July 09, 2012

A run comparison

After a (too) restful weekend, I woke up back to reality in that I had a 50-minute run to do today. Jerry was off work, so we laid in bed for a few minutes while I procrastinated running. I looked at the weather on my phone and it said it was only 68 degrees (this was 7:00 a.m.), so I decided to run outside instead of on the treadmill.

I was scheduled to do a 50 minute run with 8 pick-ups (30-sec sprints). I set my Garmin for intervals--5 minutes easy, then 30 seconds fast. I've only done this particular workout on the treadmill, so I was curious to see how my pace would compare--because I know that I run slower outside than I do on the treadmill.

It wasn't TOO hot (much cooler than Friday's run!) and the time was going by faster than it does on the treadmill, which is a bonus. It was actually pretty uneventful. I have to say, I love the 30-second sprints. It's so short that you can go all-out and not have to worry about holding anything back for later.

As expected my pace outside was slower than the treadmill. But my heart rate shows that I was working just as hard (actually even harder!) outside.
Today's splits
Now, this is about to get really nerdy, so skip ahead if you don't like nerdy math stuff.

Since I wanted to compare the treadmill vs. outdoor running, I set them up side by side:
The one on the left is today's outdoor run, on the right is the treadmill run from last week. Same amount of time. So I was slower by 40 seconds per mile, but it certainly didn't feel like it. I'm actually pretty happy with this. I think I might actually calibrate my Garmin foot pod to the treadmill, instead of how I had it calibrated with a track. Then I will see slower paces, but it will be more likely to match up with the outdoor runs.

Anyway, none of this really means anything! It's just fun for me to analyze ;)

After I ran, showered, and had breakfast (a Key Lime Pie Protein Shake--Yum! I will post the recipe on Thursday), Jerry and I (and the kids) went to the running store so that Jerry could get fitted for some shoes. I really didn't think he'd stick with running this long, but he's been doing it three times a week. Since the store was having a sale on ALL of their shoes today, it was the perfect time to go get some good ones.

I was kind of jealous! I wanted to get new shoes, too. But my Mizuno's only have about 100 miles on them, so I'm good for a while. Jerry tried on a bunch and ended up picking Asics GT-2170. I told him he should get some running shorts and a shirt, while we were at it. I told him that he should wear what the elite runners wear:
I think he decided that he didn't want to be an "elite" runner after all. ;)

Oh, and speaking of shoes, I decided to wear my Brooks Adrenaline's on my long run last Friday--just for the hell of it to see how they felt after wearing the Mizuno's for a while. I actually think I am liking the Mizuno's more now! The Adrenaline's felt kind of heavy and stiff, something I was so used to. I think I'll probably get the Mizuno's again when it's my turn to get new shoes.

Because I had such a lazy relaxing weekend, my house is pretty trashed right now. I better get cleaning.


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

    My husband recently started running too and has been doing Couch to 5K. We just got him some Brooks Adrenaline!

  2. Is that a speedo?!? :/ eww lol I don't think any man should wear that no matter how fit..except Channing Tatum? lol

  3. Just want to say your blog is an inspiration in regards to running (walking & jogging too). I've read countless times from folks who say you can't lose weight running. I've read that running is for cardiovascular health, not for losing weight.

    I haven't been able to read through your blog entirely (I want too!), so please excuse my questions, but: Did you start out running or walking? Did it help in your weight loss? I know you didn't start running until you'd lost 60 lbs.

    Thanks for the time in answering. I really do want your opinion. I'm just now getting back to physical activity (had a hysterectomy) have felt pretty discouraged about walking (wld lk t/eventually run/jog)bcs of what I've read. Thanks again.

  4. I run with Brooks Adrenaline! I just saw the new 12 model comes in Pink! I'm so excited! I'm a big runner, and my feet turn in, so I need a stiff shoe like the Adrenalines. But I was always sad I didn't get a fun color :-( I can't wait to get pink shoes!

  5. What speed did you set for your 5 minute intervals on the treadmill? Did you run those intervals at the same pace outside?

  6. Interesting how you ran faster and further on the treadmill, but didn't work as hard and burned fewer calories. Do you use any incline?

    I love comparing my runs side-by-side like that.

  7. AnonymousJuly 10, 2012

    i just become vegetarian in may...not missing meat at all. I never was a big meat eater. But i am having trouble finding good meals or recipes? Any good ideas???

  8. Yay lazy weekends! The comparisons are always interesting. I use Endomondo to track my workouts, and I love seeing my statistics and whatnot. I am slowly transitioning into my new running shoes, a pair of Nike Frees. I really really like how lightweight they are, and offer great arch support. But there's an awesome pair out right now called the Kukini, which I remember being popular back in 2000. I want them but really don't need them!!

  9. All the numbers went straight over my head I'm afraid...

  10. running is good habbit. it keeps the body healthy....ur post is very good. keep posting

  11. Wheres the nearest running store? I am interested in checking it out.

  12. Oh, Katie! Your math smarts make my brain hurt. WHY couldn't I have been given a bit o' these skills?! I just live vicariously through you and pretend that I am going to MASTER my new Garmin any day now. :) P.s. That Jerry, such a funny one! Those Asics GT-2170's are exactly the ones that John (my husband) wears running - he runs a ton. Also, didn't you used to wear the Brooks Adrenaline's? That is my shoe but I think I need to research some new ones - I've heard a lot about the Mizunos lately. My feet changed after having Olivia! How are you liking them?


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