March 12, 2015

Just a quick note

I have to keep this super short, because I've still got a ton of stuff to take care of before I leave tomorrow!

I almost didn't post anything today, but I probably won't be writing until I get home from Portland, so I didn't want to just disappear ;) My flight leaves tomorrow afternoon, and I don't get home until Tuesday night. This trip is a vacation for me, so I just want to relax and have fun, without worrying about blogging or email or anything like that. If I'm having bad insomnia while I'm there, maybe I'll write a post, but otherwise, I will catch up when I get home.

Side note: I tried the yoga class today! I discovered it really wasn't for me, but I'm glad I went anyway. I had been feeling bad all week about chickening out last week, and I almost skipped it again today, but at the last minute, I forced myself to go.

Also: Big news!! From Fat to Finish Line, the documentary, is going to premiere next month--in Nashville! The film was accepted into the Nashville Film Festival. The date of the premiere will be announced soon, but the film festival is from April 16-25 in Nashville. I'm tentatively planning on going for the premiere (I'll be using a buddy pass to fly, so if I don't get on a flight, then I won't be there; but I'm going to try).

The From Fat to Finish Line team

That's all the info that I have right now, but I'll keep you updated. The film festival is open to the public, so if you're around Nashville, it may be worth checking out! :)

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will be meeting up with some of you in Portland on Saturday--can't wait!


  1. So exciting that the movie is finally coming out!!! I can't imagine what goes into the making of a movie and hope at some point there's a way to watch it online!! Have a fantastic trip to Portland, I know how excited you've been to go!!

  2. I'm so glad you tried it! And that's so exciting about the documentary coming out, I hope there's a way to watch it.

    I wish I could take you out to try ultimate frisbee - I'm a captain in a women's league up here in the Toronto area :)

  3. Sorry you didn't like yoga, it really isn't for me either, but I have learned to tolerate it! LOL

  4. Great job trying yoga! Now you will know that its just not your thing and you won't continue to wonder.

    Trying new things takes a lot of guts!

  5. How do I get to meet up with you in Portland? Is it a special group thing? I live there.

  6. What about the yoga was not for you? With your anxiety issues, yoga would be an excellent way for you to learn self-control and relaxation techniques.

  7. Omgaaaah, I miss your blogs. Never leave again, thxbai :)

  8. So excited about the premiere!!! Gosh I can't wait to watch it!

    Hope your trip was awesome!!

  9. So excited about this movie! Too bad there is no chance of me getting to Nashville (although I would love to)! Any idea if it will be anywhere else or online?

    1. It will definitely be on DVD in the future (I don't have a date for that yet) and I know the producers are hoping that with the exposure from the film festival, it may get picked up by elsewhere (HBO?). So you'll for-sure be able to see it. The question is just when! :)


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