July 23, 2012

A ride in the clunker

First off, the winner of the NatureBox giveaway...
Liamsmom9710, please send me an e-mail at SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com with your name, mailing address, and phone number within 24 hours so I can pass it along to NatureBox. Congrats!!

Today was such a busy day! I woke up this morning and as usual, got my run out of the way first thing. On the schedule was: 20 minutes easy run, then 6 repeats of (2 minutes hard running, 2 minutes easy), finishing with 10 minutes easy... so a total of 54 minutes.

I did my easy running at 6.0 mph and the intervals at 8.0, 8.0, 7.5, 7.2, 7.5, 8.0. I was hoping to do all 8.0's, but it was tough!
I love how nice and neat my pace looks on a chart like that! About 2 minutes in, you can see I had to stop for a second. I forgot to bring the fan in next to the treadmill, and there was no way I could run without a fan blowing on me. I wore a new pair of shoes today, too--Brooks Adrenaline 12's. I still have some mileage left on the Mizuno's I bought to try, but on long runs, I was getting blisters with the Mizuno's, so I decided to switch back to my beloved Adrenaline's. My new ones are black; I've never had black running shoes before, and I kind of like them!

So anyway, I watched The Biggest Loser while I was running, and it went by pretty quickly.
When I was done, I had to do Day 5 of my 30-Day Wii Active Challenge. I was relieved to see that it said we would "give my legs a break" and focus on my arms today, because I despise lunges! But they still made me do lunges today--4 sets of them. I guess that's giving them a break compared to what I had to do yesterday. There are different kinds of lunges to do, and yesterday I had to do "jumping lunges"... where you step back into a deep lunge, and then jump up high and switch legs in the air and land into a lunge on the opposite leg. Hard to describe, but I hated every second of BOTH sets.

I finished my first complete week of the challenge, and I'm 25% of the way done. I've never made it through 5 workouts of the challenge, hahaha.
Tomorrow is a rest day from running AND the Wii Active--looking forward to that :)

After showering and having breakfast, I went to Wal-Mart to get a new resistance band for the Wii. The one that came with the game was old and it broke a few days ago. So I had to use the one that I got from the sports medicine doctor, but it was much shorter, and nearly impossible to do shoulder presses. It was really irritating to use it--my hands hurt from the straps digging into them. So I got a new one, and now it should be fine again.

My sister asked me if I wanted to go to Amigo's for dinner with the kids, and I said sure. Amigo's is our family's favorite restaurant of all time--I remember going there all the time when I was a kid, and I still love it. Anyway, she wanted to drop off my brother Nathan's dog at his house. I really didn't want the dog in my Jeep, so I ended up taking the van.

We have a 1999 minivan, and I am terrified of driving it. It's old and has broken down lots of times. Jerry drives it to work and back, and that's it. My brother's house is about 30 minutes away, so I was nervous, but I decided to just hope for the best.

It was actually kind of funny--the air conditioner barely gets cool, let alone cold, so we had to have it going full-blast the whole time just so we didn't suffocate in the 100 degree weather. The driver's side window doesn't go down, so you have to open the door if you need to talk to someone (or place an order at a drive thru!). None of the interior lights will shut off, so Jerry had to dismantle all of them. And there are lots of other little quirks this van has.

First we drove the dog to Nathan's, then we drove 30 minutes to Amigo's. Dinner was great! I normally get the flautas, but since I stopped eating meat, I decided to get cheese quesadillas--which had all the good stuff piled on top. I asked if their beans were vegetarian, and they were; but sadly, their rice was not. So I just had a double order of beans. I ate about half of everything, being careful not to get stuffed (I hate that feeling!)

We ordered food for Jerry and Nathan, who were both working. So then we drove the clunker van 20 minutes to Jerry's work, and then another 20 minutes to Nathan's work. Then home. I am amazed that we made it home in one piece!

Oh, and Jeanie had borrowed the van this morning to go pick up Bailey (Nathan's dog) to play with her dogs at my mom's house. She took the kids with her, and one of her dogs. So picture this: Jeanie, two kids, and two dogs in the clunker van. And then the kids convinced her to go through the drive-thru at Burger King, where she discovered she couldn't put down the window, so she had to open the door to order and pick up the food. Hahahaha, just thinking of that scenario makes me laugh.


  1. Great job on the wii Challenge. I haven't used our wii in a very long time. I loved the Dance Party discs though. They are fun to do with the kids or by yourself.

  2. I think I'll take a look at how much the Wii Active is the next time I'm in Walmart. I usually do zumba or DDR on my wii, but always looking for something different to do on it.

  3. We have a car like that. No AC and the drivers window won't go down. We have to put oil in it every other week. I can't stand that car... luckily my husband usually drives it and I get the newer car :)

  4. Thank you!!! I'm so excited!!

  5. Hi! I have never commented before but wanted to tell you that I have the Wii Active too and I HATE those jump lunges (and the mountain climbers). I literally will cry through them. It sucks you can't just rest and skip it like with a DVD. You have to actually do it! lol Way to go though! Those workouts are killer on the legs!

  6. Oh man, what a crazy car! That's a pretty funny thing to picture, especially if the boys didn't tell her the window was broken. Your Wii game sounds fun! I am looking at it on Amazon's web site. Do I just buy "Wii Active" to play, or do I also need to buy the accessories set? I have a Wii but never use it. Maybe if I can convince myself to play some Wii Fit I'll reward myself with Wii Active!

  7. I hate those lunges too! There is a Zumba toning song at my Zumba class that ha them in it. I just repeat the single leg lunges instead of the hop ones.

  8. That is so hilarious about the van! Sounds like a HOOPTY, we've all had them :) My first car was a major hoopty, albeit cute. It was a black Volkswagon Jetta and it was so bad that my spare key got STUCK in the doorlock! I think I had it sticking out for about a month :)

  9. I missed the giving up meat part. How did I miss that?

  10. I think someone should sponsor you a new van. Wouldn't that be the best?!

  11. Katie--Your sister cracks me up--taking her dogs to play with your brother's dog. TOO FUNNY! Like a play-date. Her dogs are definitely her kids aren't they???

  12. I JUST got rid of my clunker. I also had a window that couldn't go down- loved going through the bank drive through with it. The exhaust system also went so it sounded like a rally car.

    None of the dogs tried to make a run for it when your sister had to open the door at Burger King?

  13. That's awesome you're doing the wii challenge! I was doing EA active for a while with my husband, but when I started going to the gym I kind of quit it.

    We also have a clunker. We have a 1996 Windstar that is basically my car. My husband is home every other day, so I don't drive the van too far because I worry about it breaking down. We can't afford another car payment right now, so it's fine for going places near the house (we had to walk home from sweet frog one day when it wouldn't start) but I don't like to drive it far distances. It tends to overheat easily too. I was really worried it would die last year when I was still having to drive my daughter to preschool, but now that she will be in school this year full time, it's not a major disaster if we end up only have one car, since my husband is home every other day.

  14. Lunges SUCK!! They are my least favorite exercise of any out there! I'm so impressed at how many you can do--and so intense!!

    My boys (all of them) love Amigos. They always seem to go when I'm not around... *eyebrow*

  15. Van advice- behind the glove box are interior filters. Open the glove box all the way, pull down and take the filters out until you can replace them. Wal-ah cold ac again :)

  16. I was SO waiting for the part of the story where the van actually broke down. Glad it didnt happen! That is hilarious about going thru the drive-thru and having to open the door. I have had to do that many times in my life.


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