July 07, 2012


What a waste of a perfect Saturday! I didn't do anything today. ;)
  • When I woke up, I finished reading my book, The Wrong Mother. It was good, and held my interest enough to actually finish it--which is a rarity lately! It's a murder mystery, and despite the fact that I had hard time keeping track of all the characters toward the end, I was engrossed enough to finish the book within a week (very fast for me).
  • Today was a rest day, which is good because it was 100 degrees today! I avoided going outside all day.
  • For the past week (or maybe even longer) I've had this feeling that there is a hair or something stuck in my throat. I know that sounds strange, but my doctor a Google search made me think this is caused from stress. I know that I don't actually have a hair stuck in my throat, but that's the only way I can describe the weird feeling. It's been driving me CRAZY.
  • I've also had a twitchy eyelid for a few weeks, which I've also read can be caused by stress. Coincidence?
  • I gargled with some mouthwash today, and because I was trying to get it back in my throat as far as I could (to hopefully fix the "hair" problem), I ended up swallowing some. It was only about a tablespoon, but I was coughing and just totally grossed out. It left a horrible taste in my mouth, and then I was extremely nauseous for the next three hours or so. And unfortunately, it didn't get rid of that hair-feeling.
  • The kids and I watched a movie called Dolphin Tale this morning. It's a family movie, and those usually bore me, but this movie was great! I cried at least 10,000 times during the movie--not out of sadness, but just because it was such a feel-good movie. My kids really liked it, too, and I was impressed that they made it through an entire movie (they usually get bored with movies after just 20 minutes).
  • Estelle keeps taking her nail scratcher out of the box... so that she can lie down in the box and sleep. She just barely fits in it.

  • I got a FedEx delivery today, which I will share with you soon (hint: it involves a giveaway!)
  • I've still been eating vegetarian. It's been...about three weeks now? So far it's been a piece of cake and I haven't missed anything.
  • It's supposed to dip back into the 80's this week, which will actually feel good compared to the 95-105 temps we've had lately.
  • Noah is going to be 8 years old on Friday--I cannot BELIEVE how fast my kids are growing!


  1. HAHAHAHA! I love Estelle! And cats in boxes in general. Mine were enjoying the residuals from several amazon deliveries this week.

  2. I have been thinking about eating vegetarian. I feel like I wouldn't miss meat very much, I don't really like it.

  3. Ugh I get twitchy eyelids when I am stressed. It is super annoying.
    Hope you have a great Sunday-

  4. AnonymousJuly 07, 2012

    I had an eye twitch for about 2 months and it was SO ANNOYING. I finally went to the doctor for it and it stopped as I entered the office (figures, right?) but my doctor told me to take B12 vitamins which are for your nervous system. So maybe try that? I find I have more energy too now that I'm taking them regularly...not a hyped amped up energy but just an energy that I notice is missing when I forget the pill that day.

  5. 8 years old?? Ehh how exciting. Any big birthay party plans? :)

  6. OMG Estelle is too funny!!! I bought my cats one of those scratchers and they just slept on it. Not once did they even scratch it. HAHA!
    I'm enjoying watching your vegetarian streak. I go back and forth thinking about trying it, but I'm not sure how long I could last. I really do love my grilled chicken.

  7. I had the eye twitches back in June when I was caring for my parents and traveling a lot for work. Definitely stress-related for me!

  8. Don't forget to mention how buff and hot Harry Connick Jr. looked in Dolphin Tale. It just added to the overall awesomeness of that movie!

  9. I got teary-eyed when I watched Cars the first couple times because of that "feel-good movie" feeling... This is primarily why I enjoy reading - because I enjoy the emotional response I have to books which is lacking in most movies.

  10. We loved Dolphin Tale too! And it doesn't hurt that that adorable, New Orleans drawl having Harry Connick Jr. is in it. Mmmm...did you see 'Hope Floats?'

    What's stressing you out?

  11. Why are you so stressed out lately? Do you do anything to help yourself relax? I know for myself, if I don't keep the stress in check, I will end up with a mother of an anxiety attack. Have you tried deep breathing? I know it's hard with kids (trust me, it's NEVER quiet around here) - but sometimes after the kids go to bed I will run a bubble bath with lavender scented bubbles (or anything else relaxing), light a few candles so I can turn off the lights, and then just relax in the tub and breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes. It really helps me. Whatever you do - I hope you can tame your stress soon - it's not good for your body OR your mind!

    By the way - your cat is freaking adorable! She does the sweetest things!!

    Oh and hey - yesterday I ran 4.5 miles for the first time! Next week it bumps up to 5! I found my first 10k at the end of this month - as long as I can scrounge up the money, I'm entering!!! Thanks for all the inspiration and information!!!

    1. Congrats on the run, Monica!! Can't wait to hear about your 10K :)

  12. Cats in boxes crack me up - my aunt used to have a cat that would always go in our suitcases when we visited!

  13. Katie, I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you have a hair stuck in your throat.
    Watch out because for me it's the first sign of tonsillitis on the rampage. Strange but true - happens every single time and is the first sign that I know a bout is on its way!
    Keep an eye out for any ulcers on your tonsils or throat and/or pain when swallowing.
    Oh and it's caused by stress so the twitchy eyelid would validate that.
    Take care and fingers crossed I'm wrong!

  14. I've never felt like I've had a hair stuck in my throat, but lately I feel like there's something in my eye. It is annoying enough to make me take my contacts out, and then I still feel it! I rub, I rinse with solution, nothing helps. It feels like an invisible eyelash :( I was supposed to run a half marathon tonight, but my phone, which I use to track my runs w GPS, died. So I quit about halfway through. If your watch died, would you stop or keep going since you know your route? I just lost motivation, but I totally had the energy to keep going. Sigh.

  15. I also stopped eating meat a few months ago. It isn't that difficult to find vegetarian options and they're usually really tasty! It's just the social situations that can get tough.

  16. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

    I think I know what that feeling in your throat is - a tonsolith. It's a tonsil stone, and people get them all the time and most of the time they go unnoticed. It's made up of calcium deposits on your tonsils. If you cough something white up that smells bad, that's what it is.

    It's nothing to worry about!

  17. Eyelid twitching is going around lately!! Me and a good friend have had that same thing for about 2 weeks now, same eyelid! Our husbands keep telling us that it's because we share the same brain and we've short-circuited something (jerks!)lol But she and I have both been really stressed lately too--Here's hoping all the twitching goes away soon for all of us!

  18. i'm so glad i'm not the only one with that weird hair in my throat feeling! it makes sense that it's stress related! =/


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