September 21, 2012

Newspaper photos

So today is Friday--my long run day. I had to meet the photographer from the newspaper at 8:00; and since my favorite running path is 25 minutes from the newspaper office, I decided to plan my run closer to the office so as not to inconvenience them. Unfortunately, that meant running the same route I did last week for my 20-miler.

I really don't like that route--the sidewalks are very uneven, and about half of it is concrete (which isn't great for my knees). I planned out the same six-mile lollipop route from last week, and decided to just do it twice. Straight out for two miles, around the park, which is two miles, and then the two miles back to the car.

After getting used to 16-, 18-, and 20-mile runs, a 12 mile run sounded like a relief today! I didn't even have to bring Gatorade or GU for it. I just filled my water bottle with water and chose to leave it in the car to drink at my six-mile turn-around.

Yesterday, when I set up the appointment with the photographer, I was told that they were going to get a picture of me running; so I just dressed how I normally would, threw my (still curly from yesterday) hair in a ponytail, and didn't bother with make-up.

Once I parked, and talked with the photographer, she said she wanted to get a few portrait shots before I started running.


It's a good thing nobody is going to see these pictures. Oh, wait--they're for the newspaper! Now I'm just hoping the picture will be really small, or maybe even no picture at all. Anyway, once she did some portrait shots, she said that she would drive ahead and take some photos while I was running; so all I had to do was run like I normally do.

I was feeling the adrenaline from nerves and anxiety over the pictures, and I ended up running too fast. Sometime just after the first mile, I saw the photographer ahead of me, with the camera aimed at me. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to look at the camera or not; smile or, just pretend I don't see it? I ended up just pretending I didn't see the camera, and running like normal.

When I got to the photographer, I stopped and chatted for a second, and she said she got what she needed, so I continued my run. Looking back on it, now I wish I had smiled for the running photos. Oh well! We'll see what they look like when they show up in the paper, whenever that will be.

Again, I ran too fast for the second mile, too. I made an effort to slow down so I didn't burn out. Running through the park was much nicer today than it was last week in the rain. It's much nicer to run in the quiet of the park than it is to run along the busy road.

When I arrived back at the car six miles in, I stopped for some water and to grab my iPod, then I turned around and headed back out on the same route. A mile and a half later, I saw a familiar face running toward me--Renee! We stopped for a minute to chat. She was 10 miles into her 16-mile run today, and she said she was having a rough run; I was too, and I so badly wanted to turn around early and call it quits. But I kept going.

After I circled the park again and started heading back, I saw yet another familiar face--Courtney! She looked completely adorable in a matching running outfit, but I didn't stop to chat, because she looked like she was on a mission. We greeted each other as we ran past, and I was so happy to hear my Garmin beep at the 10-mile mark; only two more to go.

I had to stop and stretch a few times the last few miles, because of my knee. As soon as it started to hurt again, I would stop and stretch for 20 seconds or so, and then it felt fine for a little while longer. I decided I'm for sure going to skip Monday's run, so I will have four days off to baby my knee.

Once I got back to my car, I gulped down my water and then went to Dunham's to pick up some GU (I noticed last week that I was completely out). Next Friday is a 20-mile run, and then I start tapering for the marathon!! I'm obviously very excited about that. ;)

Today is my dad's birthday. Since I made my mom's birthday gift last month, I decided to make something for my dad as well. I made him candied walnuts with cayenne. My dad is always teasing me about the "health food" that I eat, and every time I bring a dish to a potluck or something he says, "Eww, I can't eat that, that's DIET food!" (kidding with me, of course). Or when he offers me a cookie or something, he says, "Want a cookie? These are sugar-free, salt-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, organic cookies." LOL. So the candied walnuts I made him are anything BUT healthy, and I even wrote that on the label.

I ate one, and it was SO good. Good thing they will not be at my house long, because I might eat them all. My parents took the kids out for dinner (I chose not to go, because I've been doing so good with WW), and then the kids are going to spend the night.

Jerry is off work today, and as we were deciding what to do for the evening, I kept thinking about eating out--I earned a lot of points on my run, and I still had quite a few activity points left this week (tomorrow is the last day I can use them, before my week starts over). I was looking through my points book, calculating how much I could get for my points.

I even thought of getting an old junk food favorite, a CrunchWrap Supreme from Taco Bell; and I would still have enough points left for a cookie slice from Mrs. Fields! But the more I thought about, the more I realized that I really don't want to "justify" a binge like that. I want to work on eating well every day... a splurge now and then is fine, but I don't need to do it all in one day! So we ultimately decided on Subway for dinner, and then a yummy dessert later (not sure what it will be yet).

Jerry is getting a tattoo--a big one. So I told him we could go do that tonight (hahaha, what a date!). He only has one very small tattoo from when he was 18, and he's been wanting a big one on his upper arm for a few years now, so he's finally going to do it. I'll post a picture tomorrow.


  1. How is it possible that there are no comments here at 7:38am? Looking forward to 12 miles... sheesh. Anyway, I did great yesterday after my long run and then I went to my gf's house and di fine there adn then I came home at 10:30pm and blew it. WTF is wrong with me? Back in the saddle today...

    1. Sounds like you just got tired of saying "No" over and over. I get that way too--I do so good for so long, and then I just explode. Perhaps we need to be easier on ourselves? I have no answers....

  2. Im doing five miles today!! Big for me! As soon as I get done with this coffee and episode of project runway!

  3. That gift is awesome! Giving me ideas for Christmas! :)

    Can't wait to see the pictures the newspaper took (you'll share them, no?) and also pics of the tattoo - fun!

  4. I'm excited to read the newspaper article and see the pictures. Portraits!? Are you kidding me? You are running 12 miles, not preparing for a beauty contest!! You're so young pretty, I'm sure they'll be great pictures. Those walnuts look amazing and I loved the labeling you did! Too funny. Made me miss my dad. He was a joker--been gone 5 years now--doesn't seem possible. Did you see Dr. Oz yesterday? He talked about treating yourself sometimes without guilt. I need to work on that. I treat myself plenty (too much probably), but I don't enjoy it cause it makes me feel so guilty. Still have to watch the bingeing show. Son DVR'd it for me but haven't taken the time to watch.

    Have fun tonite. Be sure to post links to the newspaper article and pics of Jerry's new tat!

  5. I love the label on the candied walnuts jar :)


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