Monday, June 15, 2015

Motivational Monday #111

Happy Motivational Monday #111! I'm not sure why, but I love the number 11--and any time I see a bunch of number 1's together, it's even better. My official 10K time for the Runner's World 10K was 1:11:11--that was more exciting than a PR ;)

This week, I am proud of myself for staying binge-free, and continuing to stay on track with Weight Watchers. It's also been extremely humid outside, but I've still gone out and done my run/walks. Honestly, I don't think there is anything I would change about the week (things in my control, anyway)!

I only got a few submissions for Motivational Monday, so it'll be another short and sweet one. Enjoy!

This is my very lovely friend Paige, from Idaho, who is one of my Sole Mates from Ragnar SoCal. Every year she and her best friend travel to Seattle to run a half marathon. They made it a tradition after Paige lost 130 pounds! Each year, they put a lot of thought into the shirts that they wear on race day. This year, they each have a loved one who is fighting cancer, so they made shirts to reflect that they are running for those who can't--in honor of Elena and Leana. 

About six weeks ago, Virginia started her weight loss journey. She's down 11.8 pounds so far, and she says that she is extremely motivated by her Garmin. She's been using it for about a month now, and has brought her pace from 18:12/mile to 16:05/mile! Seeing those numbers improve has pushed her to keep going, and she hopes to continue to get faster. 

I just mentioned how I love the number 111, and it's MM post #111, so it's only fitting that Jill's story began when she set out to lose 111 pounds, starting January 5th. Last Friday, she hit a big milestone--she made it to the halfway mark, having lost 56.6 pounds so far! The following day, she celebrated by running her first 5K in six years! The photo on the left was taken in November 2014, and the right was taken on Saturday. She hopes to reach her goal weight by the end of the year--and she's well on her way! 

Congratulations on your accomplishments, ladies! And thanks for the motivation :)


  1. Awesome stories! I love your thing about the number 11 or a bunch of 1's together. I have the same thing about the number 55 or a bunch of 5's together. Who knows why! :)

  2. I like those numbers too! My birthday is 11/11/55 :-)

  3. I'm glad you share Motivational Mondays! I love weeks where I'm able to stay on track-- even if I end up gaining, it really does make a difference in how I feel!

  4. This is so great! First off, congrats to you and your commitment. And way to Paige, Virginia and Jill! So inspiring, all of you. I love reading RFC daily, and especially love your MM's! (And P.S. I ran my 11th marathon yesterday!!! Yay for #11 !!!)

  5. Thanks so much! It's amazingly motivating to see all these stories every week, but it's kind of a rush to see your own name up there, too! :)

  6. Congrats, everyone! I love MM posts--they're always so inspiring!

  7. They may be few, but they are mighty!!! Great accomplishments, ladies :)

  8. These are such great motivators! Thank you, Paige, Virginia, and Jill for sharing your success. It is these things that motivate me to start the week off strong.

  9. I so appreciate these MM posts. They really inspire me. Thank you for sharing your good news!

  10. Love this! Congratulations to all! Both Jill and Paige have accomplished some amazing goals. I'm really impressed.


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