January 14, 2012

Rollerskating party

We got some serious snow last night! Not a whole lot accumulated, but while it was snowing really hard, the roads were very slippery. My parents were on the expressway and they saw a bunch of cars sliding off the road and into the median. Then someone rear-ended them on the expressway! Thankfully, they were completely unhurt. And even their car didn't have a scratch or dent on it. But the person who hit them totaled the front of their car.  The expressway was actually shut down after that because of all the accidents.

We went to the kids' Family Night for their school. It was at the local rec center, and they had free pizza and activities going on there. Jerry and I picked up my friend Andrea's son, because Andrea was sick. So we took the three boys and they had a blast.

This morning, the kids had their first swimming lesson. It was awful. Noah did just fine, but Eli was acting like a completely bratty two-year old. He didn't want to get in the water, didn't want to listen to the teacher, etc. I made him get in, and the teacher had to hold him in the water while he kicked and tried to claw his way out. He's not scared of the water at all--but he wants to use a life jacket, and I want him to learn to swim. Anyway, the teacher said that if he does it next week, she'll have someone else help teach the class (there are only 3 kids total) and she would work one-on-one with Eli.

Today was Eli's birthday party. He turned 6 last Saturday, but since Jerry was working, we had his party today. Since he loves roller skating now, we had his party at the roller rink. I wasn't planning on skating, but a lot of the parents were, so I changed my mind and got some skates on. I hadn't worn roller skates since I was about 7 years old!
Yes, the roller rink is just as retro as it looks :)  Skating was so much harder than I remembered! I had to hold on to Jerry most of the time, and I couldn't stop or turn, lol. It was fun though. My calves are going to feel that tomorrow for sure!

My mom and Jerry's mom both decided to try it out, too. I was worried about my mom falling, but Jerry helped her around the rink too ;)
Jerry's mom, Jerry, and my mom... his job was to hold them up, apparently ;)
Unfortunately, Jerry's mom went around by herself and fell pretty hard. She was complaining that her wrist hurt, and she ended up leaving the party early to go get it checked out that the ER. (When we got home, we learned that she actually broke it! They had to put it in a cast).

Eli had a cake from Sam's Club (the best cakes!!) with buttercream frosting, which you all know is my weakness. I didn't eat any cake while we were at the party, but I planned on having a corner piece (with lots of frosting) at home. So I insisted everyone take cake home for their families, and we only wound up with about 5 pieces left over.

 As soon as we got home, I had to have a piece--and it was SUPER rich with lots of frosting, which is just how I love it. But now I'm totally satisfied, so I'm hoping that Noah and Eli eat the rest today and tomorrow, and we'll be done with it.

There is a chance our friends Joe and Amber might come over tonight to play some board games, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not. I better get the house cleaned anyway! (It's kind of funny--when I was cleaning, Noah asked me if someone was coming over. When I asked him why, he said, "Because you're cleaning"  lol)


  1. Roller skating was so much fun! We had a rink in our town years ago. I always wanted to try rollerblading for a workout. It's awesome for your legs, right?

    I can't believe you're m-i-l broke her wrist! And it was the 14th, not the 13th! I hope she'll heal quickly!

  2. wow! a broken wrist, an accident..

    I am glad everyone is going to be ok

  3. Katie, you look SO great in the roller skating pic!! I'm sorry to hear about your MIL, but your cake story made me laugh--we all have a food like that! Better to indulge once than deprive and later falter with other things. :) Keep it up!! I am greatly enjoying catching up on your blog!

  4. Sounds like an eventful weekend! You are rocking those horizontal stripes!! :)

  5. I love roller skating. I remember going all the time growing up and I still have a pair of skates that need to be used. I have not wore them since I was 18, but I refuse to get rid of them.
    I am sorry to hear about Jerry's Mom, how sad! I hope it heals fast.
    Glad you had some cake and ate it too, corny I know. I have my oldest birthday in a couple weeks and am dreading the leftovers that always come home.
    Happy Birthday Eli!

  6. I laughed so hard when I read this post because last time my wife went roller skating she broke her wrist as well. I told her that she has to stick her butt out when she falls, not her hands! I hope your mother in law is ok. Tell her she is not alone!

  7. Aw, looks super duper fun! I haven't rollerskated in years! I'm more an ice skater myself, but now you make me want to try it again!

  8. As a parent who has LOTS of experience with my child being uncooperative at lessons of various types, my advice is just tell him he is going each week and if he wants to sit on the side of the pool it is fine. Then act like it is fine - no pressure, no encouragement. On the other hand, if it is an expensive lesson, threaten him with no screen time. ;)

    Last summer I started roller blading (to lose weight of course) and my daughter ended up falling and breaking her wrist. I have also had parents break their wrists at class roller skating parties. LOL.

  9. Happy Birthday, Eli!

  10. PS That roller skating photo....your thighs are so tiny Katie!! I know you aren't but you just LOOK like someone who has been slim for her entire life without ever worrying about a thing.

  11. I have a question, maybe something to address in a future blog? Why is it for any treats you always pick something and plan on eating it later? It's something I've been curious about, I figured it probably had to do with curbing the urge to binge?

  12. A friend of my sister's went on the ice for the first time this year to watch her grand kids ice skate....she had boots on....she fell on her wrist and knew she broke it instantly....as she was scooting off the ice to go to the ER she fell again AND BROKE HER OTHER WRIST! *No joking...completely true!*

    The poor woman looks so sad in her wrist braces ...what is the luck! ;-)

  13. I'm happy your parents are okay!!! We got around 3 inches total over here. I hope Jerry's mom's wrist heals fast.

  14. And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI!!!!!!!

  15. I hope your mother-in-law heals quickly! Roller skating sounds fun ~ I've never tried it.

    Good luck with next week's swimming lessons. Maybe he will warm up to the idea of swimming sans life jacket. My littlest just started lessons this month too. He seems to like it so far :)

  16. Good luck with the swimming lessons, some days they just get an idea stuck in their head and that's it. Hopefully next week will be better. We went skating yesterday for my nephews birthday and I forgot how hard it was. I thought it would be easy, it took me awhile to get the hang of it again but I didn't fall. I feel bad for Jerry's mom, that's awful!:( I hope she feels better soon. On another note, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam's club buttercream frosting cakes. First of all you can't beat the price and then the cake is AWESOME! I used to look forward to the kids birthdays mainly for the cake but now I'm like you, I make everyone take it home so I don't binge on it the next day. Happy Birthday to Eli! : )

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    My blog address is:


  18. Love the skating pics--they really bring back memories! That sucks about your poor mother-in-law-hope she heals soon!

  19. I'm so sorry about the car accidents and the broken wrist. I hope your mother in law heals fast! I love the picture of everyone skating! Your sweater is really cute too!


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