March 23, 2015

Motivational Monday #102

Happy Motivational Monday, Friends! I hope that spring is off to a good start for everyone. It's been 25 degrees here the last couple of days, so it really doesn't feel like spring, which is a bummer. I can't believe I've been home from Portland for nearly a week already!

I have a few Motivational Monday stories to kick off your week...

Corryn ran her first half-marathon! She completed the Rock 'n' Roll D.C. half, which was rainy, windy, and cold (as you can see in the picture). Her finish time wasn't what she'd hoped, but she is very proud for finishing despite that bad weather!

Yesterday, Renee (on right in photo) walked/jogged her first 5K race! She and her best friend completed Max's O'Hartford 5K in Connecticut. Her goal was to finish the race in under and hour, and she smoked that goal, finishing in 51:57! She said doing a 5K was so much fun, and totally worth it for the cool medal ;)

The last nine months were very rough for Sam, due to spiraling deep into addiction. On February 4, she ended up in the detox unit of a psychiatric hospital to overcome her addiction. Since then, she's been working hard to turn things around, and at 47 days sober, she walked the Mercer Island half marathon, finishing in 2:50:06! While it wasn't a PR for her, it showed her that she can do it and is on her way back to her old self.

Maegan did a St. Patrick's Day 5K race on Saturday and crossed the finish line with a shiny new PR! She was hoping to walk/run it under 45 minutes (she's building her way up to being able to run an entire 5K), and she ended up crossing the finish line in 44:31. She and her husband are planning to do another 5K in the summer, and hope to run the entire distance by then. Maegan and her husband have also lost quite a bit of weight over the past year! (Maegan's blog)

Congrats ladies! I hope everyone has a fantastic week :)


  1. I always feel so humbled by the MM posts. Everyone of these folks is a winner and an inspiration.

  2. I am feeling your pain about this weather! I took a picture at the store today of the snow (SNOW!!!?!?!?) and posted it on Instagram with a snarky comment. I am so mad at Mother Nature. Totally defriending her on Facebook. ;)

    I love these MM posts. I restarted my journey today (HW 520, CW 496.4) and these posts are a big part of what motivated me to get my butt moving for real. So thank you! :)

  3. Good job!

  4. Thanks for sharing my story! It is always so exciting to be featured, and I am honored to be here amongst these other fantastic ladies! Way to go, everyone! We've got this! :)

  5. Great job, ladies!!! I am looking forward to racing again - I'd like to actually run a 5K or walk a half marathon - did I just say that aloud???

  6. Great job everyone!! (Anna, I saw this! We are gonna hold you to it!)

  7. Thank you so much Katie for featuring me!!
    And congrats to everyone on your amazing accomplishments! Keep it up :)
    I, too, would love to walk a half marathon someday!!
    But in the meantime I'll stick to 5k's ;)

  8. Whooo, go Maegan!!!! So proud of my sister...losing weight is hard! Running is even harder. I admire her and all your runners so much!

  9. Awesome job, everyone!!!


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