September 08, 2012

Family day

Jerry was bummed that he missed out on garage sale-ing yesterday, so I told him we could go this morning to another city-wide sale. I was hoping to have better luck than I did yesterday, but the sales were still pretty sporadic. I did buy a few things, but nothing that was very exciting. At one sale, I saw this nice box (about the size of three shoe boxes put together, so it was big) for $1, so I picked it up. I like to keep mementos in boxes like these (pictures, cards, letters, etc.)
 I was surprised once I opened it up--it was filled with gift boxes, gift bags, and bows. Definitely worth more than $1!
I also got a few Dean Koontz books. I used to read his books a lot when I was in high school and college, and kind of forgot about him. Then I got a book at the library the other day, and flew through it in 24 hours. Books have to be very suspenseful and interesting to keep my attention enough to finish, and all of his books do that for me. Normally, I don't buy books (I just use the library), but these were only 25 cents each, and now I don't have a time limit with them ;)

At one sale, I saw a tag that cracked me up!
Notice the "Never worn, too fat"... Bahaha, I love the honesty.

While we were garage sale-ing, I noticed that there were people standing in the street holding signs, and I got that exciting thrill that maybe a race was going on. And then it hit me--it was the Run for Ryan, a 5K that I had been planning all year on doing! I was going to try for my sub-26:00 5K at this race, because it's a very small race.

The city couldn't have done worse planning, with the city-wide sale AND the 5K on the same day... I felt so bad for the runners having to dodge all the cars that were lining the streets for the sales.
That is where the runners were coming from, and see all the cars in the way?

While we were out, we noticed a farmer's market going on, so we stopped to check it out. I'm so glad we did! I know farmer's markets are usually about the fruits and veggies, but I happen to love the baked goods ;) It's so great to try homemade baked goods--the boys talked me into buying some cookies. I also bought some local honey and apple-rhubarb preserves. Jerry bought a seasoning packet of dill veggie dip--we sampled it at the market, and it was fantastic!

After the sales and farmer's market, we went to Jerry's work for a family day picnic-type thing they were having outside. They did the same thing a few years ago (right after I started losing weight) and it was a lot of fun, so I was looking forward to going again. They had inflatable bouncers, pony rides, one of those trampoline bungee jumping things, a hay ride, games, and food.

Jerry tried out the bungee thing. I really wanted to, but my bladder isn't exactly as strong as it was before I had kids, if you catch my drift...
Jerry made me feel better by saying it wasn't that great, and he's glad we're done having kids, because he probably would be infertile after that thing.

We rode the hayride, which ended up being much longer than we expected--we went around the entire plant where he works.
After that, we ate lunch--they had grilled steak, chicken, and hot dogs; potatoes; baked beans; chips; salad; and brownies and cookies for dessert. I took a hot dog, but the bun was really stale, so I didn't end up eating it. The potatoes and baked beans weren't very good, so I ended up eating just my salad and then too much dessert. The brownies were SO good--really moist brownies with a peanut butter frosting on top. I ate one three in the three hours we were there.

Jerry and I played cornhole (like a bean bag toss game) with his coworker Daniel and his girlfriend Kristeena. I'd never played before (or maybe I did a long time ago!), but it was really fun. I was ready to leave at that point, but the kids wanted to stay a little longer, so Jerry and I laid on the grass and digested our food ;)
It was a fun day, but I wish I hadn't eaten the two extra brownies... I felt gross after that. I talked to Mary yesterday, and somehow peanut butter was brought up--I mentioned how peanut butter is ALWAYS my weakness, and everything I overeat seems to contain peanut butter. So I was thinking of maybe trying to make that part of a six-week challenge until my marathon... no peanut butter for six weeks?? That would be extremely tough!

But I think if I could do that, I would feel back in control, and it would be a huge boost in my confidence. Peanut butter isn't a bad food, but the way I consume it, it's not healthy. I have too much, too often, and it's usually with a load of sugar. So maybe giving up for six weeks would be a good thing! I would definitely have to get creative as far as snacks go... I'm so used to having peanut butter.


  1. Looks like you had a fun time! Talk about a score on that box with all the gift wrappin' booty inside! I love the sweater. Looks like something I'd probably write on a garage sale item!

  2. I read an article not long ago that said peanut butter is as addicting as sugar, alcohol, and drugs. I totally believe it because my husband loves peanut butter as much if not more than you. He has given it up twice and then I'll find him sneaking around with a PB & J. Haha!

  3. I used to be a big peanut butter addict, but then we found out my son was allergic, so we became peanut free. I thought I had the habit kicked until I started a new job where they supply peanut butter in the lunch room. I am hooked again :( At least it's only 5 days a week I am around it...I hope you can go 6 weeks without it! It really is kind of nice to find different things to eat instead.

  4. That box looked like it came from LTD or QVC/HSN! They sell them for like $30 at least!

  5. My husband has struggled with his weight all of his life. He had a real donut addiction - he worked nights, and knew the schedules of all the donut shops in town so that he could get the hot, fresh ones when he was coming home from work. He ate lots of donuts. About 7 years ago, he gave it up cold turkey. Just decided he was done with donuts - he joked that it was a gateway food for him, and it was his crack cocaine. Could never have just one, and it made him overeat all day long. I never thought it would stick, but he has not had a donut in 7 years. And it has helped with his weight A LOT. I know one of your mantras is to only make a choice you can live with all your life, but I just wanted to tell you the story of someone with a particular food addiction that gave it up entirely - for life - and how well it's worked for him!

  6. Looks like an awesome day! What a score with the box full of stuff!

  7. LOVE that box--like you, I'm a fan of boxes, what a great place to keep "stuff," and a box with those adorable snowmen on the top! I LOVE snowmen too. I love all things Christmas, but Santa and snowmen are my favorites. I have collections of both.

    No peanut butter? That will be a tuff one. My suggestion--get all the jars of it out of your house. I bought that damn Cookie Butter (you brought it to my attention--so I'm blaming YOU!) and a jar of Biscoff Spread (same thing). I cannot keep my hands out of it. It's like "I'll be so glad when it's gone."

    "So why not just give it away?" you ask. Because it's too good. I had left the jar of Cookie Butter out on my counter, and every time I saw it I stuck a knife in there and ate about a tablespoon. I remember that time you asked us to guess how much a spoonful of peanut butter looked like, in actual measure, and we all UNDER-guessed. Finally I put what little Cookie Butter was left back in the cupboard. At least when it's out of sight--it's out of mind--sorta.

    P.S. Loved how you corrected the sign on the sweater in your blog "TOO fat." Not 'to' fat as she had written. To fat or not to fat??? I elect not to fat!!!

  8. Looks like a great day! I cannot have peanut butter in my house - it's just too easy to spread it on a piece of bread when I'm in a hurry for lunch, dinner, etc. I bought a jar as energy food for my 5k race two weeks ago and it was empty in three days!

  9. Our lives are so much alike its really scary !!! My 2 must haves each day are : peanut butter and chocolate. If the 2 are ever together, its a double threat !

    My best college friend Emily and I had 2 babies together, gained 110 pounds together and always ate peanut butter and chocolate in some form daily. We lost the weight 15 years ago. And daily we'd remind each other to stay away from our two food loves ... peanut butter and chocolate for our constant fear of weight gain.

    Almost 9 years ago .... she discovered she had breast cancer. We went through the surgeries and chemo together. And when she got the all clear .... our lives resumed. All was well for 4 years and we continued the motto stay away from our two food loves ... peanut butter and chocolate.

    Then her cancer returned and the surgery and chemo wasn't successful. About 8 months before she died we had a very long discussion about regret. One of her biggest ? Was staying away from her two food loves ... peanut butter and chocolate.

    We never gained back all of our old weight. Always maintained in the same + or - zone of 10-15 pounds.

    "They would of brought me pleasure everyday and instead I brought agony into my life by voiding them" ... she said. Everyone has their triggers .... for some it's pizza, others wine or chips, etc...

    One of the last thing she told me in her last days " Kimberly, live life and ENJOY it .... with everything in it, even peanut butter and chocolate.

    I so I do ..... everyday. And I think about Emily.

  10. The tag on the sweater is too funny!! Years ago, a friend was all excited about finding several pairs of the latest expensive designer jeans really cheap at a garage sale until she found notes in the pockets! Apparently the seller had lost a lot of weight and had put notes in the pockets with something like - you don't have to be this big, you can lose it, I did! I still haven't decided if that's being mean or encouraging!!

  11. Have you tried PB2? It is really peanut butter and they take the fat out of it and 2 Tablespoons has something like 37 calories. It's dry and you add water to it. I like it for smoothies or just adding to Greek yogurt. I buy it on Amazon it aes to be the cheapest place.

  12. You are an extremely disaplined person. Of course you can stop eating PB for 6 weeks.....Its only 6 weeks. Its not like you are giving it up forever. Countdown the days on the fridge or something. Make it a game. On day one of week seven if you want to go back to eating PB then by all means do. Maybe after you "cold turkey" it when you go back to will be with a new sence of in, you call the shots of when and how much you eat it.

  13. Three things:

    I LOVE Dean Koontz! Velocity is a good one from him.

    I can't believe you are wearing a sweatshirt. I am so jealous. It is 6 pm and 94 degrees here!

    And lastly I thought of you yesterday. I picked up some new peanut butter at Target. It is from Planters and has whole peanuts and dried cranberries in it.

  14. Hahahaha, I love the "to fat" sweater. I can't wait to fit into my too fat sweaters and jeans! :)

  15. I will kick the peanut butter with you for those 6 weeks- I mean if you want a partner in peanut butter yearning! lol.... I love peanut butter too and on a brownie oh my yea I would have had three too!

  16. Pretty sure you two can't get any cuter!


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