March 30, 2015

Motivational Monday #103

Happy Motivational Monday, Friends! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I haven't really been in much of a writing mood, and when I've tried to write a post, it seems kind of forced. Sometimes I go through phases of having a crazy amount of things to write about, and then other times (like now) I feel like I just don't have anything at all to say.

I had a good weekend hanging out with Jerry. His work schedule is changing up again (he works a swing shift, and it changes frequently). I feel kind of bad for him right now, because he's been training for the Indy half-marathon in May, and he's having an issue with his knee. I think that it's patellar tendinitis, which isn't super serious, but it requires rest to get better. Since this is his first injury, he's immediately panicking about not being able to do the half-marathon.

He ran eight miles last weekend, and had to skip his nine miler this week, which he was bummed about. But I think that he'll be good to go in another week or two, if he takes it easy. It's the perfect time to do pool running! ;) This has made him understand my mentality when I first got injured, and why I felt like I was going nuts. Anyway, I just really hope that he's back to normal soon, because he's really excited about running his first half-marathon in five weeks!

We finally had some nice spring weather today--it actually got up in the high-50's. Joey and I explored a new path at the State Park, which was really cool! I'll write about that tomorrow.

Anyway, I think the thing I am most proud of this week is completing my nine mile run yesterday. I really, really didn't want to do it--it was cold outside, and I was tired, and I had a whole host of other excuses--but I forced myself to get it done. Thomas ran 12 miles the night before, and when I told him I was dreading my 9-miler, he said that he'd wanted to sit on his ass, but that it felt good to be done. When he said that, I thought about how good it would feel to just get this long run out of the way, and how proud I'd be to have done it.

So I did! I ran 9 miles, (7 solo, and 2 with Joey), and I felt amazing when I was done. The run wasn't bad at all, and I wouldn't have to feel guilty all week if I'd skipped it. So, I am proud of getting it done :)

Here are a few inspirational stories for Motivational Monday... enjoy!

Jessica just reached the 50-pounds lost mark, and for the first time in 10 years, was able to wear size 12! She started her 75-pound weight loss journey in January of 2014, and initially joined a gym--but she eventually found happiness in cardio kickboxing and walking/hiking outside. She also follows the DASH diet and uses the LoseIt app to count calories. She quit smoking in June, which slowed her weight loss, but she hasn't let that stop her! She said she "blog everything", which helps her to stay on track, even when times get tough. (Jessica's blog)

Carmen ran her first half-marathon this weekend! She completed the Public Women's Half Marathon in Savannah, Georgia, and she really enjoyed the "women only" race. She said everyone was so encouraging, and a lot of women said it was their first race, also. She finished in 3:12, which was shy of her goal, but she said she learned a lot about nutrition and fueling to use for next time--where she will smash that goal!

Judy just completed a 5K race in Windsor, Ontario--the Running Factory's Spring Thaw! She is just starting to run, so she said she did more walking than running, but it was a great morning. Her daughter snapped this photo of her looking strong as she was headed toward the finish line!

You can check out more stories on the Motivational Monday Facebook post!


  1. Thanks again, Katie for hosting Motivational Monday, It is so much fun (and inspiring) to see what people are doing on the journey to fitness. Way to be tough and finish your run yesterday - the Midwest definitely had some nasty cold winds yesterday!

    1. And congratulations, ladies, on your accomplishments. It is a big deal :)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! Congrats to Carmen and Judy...way to go ladies!! And Katie...I can't even imagine what running nine miles must be like. You are awesome! How do people who run distances like that hold in their pee? LOL!

  3. I can totally relate to now feeling much like writing lately. I've been busy IRL, so my blog has def been suffering, but I'm just gonna be ok with that. Life's phases, and all that. Lucky me though because I just recently discovered your blog and I am LOVING it! I am a fairly new runner and also trying to drop a few pounds and I just love all you have said on both topics!

  4. Congrats ladies! I was worried you were tired of writing. I get it, but I love your blog!

  5. Those are some great stories! Congrats on your 9 mile run!


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