April 06, 2015

Motivational Monday #104

Happy Motivational Monday, Friends! Hopefully everyone had a great Easter. I couldn't believe how fast Easter snuck up on us this year. On Saturday, I still hadn't bought anything for the kids as far as Easter baskets go, so after my run with Stephanie, I went to the store and got the goods. The kids didn't have interest in coloring eggs this year (they're getting so grown up!) so instead, Jerry and I set up a clue hunt for them to find their baskets. They were SO excited about Easter morning--even more so than they were for Christmas!

The kids loved their baskets, of course. Later, we took Joey across the street to the marsh again. We've been going almost every day, because it's really great exercise for him, and the kids have a blast throwing rocks. They throw rocks for Joey to chase, which you would think he'd get sick of really quickly, but he never stops running after them. I brought a tennis ball, but he was much more interested in chasing rocks than the tennis ball--silly dog.

I'm proud of myself for a couple of things this week: 1) my 10-miler on Saturday; and 2) the lack of Easter candy consumed this season. It's no secret that I love sweets, and Easter candy is just so yummy! My favorites are Cadbury Creme Eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. This season, I only had ONE Creme Egg, and ONE Reese's Egg. I didn't do quite as well with the Mini Eggs--I think I bought two bags of them--but I shared with the family, so it wasn't too bad. And that was over the entire six weeks or so that Easter candy was in the stores.

I am proud of my 10-miler because I hadn't run that far since December, and then after my stress fracture, I felt like I might never run again (because I'm dramatic like that). So, hitting 10-miles again felt really good!

Anyway, here are some Motivational Monday stories to start off your week!

Tiffany is celebrating her amazing weight loss transformation--she's lost 104 pounds! After losing the weight, she decided to have a tummy tuck, and she is thrilled with her results. She's gone from 242 pounds to 138 pounds in 4 years; and from a size 22 to a size 6. She's also going to be running her first 5K in June!

Sarah just PR'ed her 5K time! She wrote about hitting a sub-40:00 5K at the Runner's World Half & Festival (which was a hilarious story, by the way!) and she decided she wanted to beat that goal. After listening to Dean's story on the Half Size Me podcast, she decided to aim high--sub-36:00. She's lost 40 pounds through running, and she was thrilled to see her hard work pay off when she beat her goal--finishing in 35:55! (Sarah's blog)

Rhonda just ran the Hip Hop Half-Marathon in Portland on Saturday! She dressed for the occasion, wearing a tutu that she made her self--which she was quite proud of, because she admits she's not a crafty person. Her friend Donna (with the bunny ears) walked the 5K, and they had a blast!

Jamie hit a huge milestone at Weight Watchers this week... she reached 100+ pounds lost! She lost 2.6 this week, bringing her total to 101 pounds down. (Jamie's blog)

Don't forget to check out more stories on the Motivational Monday Facebook post! I hope you all have a great week :)


  1. Congratulations everyone on your accomplishments this week! I mentioned on Facebook that I finally broke through a 3 month plateau, bringing my total loss to 52 lbs since Aug 2014. I bought new performance capris to celebrate and am now a size L, I was a XXL when I started this journey and hope to make it to a M by the end of this year!

  2. Wow--Great Motivational Monday stories Katie. So proud of these ladies and their huge weight losses and now they RUN! I am proud of the fact I made it through Easter without much candy, I ate well on Easter day, had a small portion of my favorites, sent the leftovers home with the kids, and am right back on track now. Day Seven and still going strong!

  3. Inspirational as always!! And seriously, Katie, you killed the Easter candy...mini eggs are so hard to resist!

  4. Great job on the Easter candy Katie! I thought of you and forgot to send you this idea for the kids. I saw something on a mom blog about filling the eggs with puzzle pieces and having the kids construct the puzzle after the hunt. I thought it was a clever idea and know how much you love puzzles!

  5. I give you credit for sharing those Cadbury Mini Eggs. I managed not to buy any this year (truly a feat), and whenever I have them, they're mine! No sharing!


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