April 15, 2015

Bone scan

Wow. I am so beyond touched that so many of you generously donated to the Wins for Warriors on behalf of Nathan and me! When I started getting emails letting me know each time someone made a donation, I got choked up and just felt so BLESSED that so many wonderful people read my blog. I set $2000 as my personal goal (even though we were only required to get $100 in donations), thinking that I was shooting for the moon; but in just 24 hours, I'm more than halfway there!

Thank you, thank you, thank you... whether it's $10 or $100, your money is going to help some veterans who really need it. Donations will be accepted until Memorial Day when we run the 9K in Detroit, so if you want to donate and haven't, please know that it is very appreciated!

This morning, I was scheduled for a bone scan to check out my leg and see if there was still a stress fracture (or a new one) causing the pain just above my ankle. I was a little freaked out when they called to schedule my appointment yesterday, because I was told that they would inject a "radioactive dye" into my arm, and then three hours later, take a series of photographs of my bones. Radioactive dye?! That sounds terrible.

I researched it a little last night and apparently there is no more radiation than an x-ray, so I felt more comfortable with it. The hardest part was going to be killing time between 9:15 and 12:00, because the office was so far from my house that I wouldn't have time to go home and wait for the dye to kick in.

When I got there, the radiologist had me lie down on a table under a big machine, and then she injected the dye with a syringe. She took photos for about 20 minutes as it hit my soft tissues, and then she said that I had to wait three hours for it to get into my bones. I happened to be about a block away from a mall, so I went there to walk around and (hopefully) get some frozen yogurt. I always get excited to go to malls that aren't near my house, because they usually have frozen yogurt shops in them--and we don't have frozen yogurt shops anywhere near where I live.

When I got to the mall, it was around 9:30, and none of the stores opened until 10:00. The were a ton of mall walkers in there, though. I found a little lounge area, and sat there until the stores opened. First, I went to Teavana. We don't have a Teavana near my house, either, so I wanted to get a cup of tea. The guy working there talked me into buying a couple of ounces of a tea that he swears tastes just like a tootsie roll--so he didn't exactly have to twist my arm to buy into that. I had him brew me a cup of a peach white tea to carry around while I browsed the mall.

I'm not a big shopper, so I got bored pretty quickly. At 11:00, I ate lunch in the food court, and then headed back to the medical center to wait until noon. Finally, I went back in the room and laid under the machine again, where she told me it would take 45-60 minutes to get all the pictures. She did photos from my waist down, and it was kind of interesting to see the shapes taking place on the screen over my head.



lower leg/foot
I asked if I could have my phone with me while I laid there, and she said sure--thank goodness, because it would have been a super long hour just staring at that screen!

I won't have the results until my doctor calls me (hopefully tomorrow). The results might actually be in my online chart today--I hope so. My leg hasn't bothered me at all for the past few days, so I'm starting to wonder if I just overreacted to a "normal" twinge or something; but it was really painful for a couple of days.

The movie poster is finished for the documentary I took part in! From Fat to Finish Line premieres in Nashville on Saturday.

I love the look of the poster! You can see me standing at the starting line right at the neck/chest area of the silhouette on the poster.

Anyway, this film has been in the making for well over two years now (actually, they started the interviews three years ago), so it's very exciting that things are happening now. I wish I was able to go to Nashville this weekend to see it, but plane tickets are $800! That was way more than I could spend, so I planned to use a buddy pass from my brother and fly stand-by.

Well, the flights are full, so that won't be happening. It would have been tough to get away this weekend anyways, because Jerry is working and my mom has plans, leaving no one to watch the kids; so when Brian told me the flights were oversold, I just figured it wasn't meant to happen. The producer, Angela, submitted the film to Phoenix Film Festival and Chicago Film Festival also, so if it is accepted to either of those, I can always go then.

I've been asked about when the film will be on DVD or available on Netflix, and things like that. I honestly don't know--I think Angela will know more after the film festival. I don't know anything about how the film industry works! ;) But, it will be available to the public sooner or later, I do know that. (If you're in the Nashville area, you could always go watch it on Saturday night--most of my team will be there, so make sure you say hello to them!)

On Monday, Jerry and I have plans to go to Grand Rapids for a night with Nathan and his girlfriend, Kendall. Jerry and I went there in January, when I wasn't able to make the flight to Phoenix, and we had so much fun! We've been wanting to go back, and I'm glad that Nathan and Kendall can go, too.

I've got a busy few weeks coming up--Grand Rapids, and then the Glass City Marathon Relay (my sister will be here for a week), and then Indianapolis the following weekend with my Strangers to Sole Mates Ragnar team. I'm SUPER excited for Indy... just praying that I can actually run the race!


  1. I live near Grand Rapids, it's such a great city!! Lots of great things to see, and LOTS of great places to eat!!

    1. Any restaurants downtown that you recommend? We're staying downtown and plan on just walking everywhere.

    2. Hopcat is good, Electric Cheetah is AMAZING, if you're looking for something a bit more "fancy", a restaurant called Grove is great, otherwise their sister restaurant, The Green Well, is also great and more relaxed. Gravity is off of the East Belt Line, and Ganders is brand new and it's all Michigan based, its in the Hilton Double Tree right off of 28th street. But really, anywhere you go, you will be able to find great stuff!

      I should add, you may have to take a cab to some of these places. Hopcat is right downtown but everything else is kinda far. Bistro Bella Vita is a great place right by the Van Andel Arena that my husband and I love going to before a Hockey Game or Concert.

  2. There is going to be a screening of the movie in Vegas too...you should come to that one, I will be there :)

    I have had thyroid issues since I was a kid and I remember having to get the dye injected in my neck for the doctor to see how it was doing and it was the worst....25 minutes laying there and I couldn't move at all....OMG it felt like bugs were crawling in and out of my ears....

    1. Vegas?! I had no idea. I'll have to ask Angela about it. I love Vegas!

    2. I had the dye thing done once as a teenager, the nurse told me it would feel like I was peeing myself but she assured me I was not. It was terrible I remember laying there with my mom clenching my legs together because it really felt like I was just peeing all over the hospital bed!

  3. What kind of tea did you get that tastes like Tootsie Roll? That sounds like something I need to try! Is it one of those Teavana mixtures with more than one blend?

    1. It's called Chocolate Chai, but I just drank a cup of it, and it tastes nothing like a Tootsie Roll :( I'm going to end up giving it away, because I really don't like it! Bummer.

  4. I hope your bone scan results show nothing serious, and that you're able to run Indy! Bummer about the tea not tasting anything like a Tootsie Roll... when people make such off-base suggestions, it really makes me wonder whether we all actually taste things the same way!

  5. How exciting about the movie! I can't wait to see it.

    The scan sounds scary. I hope it all comes back fine.

  6. I hope your bone scan turns out well! I have a friend who did the pool running thing and ended up with big blisters on race day because she lost her tough feet in the pool, maybe you should walk around barefoot a lot so that doesn't happen!

    Teavana drives me nuts, they are really push and rude up here. I like David's tea much better - thanks for introducing me!


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