March 11, 2015

Busy day

Even though this week seems to be crawling by because I'm so excited to go to Portland, today went by crazy-fast. At around 5:45 this morning, we got a phone call saying that school was going to be delayed two hours due to heavy fog. I let the kids sleep in, and I just browsed social media while lying in bed for a while.

I had plans to meet up with Jessica and Renee at noon, and by the time I got the kids on the buses, it was already 10:00. I needed to get a new trash can while I was out (Joey broke ours a few weeks ago when I wrote about when he escaped from his crate), so I quickly dressed and and got ready to head out.

I went to Wal-Mart for the trash can and a few other things we needed, and then went to lunch. Renee wanted to treat us to lunch for our birthdays (mine was late January and Jessica's was last week), so we met at Public House (a local restaurant--the place where I did the Coffee & Canvas class). It was fun to catch up with them. We used to go out fairly often, maybe once a month, but they started new jobs and our kids have gotten busier, so it's hard to find the time.

I had an appointment to meet with Eli's teacher today after school (I'm not sure what it's about, but I suspect he needs to read more). Shortly before I was going to leave, his teacher called to ask if we could reschedule for tomorrow. That was fine with me, so I told her that she could have Eli just ride the bus home today (if I'd gone there for the meeting, I would have picked him up). She said that Eli told her that I was going to pick him up for a doctor's appointment.

Crap! I'd forgotten that I told him I'd make him an appointment today. He's been complaining of heel pain for a few days, and I had just hoped it would go away on its own (Eli tends to be a little dramatic, as I mentioned yesterday!). It was still really bothering him his morning, so I told him I'd make an appointment today.

I called the doctor, and they said I could bring him in at 4:45, so as soon as I picked Eli up from the bus, it was time to take him to the doctor. I had done a Google search to see what the problem with his heel could be, because I'd never heard of heel pain in the back of the heel like that (it wasn't the bottom of his heel, but the back part). I came across a ton of pages on Sever's disease (a.k.a. calcaneal apophysitis, which is basically inflammation of the growth plate in the heel), and Eli's description of his symptoms was identical to the symptoms of Sever's.

I dropped Noah and Joey off at my parents' house (so Joey could play outside while I was gone) and took Eli to the doctor's office. The doctor wanted to rule out a fracture, even though he was pretty confident there wasn't one, so he sent us to the hospital for an x-ray. I'm still waiting for the results, but I'm betting on Sever's (which isn't serious, even though the use of the word "disease" would make you think otherwise). By the time I got back, it was already after 6:00 pm.

Tomorrow, I'm going to spend the day doing laundry and getting stuff ready for while I'm gone. Jerry has some fun stuff planned to do with the boys (they always love it when I'm gone, because they have a blast with Jerry). Tomorrow night is the second yoga class of the series that I'd signed up for, so I'm going to try to make myself go to that!

I have no photos for this post, unfortunately... so here is a pic from yesterday, of Chandler cuddling very contentedly on my lap ;)

Estelle is still spitting mad at me for adopting Joey, so she's still ignoring me. But Phoebe and Chandler are warming up (or at least, they realize that Joey is scared of them! haha).

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  1. I really hope you enjoy your first visit to the Pacific Northwest. And I hope you have a chance to see a bit of Oregon while you are here, more than just the city of Portland. And pick up some wine while in Oregon- the Willamette Valley has some great vineyards. If you have time, you should totally go to one or two for some wine tasting while you are in the area.


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