April 21, 2015

Afternoon at the B.O.B.

Spending the day in Grand Rapids with Jerry, Nathan, and Kendall yesterday ended up being a lot of fun (not that I expected anything less). I had a hard time relaxing, though, because I knew my mom was home with not only my kids, but both Joey and Nathan's dog, Bailey. That's a lot to take on at once!

Right when we got to GR, we went to Hop Cat for lunch. I'd never been there, but it's a very hyped up place, so I was excited to try it. Unfortunately, I was not very impressed. Actually, all four of us gave it a thumbs-down and agreed we wouldn't go back there. We spent several hours at the B.O.B. (Big Old Building), however, which is where Jerry and I spent most of our time on our January trip to Grand Rapids. It's such a cool building, and there are lots of cozy seating options. The happy hour is from 2-6, which makes a very cheap afternoon of drinks and appetizers.

Kendall took this pic of Jerry and me, and I love it!

We were sitting next to a shuffleboard table, and we decided to give the game a try. My only experience with shuffleboard is from when I was a kid, and my dad was a volunteer firefighter. The firehall had a shuffleboard table, and Nathan and I would mess around with it, seeing who could send the pucks down the table the fastest. Well, who knew that's not actually how you play?! ;)

We had been playing for a good 30 minutes when a server, who was picking up some glasses from a nearby table, looked at us for a second and said, "Oh, you're playing upside down. That's one way to do it!" We were all confused, and he showed us that we had the pucks upside down. We all busted up laughing over that! The smooth silver side goes down, and the color side points upward.

This was my best throw. Another millimeter, and it would have gone over the edge. (The object is to get it as close to the edge as possible without it going over). Actually, Nathan and Jerry blew on it after it had stopped, and it did go over! Cheaters.

Our hotel was within a half-mile of everywhere wanted to go, which was awesome. We had a really nice walk on the way back to the hotel. I had to stop to take a picture, because the river and all the lights looked so pretty!

We were in bed at an embarrassingly early 10:30 last night, but it had been a long day. Jerry worked nights on Sunday, so he only slept for three hours before we left to go to Grand Rapids. He was understandably exhausted.

The evening was super fun, though, and Grand Rapids remains on the list for a fun, overnight trip!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated to Wins for Warriors on behalf of Nathan and me. We hit our personal goal of $2,000 today!! I can't even describe how grateful I am for each and every donation. I'm really excited for the Wins for Warriors Detroit 9K, and to see how much is raised in total for the cause.

If you haven't donated, and would like to, we would very much appreciate it! Here is a link to a guest post that my brother wrote about his experience with PTSD and how running changed his life. There is a link at the bottom to make a donation to Wins for Warriors if you can. Thank you again to everyone who donated and helped us reach our fundraising goal!


  1. Oh man, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Hopcat!!!

  2. i love Jerry's shirt. LOVE!

  3. Love that picture of the two of you!!

  4. Fun picture of you and Jerry! And I had to laugh at the shuffleboard playing. Did you notice they were a lot smoother when you flipped them over?

  5. Glad you had such a fun trip! The picture of you two is great :)

  6. Love the picture of you and your hubby! You look so great!

  7. Shuffleboard is a lot of fun! However, I definitely played it wrong the first time too and put the things upside down too! :)


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