June 03, 2015

Exhausted puppy

As I mentioned yesterday, I took Joey to Lucky Puppy (his doggy daycare) in the morning, and he spent the day there while Jerry and I did the field trips with the kids. We picked him up at around 5:00, and he was exhausted. As soon as he got home, he crashed on the floor and didn't move a muscle...

He actually looked at the couch like he was going to jump up there, but realized it would take too much energy, so he plopped himself on the floor. He always LOVES going to daycare--when we're in the car, and we start to get close to it, he gets so excited. They opened the pool for the dogs on Memorial Day, so he's been swimming as well as running around with the other dogs, and he gets completely exhausted. Buzzfeed just made a list of The 100 Happiest Dog Photos, and one of the pictures from Lucky Puppy's pool was on there:

Anyway, Joey laid like that all evening, and then I had to force him to go outside to pee before bed. Then I had to lift him up onto Eli's bed (where he sleeps), because he was too tired to jump. I don't know why I found it so funny, but it cracks me up that he plays so hard that he can't move for two days. He's been sleeping away the day today, too. I'm amazed at how tired he gets from a day of play, because when he was running with me (even 5 miles!) he still had energy to spare.

I had to miss Weight Watchers this morning, because Noah graduated from D.A.R.E., and they had a little ceremony at school for it. My mom and I went to the ceremony. Noah got his certificate and t-shirt for completing the program.

I have a similar picture of him holding his preschool graduation certificate, and making the same face as he is in this picture. Yeesh! Where did the time go?!

I was a little disappointed that I had to miss my Weight Watchers meeting today, but I'll just plan to go to the Friday meeting instead. Tomorrow, I have a physical therapy appointment. I ran from the driveway to the front door this morning, and my leg was still painful where the stress fracture is. That worries me--I've already had to miss so many races over the last six months, I'll be really upset if I can't train for the Detroit Marathon. Hopefully, the PT will give me some good news tomorrow!


  1. My dog does the same thing...he's an English Mastiff, though, so it takes a lot less running around to wear him out. Him and his best friend (a German Shepherd) love to swim in the ocean. :)

  2. I know how frustrating it is to miss races, but remember that running will be there for you whenever you are ready/able to pick it back up. When I am unable to run (like right now since I'm 34 weeks pregnant), I try to focus on other goals to keep me feeling motivated while I wait to return to running. Good luck-- I feel your frustration!

  3. My dog is the exact same way. We take her to my inlaws farm. She plays hard then sleeps for days :)


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