September 07, 2012

Hoodie season

I don't know what came over me this morning--I was having a dream (that I rescued a cat that someone hung from a tree--weird!), and I woke up at 5:20. Without even thinking about anything, I just jumped out of bed, threw on my running clothes, and made the decision to get my run done before waking the kids up for school.

Literally five minutes later, I was on the treadmill. I was scheduled for five miles today, and I did a tempo run. I ran one mile at 6.0, then bumped it up to 6.5 and ran three miles, then went back down to 6.0 for the last mile. I watched Nip/Tuck again, and I was done running before I even fully woke up!

I told my mom yesterday that I would go garage sale-ing with her this morning, so I had been planning to just run when I got home; but getting it out of the way beforehand was so much better. I showered, and then woke up the kids and got them ready for school. I made a quick chocolate raspberry protein shake for breakfast, and then my mom picked me up.

Someone recently asked me if I eat before or after I run in the mornings. I've tried it both ways, and I much prefer to eat after I run. I love to sit down and take my time eating breakfast while I read e-mail, and I wouldn't really be able to relax if I was waiting to go out for a run. Also, eating before I run sometimes gives me an upset stomach midway through the run.

The only exception to this is when I have a longer run scheduled (like 12+ miles). If I'm running, say, 16 miles that day, and likely wouldn't get home and showered until lunchtime, I'll eat a small breakfast (toast with peanut butter, or half a serving of oatmeal with a little peanut butter) before I run. And when I'm running more than 12 miles, I have Gatorade and/or Gu during my run.

Some people say it's better to eat before you run, some say it's fine to wait until after... but like I always say, one thing I learned while losing weight was to screw what everyone else says and do what works for ME ;) What works for me may be the opposite of what works for others, and vice versa.

Along with my mom and me were two of my mom's friends, and we picked up my aunt while we were out. There was a city-wide sale, but unfortunately, not many of the sales started today. I only bought a couple of things--I got a skateboard for Eli (he just asked me yesterday if he could get one, and I found one today for $5); a couple of hoodies for me (that's what happens when I'm psyched for fall!); and the movie Gremlins for the boys.
$1 Hollister hoodie... it's a little big, but this is
the most COMFY hoodie I've ever worn in my life!

I paid $4 for this Gilly Hicks hoodie, but I don't have
a pink hoodie, and it is super soft inside!
I was a little disappointed not to find something really exciting today, but Jerry said he wants to go tomorrow, so maybe I'll find something then. Most of the sales start on Saturdays. I've missed garage sales! I don't think I went at all this summer.

Sunday will be exactly six weeks until my marathon. I'm thinking about doing some sort of challenge for myself. I really liked doing my Wii Active 30-Day Challenge, and it gave me something to really work toward. One idea I have is to burn an extra 100 calories every day--something above and beyond what I would normally do. One hundred calories wouldn't require too much extra effort, and it would be fun to think of creative ways to do it. I was also thinking maybe it should be some sort of food challenge, since I really can't seem to drop these 10 pounds I picked up. I'll think about it some more today and tomorrow, and then start the challenge on Sunday!


  1. Cute hoodie!! Hollister is all the rage at my daughters middle & high school. Aeropastle too. I swear the kids could fill thousands of Aero &I Hollister catalog pages!

    You should try hiking!!

  2. I love when you share your garage sale finds with us!!!

  3. Thanks for letting us/me know about your morning workout/eating routine. I appriciate very much that you suggest doing what works for each individual. Since I have stared to lose weight and exercise everyone seems to want to tell me how I should do it and which fad diet I should try. People seem shocked when I tell them I am just counting calories and exercsing, but that is what works for me!

    Love the new hoodies :-)

  4. One of the reasons I can't wait to be a more "normal" size again is because I really want to take advantage of the deals at Goodwill and garage sales. Clothes are so expensive!

    I'm excited for fall. I just washed my hoodies last night so they'd be clean and soft and ready to wear. :)

  5. LOVE those hoodies. Are you apologizing for paying $4 measly dollars for that pink one? What a deal! Makes me want to go garage sale-ing NOW! I bought one of those moisture-wicking shirts at the Husker Volleyball game yesterday. i wanted a LONG-sleeved (to cover up the hideous batwing upper arms) t-shirt declaring my loyalty to the Husker VOLLEYBALL team. You can find all kinds of long-sleeved Husker FOOTBALL or even just generic Husker shirts, in fact I am wearing one of those today--but when I go to the volleyball games I want to wear a shirt that is exclusively VOLLEYBALL supporting! The only shirt they had was made out of the moisture wicking material, by Adidas, which is the Husker's official team outfitter. It was $33. So $4 sounds really good to me! It is fun, as Sarah above, laments she cannot yet do, to be able to shop anywhere and everywhere now. But I buy way too many clothes--just because they FIT me!!!

  6. I really need to hit up the thrift stores! I don't know what I'm waiting for!

  7. Yay for hoodies!! Love, love, love fall!! :)

  8. Lots of people report gaining 5-10 pounds during marathon training. Maybe just wait till your done. !

  9. Thanks for the tips on what on whether to eat before or after running. I never know really what's right... and you are right! Trial and error is key. It's nice to read other people's guidelines to have some place to start though to determine what works for ourselves.

  10. I used Gu on my triathlon yesterday. Someone told me that a box of raisins will do the trick as well. I'm interested in trying!

  11. You are the second person in a few weeks that I know of who's had a dream about rescuing hanging cats. That is so weird.


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