and her husband, Al, ran the Fargo Half-Marathon in North Dakota, and they each ended up with a new PR. Al finished in 1:53:12, knocking nearly 3 minutes off of his time; and Celeste finished in 2:18:14, bettering her previous time by over 7 minutes! She is also proud to announce that she is now an RRCA-certified running coach and NETA-certified group fitness instructor. She is certified in H.I.I.T. and Tabata, and will start classes this month. Lots to be proud of! (Celeste's blog)

You can read more stories here on the Motivational Monday Facebook post. Congratulations on your accomplishments, everyone!


  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2015

    I am on day 2 of a no binge streak! Reading your blog has been very motivational for me. Thank you!

  2. Hi Katie! I am training for Chicago and trying out the Galloway method as well. Do you mind sharing your plan so I can follow along?

  3. Kudos to you Katie for your binge-free success! Can't wait to hear about your run/walk success too. And YAY to these rock stars! I just love reading the inspiration on Motivational Mondays.

  4. It's very nice to see you and your teammates development in living a healthy lifestyle. Keep it up! You are inspiring us!

  5. I live near StL! So jealous you get invited to that. I'd love to go! Safe travels! :)

  6. You Motivational Monday inspirations are the best. Keep it up, and congratulations on all your hard work and accomplishments.

  7. AnonymousJune 26, 2015

    Such an inspiration! On the blog front (I'm starting my own up too) as well as running. Doing my second 10k in a couple weeks! Eeeeek!


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