January 28, 2012

My "30 Goals While I'm 30 Years Old" List (30 x 30 List)

Since I turned the big 3-0 on January 25, I decided to make a list of 30 goals to accomplish in my 30th year. Since I only have a year to do these, I'm making them simple--meaning things I can actually DO in just 12 months. If they are too complicated, I'll never get through all of them!

1. Pay off $4,000+ on my credit card.
2. Bare my new tummy in public--at least once (despite being self-conscious of my stretch marks).
3. Read 12 new-to-me books.
    1) Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
    2) The Swing!
    3) The Wrong Mother
4. Take my kids camping.
5. Attend one of Jerry's family functions (his family hates me, and I avoid going).
6. Go roller skating with my kids.
7. Run a marathon. Ran the Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon in May 2012
8. Take the kids sledding.
9. Visit my grandma's grave.
10.Monetize the blog.  (Just did this on my birthday, and it's working out well so far)
11.Try on everything in my closet and get rid of things I won't wear.
12. Go to church at least three times.
13. Try 30 new recipes.
      1. Quinoa Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce
      2. Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bread
      3. Whole Wheat Banana Bread
      4. Grown-up Hamburger Helper Mac and Cheese
      5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge
      6. Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies
14. Stay binge-free for an entire year. (Failed this one quickly)
15. Take Jerry on a surprise date.
16. Weigh-in on the first of every month, staying under 137. (Fail--marathon training was not good for my weight!)
17. Go on a nighttime run. Did this Feb. 2012, you can read about it here.
18. Go to a football game with Jerry.
19. Submit my weight loss story to a magazine. Did this Jan 2012, you can read about it here.
20. Try a new fruit.
21. Try a new vegetable. I tried kale, you can read about it here.
22. Meet a reader of my blog. I met two readers at a race.
23. Have a photo shoot done of my family.
24. De-clutter the house and have a yard sale.
25. Complete one knitting project.
26. Complete one crochet project. I made an iPhone cozy
27. Do something spontaneous when the opportunity presents itself (we'll see what it is!)
28. Get a skin cancer screening.
29. Have my friends over for a bonfire (something we used to do annually, but haven't the past couple of years because of the cost).
30. Run and PR a 5k. I ran the Corktown 5K and PR'ed.


  1. Awesome list!! really great ideas in here that you have listed!!! I can't wait to read about them!

  2. I volunteer myself for #22!

  3. I love the list. I wish I did something similar when I turned 30! Let us know if need/want recommendations for new fruits, veggies, marathons, etc.

  4. Love the list- seems do-able. I always wondered about the boys going to church with your parents- I'm guessing Easter and Christmas will be 2/3?

  5. AWESOME GOALS!!!! And how in the world could anyone hate you?!?!?!!? You are so positive, and real, and inspirational, and cute, and funny.

  6. "Ha" to number 5. I feel ya. I'm not well received by my husband's people either.

    Great idea. I'm fast approaching the 30 year mark as well. I may need to start compiling a list like yours.

    Love your blog, btw.

  7. Great list! You can meet a blog reader this year if you run the Carmel Marathon or the Indianapolis Marathon. :)

    I can't imagine why Jerry's family would hate you. That sucks, Katie.

  8. Thanks for posting this! It's so motivating for me to make my own list! But why on earth does Jerry's family hate you?! That is crazy! You have a wonderful personality and you are a great wife and mother!

  9. Wow I love this list! I was hoping you would post it. It all seems like things you could definitely accomplish! I wish you good luck to them all.

    I understand the whole #5 thing. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and his family doesn't care for me at all. They make it very obvious. They do not like me because in the beginning couple years of our relationship I did not come around them too often. So now that I do come around they treat me like crap. I refuse to put up with it, so I don't go around them anymore.

  10. i'm a pretty new follower but already i can't imagine how anyone could hate you! keep up the good work girl!

  11. hey, I'll be at the mini-marathon in Indy if you wanna meet a reader there :)

  12. Good list! On #7 - just saw Spirit of the Marathon - good documentary! Am far from a marathon - but am thinking a 5K has to make my list this year. Can't wait to read about it!

  13. Thats awesome!!! Perhaps I will make at 28 in 28 list!!

  14. My 30 Before 30 list is the whole premise of my blog, it's a really fun self challenge. Your ideas are cute and very tangible!

  15. Great list! I have a 50 by 50 list that I've been working through. I can't wait to see how that surprise date turns out!

  16. I love this list! I just recently found you via Pinterest. I love, love, love your blog. I tell all of my friends about you. I am amazed at the many things we have in common. I am working on losing my last 70-80 lbs after losing down from 395 lbs. Your blog has given me lots of ideas to help me get to goal. I will be turning 40 in a little over 2 years and I have been thinking about making a list of things I want to accomplish by then. After seeing your list, I think I need to get to it. Thanks again!

  17. How could ANYONE hate you???? That is just ridiculous. How could a nice guy like Jerry come from a looney family?

  18. This is an great idea! I wish I would have done something like this when I turned 30....maybe I'll do a 37 in 37 list this year!! Ha!

  19. These are great! I love my 101-in-1001 list ... it's fun and keeps me busy without too much pressure. Looking forward to seeing how you make these goals!

  20. What a great list… I turn 40 this year I might have to borrow this idea!

  21. Great goals! They seem fairly manageable too. Some big and some small. How could Jerry's family hate you??

  22. This is a great list! I'd like to help with one... meet a reader of your blog. I am also in Michigan and I don't think we are that far away. It would be wonderful to thank you in person for motivating me to get busy losing weight!

  23. #5 makes me a little sad ... but I'm happy that you're going to try and go to something! Love the list, such a great idea. Pinterest could help you find some knitting and crochet projects. :)

    Keep us updated and have fun!!

  24. How could anyone dislike you? There must be something wrong with them. Good thing Jerry does not take their opinions into consideration. My ex always listened to his moms opinions. If she hated something then he hated it to! You are being the better person though by wanting to go to one of their functions.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Just curious why for #5? Wouldn't you want to avoid people who hate you? People like that do not deserve your time. Or is it like something that Jerry really wants you to do? Love the list by the way. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Hmmm. That's a great list! I am confident that you will meet all of them. I just turned 31 today. I think I will try to do the same thing.

    Good luck!

  28. This is a great idea...I'll be 29 in March and I'm thinking of doing a 30 BY 30 list. I believe you did something similar?

    As for number 22, I know I'd be competing against many people who would love to meet you, but since I am in Michigan my odds might be a little better. ; ) I wanted to ask if you ever considered doing the Crim 10k in Flint, MI? I'm toying with the idea of maybe walking it. Its always INSANE because there are so many people there. My husband has ran it a couple times, but I've never gone with him because I didn't want to take my young kids...just way too busy.

    You should check my blog again...one of my posts from today (yesterday technically) might have some information to help you make #2 easier. ; )


  29. I'm with everyone else. #5 bugged me so much I almost couldn't finish the list. What's up with that?? Mean people suck.



  30. I totally understand #5. My friends are always like whatttt? when I tell them this same bit of info. I am guessing it's not you & they have some other issues going on.

  31. New to your blog. Love it! Great list and hopefully I can get to know you better throughout the year :)

  32. That is a great and very do-able list I think. It's smart to have goals, otherwise, times passes and you get nothing accomplished. That being said...I need to set myself some goals for my 61st year. WOW--does that sound old!! YIKES! My time is running out, I better get busy.

  33. Awesome idea and awesome list! Wish I'd thought of this when I turned 30...3 1/2 years ago! Haha. Maybe I can do a 35 by 35 or something...
    I am also curious as to why ANYONE could hate you?!? I haven't been following you for a super long time, but still...that sucks.
    Keep on keepin' on, lady!

  34. great list. I would love to put something together like that, but I'm in my 40s now. 40+ things would be a long list.. =) Hope you had a fabulous birthday month. I saw the post of your party. very nice of your friends. My 30s were pretty great. enjoy.

  35. What a wonderful list and a great idea. I need to create a list like this. I allow my weight to hold me down. I don't want to feel this way anymore. What a great motivation.

  36. #5, how could they not like you??? I'm so sorry, that must really suck. A family member of my husband's doesn't like me and puts me down every time I see her... hopefully that doesn't happen to you. #22, I hope it's me!!! I'd love to meet up eventually, especially since we're both mid-westerners!

  37. Well, if you ever make it back to Madison, I would love to meet you!!! You have inspired me soooo much. I have already lost 5 lbs (of course I had a lazy weekend and gained 2 back) but still, I never thought I could do it and you have really inspired me. I have even started my own 99 things to look forward to when I lose weight. he he he!! So, if you ever come to Madison again, let me know and I will give you a personal tour. I work for the Dept of Justice so I have special access to the capitol ;-D

  38. I too, volunteer for #22 as that we will both be running the Indy Mini!!!

  39. For number 22 - I live in London Ontario and am in the states often. Since I started reading your blog I thought about how awesome it would be to meet you haha (what are the chances that you only live a few hours away). I sent you an e-mail about my story (Kelly Mc, lost 115 lbs). Your motivation vs determination entry has changed my way of thinking. Literaly.

  40. Awesome goals Katie!!!!! I can help you meet your number #22 since I live just a Hop skip and a jump away :-). Also for your night time run. There's a running store in Perrysburg Ohio that does a nighttime 5K in Aug.

    Good Luck!

  41. Another MId Michigander here to help with #22! Thanks for all the inspiration! I started running just over 2 wks ago after finding your blog and have completed 16 miles for the month of January and working my way through 'Ease into 5K' (Plus I like La Pita too....)

  42. thought I'd say that I would love to meet up with you! I live in MI too!

  43. I just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday from a fellow January 25th baby!! I love your list! I am turning 40 next year and I was going to do a 40 before 40 list! Might have to steal a few ideas from you!!! ;)

  44. Great list! Why does Jerry's family hate you???? Please don't leave us hanging!


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