July 16, 2012

Discovery Kids' Cruise

I was awakened at around 6:00 this morning by the phone ringing--it was Noah. In Illinois, that would have been 5:00! I couldn't believe he was calling so early. And all he wanted was to ask if he could buy a game on his iPod. He's having a blast with his Aunt Jeanie--he hadn't even been in Illinois for 5 hours when I got a text saying, "Mama, this is Noah. Aunt Jeanie bought me a phone. I love it!" Hahaha, he is sooo spoiled by her.

I took Eli to Vacation Bible School at 9, and then came home to run on the treadmill. I actually could have run outside if I wanted, but I have actually been enjoying my treadmill runs lately--crazy, right?! I'm watching Season 9 of The Biggest Loser while I run now, and today was the second episode.

On my running schedule was 20 minutes easy, followed by six repeats of (2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy), then 10 minutes easy for a cool-down. It looked like this:
I set my "easy" pace at 6.0 mph, and then did the first two hard repeats at 8.0 mph. That was HARD--8.0 felt pretty easy for a 30-second sprint, but doing 2 minutes at a time today was so much harder. So I dropped it to 7.0 for the next interval, then up to 7.5, then back down to 7.0 for the last two.

My Garmin foot pod was STILL off calibration today! I overcorrected it last time, I guess, because today it showed that I was going slower than the treadmill showed. I'm just glad that my schedule has me train by TIME instead of distance.

After that second 8.0 interval, I wanted SO badly to stop running for a minute, and just rest. I couldn't believe how exhausted it made me. I went back to 6.0 after the interval, but it was all I could do not to hop off and catch my breath. I was surprised just how fast the whole 54 minutes went by.
After my run, I showered and stopped at the grocery store before picking up Eli. I picked up the stuff to cook burgers on the grill (a veggie burger for me) tonight, because we invited my friend Adam over for dinner tonight.

Eli looking at plankton
We had just enough time to eat lunch at home before we had to leave again. I had registered us for a Kids Discovery Cruise at the Metropark--where we would go out on their boat and the kids would learn about the lake. Jerry ended up being off work today, so I registered him at the last minute as well.

The cruise was okay--I think Noah would have loved it--but definitely not Eli's thing. Eli LOVES to fish and be very active, so sitting on a boat and learning things was just not very exciting for him. They did some hands-on stuff, but he lost interest quickly. It was supposed to be 2 hours, but we didn't get back to the park until a half-hour later than scheduled.

My dad was there with his boat, waiting for us, so that he could take Eli out fishing. It was cute, because you could tell Eli was so proud that his grandpa was there in a boat waiting to take him fishing ;)  Jerry and I went home and tried to clean the house a little before Adam came over.

Adam is one of those friends that couldn't give a shit if the house is messy (thank God!) so there wasn't too much pressure ;) 

One of the other Fitterati, The Wannabe Athlete, wrote a great post for Fitness that I wanted to share with you. She writes about being a slower runner (10+ minutes per mile) and I could relate to this so much! I thought a lot of you would enjoy it as well, if for no other reason than to know that we're not alone ;)  You can read her post called "On Behalf Of All the 10+ Minute Mile Runners" if you're interested.


  1. Did she really buy him a phone? Does Aunt Jeanie want a 40 year old niece?

  2. Wow! Cool story...haha. I think you just had a great time in your life..with great people around you.

  3. Great run! I've been having some IT band pain and all of your interval runs make me wish I had one. I appreciate the comments from last weeks' Q&A on treadmills bc I am definitely getting one at some point!

  4. Thanks for posting that link, I enjoyed the article :)

  5. I LOVED that article! I am damn proud of my 10:30 mile. :)

  6. Definitely a great article! I had to share it on my blog Facebook page!

  7. I think that the foot pods are only accurate when you run at a consistent pace. So when you are doing intervals it throws it all off. I could be wrong but I found with the pod for my nike+ when I started running faster or slower than the calibrated pace the mileage was off.

  8. I loved that article. Back when it was cooler my pace was at 10:30 or under usually, now that it's hotter and humid I'm usually just over 11, or sometimes slightly under. To me, that's an improvement because when I started out it was over 13 minutes for me to run a whole mile, and I felt like dying! I hope to one day run a 5k in 30 minutes or under. Currently my record is 33:11.


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