December 06, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 132

Once again, I just haven't been posting lately. Everything is good here (going really well, actually); I just haven't had much to write about. I was going to write a "catch up" post yesterday, but then I'll have nothing to post for Friday Night Photos, which I enjoy more. But honestly, I don't even know if I have much for that! Haha.

I've been working on a few small projects lately (a couple for other people) and I've been busy organizing different parts of the house. I absolutely love organizing, so I get kind of excited when there is a space that needs tidying. I've been working on sorting/condensing my sewing stuff lately; I hate that I always have it spread out over my dining table.

Anyway, as far as my weight goes, I wasn't thrilled with the scale. However, I also wasn't surprised.

I am pretty much the same as last week. I was at 141.0, today I was at 141.2. 

I say that I'm not surprised, but it's not because of eating junk and making poor choices about what I eat. I've actually be eating very healthy food over the last couple of weeks. My problem right now is portion control. However, I haven't been too worried about that because I had a bigger concern: sweets.

Over the last couple of weeks, my main focus has been getting sweets/sugar out of my system so that I stop having sugar cravings. I've done very well with it and the cravings are minimal now. I just need to remember that even a single bite of a cookie can start up the cravings again and it's SO HARD to get back to this point. Not at all worth it.

Instead of sweets in the evening, I've started making something else that is very satisfying and I look forward to it--however, it's not exactly low calorie. In a bowl, I slice a banana; drizzle on peanut butter and a tiny bit (maybe a teaspoon) of maple syrup--which doesn't affect me the same way as refined sugar; top with toasted walnuts and and my seed mix of (chia, flax, and hemp).

It's SO good and definitely healthy; I should just probably cut the whole thing in half so I'm not getting so many calories. And probably cut out the maple syrup now that my sweet tooth is under control.

I've also been focusing on fiber over the past couple of weeks, so I've been eating a lot of beans, lentils, and whole grains. We replaced our rice cooker when we saw a nice one on Black Friday. (Amazon links are affiliate links.) This is the one we bought; it was $85 on Black Friday, but it's $99 now. Our rice cooker (a cheap one) was probably about 10-15 years old and definitely ready to be replaced. Especially considering we use it so frequently.

We eat a LOT of rice--probably 4-6 times a week. Over the last year, I've discovered that there really IS a difference in brands of rice, which I never gave much thought. I regularly make brown basmati, brown jasmine, and short grain brown rice. I never used to like brown rice until I bought a particular brand of brown basmati, and I became hooked. And now, I actually prefer the taste and texture of brown rice over white rice. (This is the brown basmati that converted me to prefer brown rice. It only comes in a 10-pound bag, so it's definitely not ideal if you don't eat rice very often.)

After cooking the short grain brown rice in the new rice cooker, I was stunned at the texture; it was so soft and fluffy. When Noah is actually home, I want him to try it. He loves rice almost as much as I do but he doesn't like brown rice and he's very particular about his white rice. So, I'm curious to see what he thinks.

The new rice cooker has several options when cooking rice (brown/white, long/med/short grain, soft/med/firm texture) so I've been playing around with different rice and different settings. There are also settings for quinoa and barley, which I make fairly frequently as well.

This huge tangent was pretty much just to say that I've been eating a lot of fiber from whole grains. In groups of people, I don't talk much at all; but when I write, good grief--my thoughts stray and my writing is all over the place! ;)

Since I've been doing really well for the past couple of weeks as far as the foods I'm eating, this week I'd like to work on portion sizes to get my weight back down. I'm not comfortable being this size. I know I don't look bad (in clothes, anyway--ha!) but I just don't *feel* good at this weight. So, let's hope I have some progress this week! (And I'm definitely going to write a few posts.)


  1. Cooking rice in our Insta Pot really makes rice fluffy.

  2. To curb my sugar cravings I chew sugarless gum. So many fun flavors out there like black cherry, cherry limeade, and grape. I understand the xylitol isn't necessarily good for you but it beats chowing down a bunch of sweets for me. Your posts are very inspirational and I appreciate your sense of humor and good heart.

  3. I'm always so happy to see a post from you! I check everyday 😁. Also I think/write exactly like you; gives me yet another thing to appreciate about your posts and makes me feel like I'm "talking" to a friend.

  4. I LOVE basmati rice. I too didn't realize there was that much of a difference until I tried it. And I'm definitely going to try your banana etc. snack. Sounds delish. You sound healthy, more balanced. I miss your more frequent posts, but knowing that you're taking good care of yourself makes the ones you send even "sweeter."


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