December 13, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 133

It's been a very emotional few days. I am trying to just let go of the incident with Eli's surgery, and I'm making sure not to harp on it out loud at home, but I'm just so angry at the dentist (and staff) for treating us so poorly. And now I am super worried about Noah getting his wisdom teeth pulled, which needs to happen soon.

Obviously, we won't be going to that dentist, which means I have to find a new one. And after what happened with Eli, I will likely research it to death and still feel like I can't make the right decision! Noah's an adult, and can make his own decision regarding this, but at 19 years old, I feel like one would tend to rely on their parents to help out.

I've also been emotional about Noah moving out. He's moving on Friday! I wish I had more time to prepare for this. Jerry and I have both been feeling the impact of having adult children (well, Eli will be 18 in a few weeks). Good grief, just typing that brought tears to my eyes.

When you're pregnant, everybody tells you that the years are going to fly by and you'll wish you'd focused more on the present each day while the kids are growing. And now I feel like that is the best advice to give new parents; and they'll nod and smile at me, like Jerry and I did to those who gave us that same advice, and then they'll give the same advice in 18 years to other new parents. I hate that we don't really realize how fast it goes until the kids are grown and their childhood feels like it went by in the blink of an eye.

Okay, enough about that! I'm going to keep this short because I'm helping Noah pack his things and holy cow--he's got a lot more than you would think.

There isn't much to report as far as my weight goes:

Last week, I was at 141.2, and today I was at 140.6. I would love to see it go down faster, but I know that I'm making good choices, so that's all I can do on my end.

I remember when I worked at Curves (a fitness center) the women there would talk about how hard it is to lose weight after 40 years old. I never really bought into that (of course, I was in my early 20's at the time) and I do wonder if it's true. And whether it's from lifestyle or just aging and hormones and perimenopause and all that fun stuff. Probably a combination.

However, I don't feel like I'm at that point. Earlier this year, I had no problem losing weight. I know that I haven't been nearly as active as I used to be, though. For several years, I was constantly working on big projects in the house. It wasn't intentional exercise, but I was lifting a lot of heavy things, going up and down the ladder a million times over, walking back and forth to the garage, etc. I've still been working on things, but on a much smaller scale and they aren't as active.

Now that Noah is moving out, I'll have the spare bedroom to work on. I know I want to put my craft stuff in there, but I'll probably paint and possibly replace the carpet. It's a pretty small room (I think 9'x9') so it's not going to be totally overwhelming. But it's kind of fun to think of the possibilities. It reminds me of when the boys were little and they shared a room with bunk beds. (here come tears again)

As far as my weight goes this week, I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing, for the most part. I haven't been eating sweets and I'm working on portion control. I still run every morning (even though it's only around the block). I could be doing more, but for the moment, with all I have going on, I am happy with what I'm doing.

Well, I better get back to packing before I make dinner. I'm not sure how much I'll be posting in the upcoming week or so, because with Noah moving, I'm going to be busy--and very emotional, haha. 


  1. I think my mouth dropped open when you wrote about Noah moving out. Looooongtime follower with two boys, too, in similar stages as yours except my oldest is 21 and my youngest is 19. I am in NO way prepared for either of them moving out yet so I can't even begin to imagine the array of emotions you're feeling right now, especially with it happening so suddenly and so soon. Big hugs to you and Jerry as you prepare for this major change and best wishes to Noah tomorrow, too.

  2. My daughters bounce back and forth from college, but my oldest graduated and moved far away a year ago and it damn year killed me... Ok, that's an exaggeration, but it was super depressing. You're glad they've flown, you've done a good job, but you miss them so much and everything that was your life with them. I still do. Hang in there!!

  3. Hugs mom! I dread that day myself. My son is only 10, but I recently told my husband we only have 8 more years at home with him, it's more than half gone. It does fly by!

  4. I would Definity look for an oral surgeon and not just a dentist for the wisdom teeth removal. I fired my dentist after 30 years of care, for lack of care. Our mouths were raw from him being so ruff. We felt like we were drowning from the sonic cleaner over spray and we would be drenched. The final straw was them cancelling our appointments and not telling us. We showed up and were asked why we were there. They took no responsibility for their actions and never contacted us to reschedule or asked why we never returned. Found a new dental office that we totally love. Best to you all.

  5. Great job on doing the small, healthy things. They have the biggest impact, as you know. More hugs about Noah. Also, I'm not sure if the awful dentist was an oral surgeon, but I'll echo that if he wasn't. Get a pro even if it costs a ton.

  6. Maybe a fun project to do would be to make something like a murphy bed for the bedroom you are converting. There are some cool designs where you have open shelving when the bed is up, and then the shelves rotate when you drop the bed down to use. Or even just basic murphy beds would make it easier to have the craft room be a guest room, since I'm sure you'll want to use it for a guest room at some point.


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