January 22, 2012

A maintenance plan and new goals

Sometimes I wish that, like my kids, I could fall asleep anywhere in any position. Yesterday morning, when Jerry got up for work, he discovered that sometime in the night, Eli had dragged his pillow and blanket into the living room to sleep on the couch. Apparently, he fell asleep in the process of climbing onto the couch...
Isn't that adorable?  I, on the other hand, have had horrible insomnia for weeks now.  It's making me crazy! I've had a lot on my mind, and I think my anxiety might be keeping me up.

Ever since my doctor told me to stop losing and to maintain my current weight a couple of weeks ago, I haven't really given it much thought. But I guess I need to come up with a game plan for maintenance, huh?

While I didn't actually reach my personal goal of 133, I'm going to make my maintenance range 133-137.  The number 137 is going to be my "panic weight"; if I see that number on the scale, I know I need to cut back a little until it gets to the lower end of my range. For the past few weeks, I've been 136, but today I was 137 (no doubt the peanut butter I've been consuming by the spoonful), so I've hit the panic weight.  The goal is to never see 138.

I feel like I will forever be trying to reach a finish line that is in sight, but I'll never actually get there.

I've actually been doing really well at maintaining 136 without much effort--the only thing I'm really focusing on is not binge eating. I've been binge-free for 69 days now. I came very close to bingeing a couple of times, but I keep reminding myself of my determination to make a new binge-free streak of over a year.

I think as long as I'm not bingeing, I should be able to maintain my weight without having to count calories. However, I would really like to start trying to work on the quality of my diet. My diet is far from "bad", but now that I'm training for a marathon, I want to get the most nutrition out of each calorie that I can.

I've actually heard of a lot of people that have gained weight from marathon training, due to the "I can eat what I want because I'm training for a marathon!" mentality. I can completely see myself falling into that trap, so I'm going to do my best to avoid it. I'm thinking about only training three days a week (instead of four) to avoid injuring my knee even more. The run I would cut out is only a 3-4 miler, so it wouldn't make much difference. I'm thinking that I'll do my running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; then maybe some cross-training one other day (either biking if it's nice outside, or incline walking on the dreadmill). Anyway, the whole point was that if I'm only training three days per week, I don't need to be eating thousands of extra calories ;)

Another thing I'd like to start doing is writing out monthly goals at the beginning of each month and then post about how well (or poorly) I did at the goals at the end of the month. I like to challenge myself, because I almost always learn something new about myself in the process. I'm always impressed at the goals Lori challenges herself with and then achieves!

I'm also working on a 30-in-30 list... 30 goals/things to accomplish between my 30th and 31st birthdays. They'll be simple things, since I only have a year, but just something to focus on now that I don't have to focus on losing weight. Hopefully I'll be done working on it by my birthday on Wednesday!


  1. Remember you have worked so hard and that you are beautiful! I have made a 30 x 30 list too! And one of the items on the list is to meet you! I would love to see your list, if you are willing to share! You are such an inspiration!

  2. remember that you might gain some muscle mass during this marathon process, and you have stated yourself that your muscles hold onto water while you are training

  3. Looks like we are going to have lots of fun posts coming from you! Yay!

    What has helped you not to binge? I am not so good at that!

    I find it really hard to lose weight while marathon training, but I definitely think it's possible to maintain! It's interesting, I was telling a gf how now that I am not marathon training I can focus on getting to a healthy weight and she said people in her running club were saying the same thing. It's so counter intuitive!

  4. Hi Katie, I just started reading a book called "Run Less, Run Faster" it's about a 3 day a week training plan for marathons and 1/2 marathons. Basically, do you 3 runs per week: one tempo run, one speedwork run, and one long run. The paces are set up differently than the traditional running plans which is how the plan is effective. Just thought this might be helpful to you since you are cutting out your 4th run during the week! I have also been injured so will be using this plan for my next 1/2 marathon. I don't think my body can handle more runs than that per week.

    Here is a link that talks about the plan: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-244-258-9369-0,00.html

    1. Thanks Katy! Someone else mentioned that to me as well, and I looked into it. But the thing that really messes with my knee is when I do speed work--so the tempo and the intervals would probably set me way back! ;) I think as long as I manage to stick to doing my long run every week (plus the two shorter runs), I should be okay. Thankfully I'm not trying to finish FAST--just finish!

  5. I can relate - I'm a lifetime WW member and my panic is 147 -148 (goal weight was 150 and I try to hold steady around 144/145).

    I actually did eat (more or less) what I wanted when I was training for the full marathon last year and was OK - got down to 139 even but the big danger was when the marathon was over and didn't think to readjust my calories once again!

  6. WOW! Congratulations for one, for two...

    I think you are my Doppelgänger!!!!

    Here is why:
    1. My name is Katie.
    2. I to have lost 125 lbs, and I gained 10 lbs back rather quickly...though I think most of it was due to sodium now (working on that at the moment.)
    3. I was at a 22W, but I also went down to a size 4!
    4. I used to binge eat all the time too.
    5. I have never used a weight loss supplement or any "magic trick" either. I lift weights, power walk every other day, and now I am trying Yoga to fix my flexibility problem.
    6. The changes you listed in your 100lb. difference, I found that I had 90% of the same experiences. I never thought about it before but I held my breath when I would tie my shoes too...

    Seeing your blog in some way was like looking at myself, and it feels SO GOOD to see someone like me, and having so many of the same experiences I have had too! I am still too scared to run though...I need to work on that. When I was fat (I had been overweight since I was in the third grade, I am now 26) I had developed crystalized deposits on my knees from my knees being so fat...it would cause my knees to blow out if I tried to run. I coped with power-walking on an incline, and sweating my butt off doing it.

    I am at about 150 lbs now, my lowest was 139, and I was practically in a size two then. I try not to let the scale get the best of me, I focus on how I feel and hold my self accountable to my diet and I vow to not give up on myself ever again in the realm of weight loss. I noticed when I gained the extra 10 lbs I was not drinking as much liquids as I should, eating a LOT of bread (healthy bread but a few sandwiches a day is a little silly), and I was eating peanut butter like it was going out of style. I still eat and love peanut butter and bread, but ONE sandwich a day if I really want one is plenty. *I buy the Smucker's all natural* I was also eating out almost every day for lunch... "Healthier foods," but still never as good as homemade.

    I would LOVE to start to keep in contact with you, it would be wonderful if maybe we could be a support system for each other or something? This is already wayyy long-winded but if you are curious I will let you know my diet/exercise plan too. Also, Yoga is kicking my butt pretty badly, but I am already feeling loads better after starting it!

    You fellow Katie, peanut butter-aholic, choco-holic, and obsessed with everything sweet and delicious,
    Katie :-)

  7. Aw..how sweet! It looks like he fell asleep when he was praying.

  8. I just found your blog and I will continue to read it. You are an inspiration. I am looking forward to finding the time to read your past posts for more tips and tricks. I am overweight, have a 15 month old and need to find the motivation to stick with running. I am in the military but you would never be able to tell by looking at me. I have PT test that I need to get back to.

  9. Chelsea fell asleep standing on the couch but laying over the back of it, naked except her diaper. I think she felt like she was laying on my shoulder or something. I'll have to get the picture and e-mail it to you. It's on my mantle and 12 years old, so it's not in my computer! I also have a picture of Charlie with his toothbrush in his mouth, fast asleep on the couch. Thos are the BEST moments. Then they wake up... :)

    I'm only running 3 days/week- interval run, tempo run, long run. What would you do on the 4th run?

  10. Love the idea of 30 while I'm 30 list...defiantly going to make that list before my 30th bday in a few months!!! good luck with yours and please share it!

  11. Aww he's so cute! I used to sleep with my knees tucked under and my face firmly planted in the pillow lol. Crazy! Good luck with your lists, i'm trying hard to achieve my goals but really struggling with not cussing!!

  12. I'm really interested in the 30 in 30! You should definitely post your list if you can!

  13. Such a cute pic of Eli! Its so true how kids fall asleep anywhere. I have a pic of my son at 3 years old sleeping on one of the of the steps on our staircase and it happened in the middle of the day. I love the idea of the 30 in 30 too!

  14. He is adorable. I remember my Mom found me in my closet one morning when I was little. Can't remember anything about how I got there. I do smaller monthly goals as well since I have a hard time focusing on long-term efforts and planning my own life is last on my list. I would prefer to remain spontaneous. :) Can't wait to see your 30 in 30 list!

  15. Hi Katie! I emailed you a week or so ago just saying hi (thanks SO much for saying hi back!) While you're training for your marathon, I'm training for my first (jogging) half marathon! I did one 2 years ago but walked most of it because I hurt my foot. Anyways, if someone told me I could eat whatever I wanted because I was marathon training, I think that would really lure me into a false security too! I feel like whenever I want to eat something bad, I wait for my boyfriend or friend to justify how it's not THAT bad, how an extra few minutes at the gym will undo it... anything to make it ok! But lately I've been telling myself that if it's not healthy, it's not healthy! I need good food to jog good miles! Binging (bingeing? not sure!) is something I've always struggled with. I haven't truly binged at all this new year yet (overindulgent, yes just a little!) and I am hoping to keep my record clean! Keep up the great work! :)

  16. Eli is adorable! Sorry you're having trouble sleeping. I think it was on the Mentalist last week, that he gave some guy a suggestion as to how to fall asleep: he said breath in and think one, breath out and think two, over and over and sleep will come. Sometimes I count backwards from 100 really slowly, relaxing my body with every number. That was a relaxation technique I learned when I was pregnant, it was supposed to help during labor. I used it--and it DID help. I always, always read before bed, that makes me sleepy more than anything else. I guess I am like Pavlov's dogs now, show me a book and I salivate, er, fall asleep.

    Maintenance is so tricky. You have done amazingly well. I think your running is the key for you. That burns so many calories and tones you up. I walked a 5K yesterday, I have been walking inside all week, but it was in the 40's yesterday. Unlike you, I just don't like the cold weather for my walking. be if I ran? Maybe I wouldn't mind the cold as much. I did run a couple times yesterday during my 5K walk. I keep thinking, "You're 61, you're not supposed to be a runner." But I think I could do it if I was more determined. The slow jogging I do doesn't really seem to bother my knees much more than the walking. My orthopedic doctor said my knees are bone on bone due to arthritis, and will both require replacement surgery soon. I keep putting it off. I am also thinking about getting a couple light weights to carry with me when I walk. I think that would help burn more calories!

    Goals are good. I set this goal for myself earlier this month to walk at least one mile every single day for 100 days. I think it helps because even on those days when I don't feel like it at all, I get my butt out there and do at least ONE MILE. I was thinking aout getting two of my sons to train for a half marathon with me. They both run...I walk. But we could do training separately, then meet somewhere this spring and DO IT. Or maybe just a 10K. I just know that when you set goals, it is a good thing. My granddaughter is to be a flowergirl at a friend's wedding in October. That gives me motivaton to keep the weight off until then. I HOPE!

    I seem to be holding steady in the upper 140's now. I was holding steady in the lower 140's all Fall (pre-Thanksgiving), and I'd really like to get back there. At least the upward trend seems to have stopped since I started my walking challenge, I'm weighing in around 147 for the last week or so, and got as low as 146.0 this weekend. I always weigh less on weekends, cause I sleep in a little later. I have a check-up at the doctor on 3/19, and need to get back to that healthy BMI again, (I was 144.4 there in September), which is somewhere below 145, of course that is fully clothed, so you need to be LOWER than that in order to weigh that low AT the doctor's office.

    Good Luck with your goals. Loving your daily blogging!

  17. I love your 30 in 30 plan! I turn 30 next month and think that is a great idea. I am already on a plan to get in shape, my husband and I are doing the Insanity work out together. My big goal is to start running and compete in at least one but hopefully a few 5 k races. With little ones to take care of it is difficult to make the time to get outside to run (I don't have a treadmill, yet). I look forward to evaluating my life and planning out 30 goals to work on this year. Thanks for the idea!

  18. First of all, I love the picture of Eli! It's SO cute! Also, I am so happy for you! You have worked so hard to get here. I can't wait to hear how your training goes. : )

  19. Hey, Just started reading your blog and it is really inspiring. I have this desire to be a runner but just need to work on it like you at the beginning since I can't run more than like a minute at a time. However, I used to work in a physiotherapist office and the physio there would encourage people doing running to do it 4x a week as a way to decrease the injury rate. The thought being doing something more often but less intense (4 shorter runs vs a few long runs) would help train the body better getting it used to it. However, I am not sure if this applies for marathon training, but it's something to keep in thought.

  20. You are sunch an inspiration to me!! I came across your blog last week & it's Blogs like yours that keep me going :)...I've tried doing to C25K but weighing 229 pounds, it's kind of hard on my knees so for now I think I will stick with the elipitical and try the C25K again in a couple of months when I am a little lighter (hopefully). Hope you don't mind me asking but did you count calories when you first started? I started using my fittness pal and it was my calorie limit for the day is 1200, but then I look other places and it says it should be 1800, so I'm just kind of confused and if you can give me any advise, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sharlie, I think that 1200 calories is a VERY hard goal to maintain. I chose to eat the most I could and still lose weight, which for ME, that ended up being about 1800 at first, then 1400-1600 later on. You just have to experiment to see what works for you. Thanks for reading!


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