April 27, 2015

Motivational Monday #107

Indy week has arrived! I'm so very excited to go to Indianapolis on Thursday to reunite with (most of) my Sole Mates. I've been crazy busy today trying to get all the last minute details sorted out. I've also been trying to get my house clean, because Thomas is driving back to Michigan with Jerry and I on Sunday, and flying out of Detroit on Monday.

You know how you start one small project (cleaning the spare bedroom) and you find something that belongs somewhere else (say, the hall closet), and then you notice the hall closet needs organizing, and you find something there that belongs in the bathroom, and you notice that the bathroom is a mess...and so on? Yeah, that's what happened today. At least I'm getting my spring cleaning done!

Anyway, there is no doubt about what my Motivational Monday accomplishment is this week. I handled this weekend SO WELL when it comes to how I ate! Even though I was on a relay team called "Here for the Beer", I didn't even have a sip of beer all weekend (I knew one would lead to another, and another...).

I feel like I did when I was losing the weight in 2009-2010. I was completely confident in what I was doing, and I felt entirely in control. I love that feeling! Anyway, I'm very proud for handling the whole weekend the way I did.

Here are some MM stories for you today... enjoy!

Lisa lives near Boston, and this past Monday was Marathon Monday there. She always has that day off work, so she likes to use that day to challenge herself with something physical--running her first 10K, doing her longest run outside, etc. This year, she was 7 1/2 months pregnant, and she had slowed her pace and decreased her distance, but continued to run throughout her pregnancy. She lost 75 pounds several years ago, and works hard to keep it off, so she was worried about gaining it all back when she got pregnant (it would be easy to use the pregnancy as an excuse to stop exercising at eat much more than she should). She has been eating healthy and exercising while pregnant, and she has gained only the healthy amount of weight for a pregnancy, which she is very happy with. On Marathon Monday, she decided to challenge herself by running 5K without stopping--and she did it!

Renee ran a half-marathon last weekend! She did the Rock the Parkway Half in Kansas City, and even though it was her third half, it was her slowest time. It was a very tough race for her, because she's been fighting allergies and bronchitis, and she wanted to quit the race very badly--but she kept going! She's thankful to her family and friends to helped push her along. And this weekend, she had a great four-mile race! She even PR'ed by 3:30. (Renee's blog)

Last weekend, Dana and her husband ran their second 5K race! They did the Pittsburgh Pirates 5K Home Run, which finishes at home plate at PNC Park. Since walking her first Turkey Trot in November, Dana has spent a lot of time preparing to run this 5K. She is proud to have run about 60% of the distance in intervals, and she even shaved about five minutes off of her average practice time. She's also down an impressive 60 pounds out of her 100-pound weight loss goal!

Yvonne started running a little over two years ago, and has since lost 35 pounds and completed a dozen 5Ks, several 10Ks, and three half marathons! When she started running, she would have family and friends say, "Hey, let me know when you go running again so I can join you!" but she was never really sure how to make that work with her running schedule. She decided to start a monthly run, and create an event on her Facebook page, inviting anyone and everyone who might like to get some exercise. At the first run, she only had one person show up; but she kept doing it, and this month, she had 12 people show up! She is feeling proud to have inspired others to start running. (Yvonne's Facebook page)

Congrats on some awesome accomplishments, ladies! Thanks for sharing :)


  1. Katie, congrats on your weekend!!! That is so awesome. I need to find that confidence. I just grazed through the whole day. Grabbing a bite and forkful here and there. Yuck! On to tomorrow!!

  2. I love that idea of inviting people to run with you on Facebook! Sounds like a great motivator. Congrats to all on your accomplishments!

  3. Congrats to everyone, those are some awesome accomplishments! Including you, Katie--way to be disciplined!

  4. How inspirational and motivating! I love the idea of creating your own running group!

  5. That's so awesome that you were able to stay on track with all the goodies around you!! Good job!! Thanks everyone for sharing your stories - very inspiring!!!


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