December 17, 2023

Goodbye, Noah... (Part 1 of 3)

For some reason, when trying to think of a title for this, a song popped into my head from his preschool class. All of the kids would stand in a circle, and for each child, the teacher would blow some bubbles into the center, and then start a quick song,

"Goodbye, Noah;
Goodbye, Noah;
Goodbye, Noah;
We're glad you came today."

Then the kid (in this case, Noah) would get to run in the center of the circle, popping the bubbles that the teacher blew while everyone sang the good-bye song.

While I feel like saying "goodbye" feels more permanent than "see you later" or something, that song is what I thought of when beginning this post. As you may know, Noah moved out on Friday. Coming to terms with our firstborn leaving the house has been extremely emotional for both Jerry and me. Going through these photos was especially hard.

I skimmed through the 5,000+ photos I have of him and pulled out some a lot of favorites. I was going to cut it down to just a few because who wants to see that many photos of someone's kid? Then I thought, "Hey, it's my blog. This is for me." 

So, I have photos of Noah as he grew up over the last 19 years. Several of you have watched through my posts as he's gone from a five-year old to an adult who is now out on his own. I'm actually going to make this into two or even three posts so it's doesn't bog down the loading of my blog! I'm not going to caption them, because that would take forever; most are self-explanatory.

Okay, I'm going to do this in three posts, hahaha. How do I narrow down 19 years of photographs?!


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