July 19, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 112

weigh in picture

Remember the Gap Kids overalls I bought at Goodwill to try and alter to fit me? (I loved them, but considering they were children's clothes, they obviously didn't fit.) Well, this is what I ended up doing with them (the above picture). I love how they turned out! This is what they looked like before (on the left is a pair of regular jeans, so you can compare it to the size of the overalls).


I added a strip of dark denim to the side of each leg and I lengthened the straps (otherwise the torso part was so short that it gave me camel toe, hahaha!). I used a straight stitch of about 10 billion colors going vertically down the dark fabric on the leg. (Actually, I did a lot of this in the car on our long drive up north.)

Still in the car, I wanted to add something to the bib, but I wasn't sure what. After searching through Pinterest, I decided on a cat silhouette. However, I had no idea how I was going to cut something like that out--I am terrible at drawing. I asked Ava if she knew how to draw, and she actually did the outline for me in the car! Then I just sewed it on using a blanket stitch.

Ideally, I would like to have the pant legs longer, but I don't think adding fabric there would look good; so I'm just going to keep them cropped and wear them with sandals. The overalls are obviously very casual, so I'll likely only ever wear them at home. This was one of my more difficult projects recently because of the waistband, but for a make-up-as-you-go-along project, I'm very happy with them.

This week was far from normal, so I wasn't sure what to expect on the scale. I was at Jeanie and Shawn's house up north from Wednesday morning through Sunday evening, and the last couple of days we've just been getting back to the norm.

I still didn't have much of an appetite while I was there, even though we had plenty of vegan food. I even brought the stuff to make Truffle Mac--one of my very favorite foods--AND I made two chocolate cakes. I actually didn't eat any of the cake! I haven't eaten sweets in a while and I wasn't craving it, so I didn't want to start that sugar craving cycle again. I did take a bite of Jerry's so I could taste it, though.

I was actually getting a little worried about not eating enough, which I know sounds strange coming from me. I just keep thinking of last fall, when the same thing happened and I dropped weight really quickly. I hadn't really realized at the time just how much of that was due to feeling so overwhelmed and losing my appetite.

Appetite is so interesting. There is hunger, which is a physical feeling that we are all familiar with; and appetite is in our minds. We either want to eat or we just don't feel like eating or we can't eat much. When I say that I don't have an appetite, it basically means that nothing sounds good and I usually just eat something small to curb physical hunger.

Since I got home, though, I wanted to get back to eating regularly so I don't have that same rebound I had last year (getting down to 125-ish and then gaining 20 pounds really quickly once my appetite came back). On Monday, Jerry made my favorite comfort food--his beans and greens--and I ate two big bowls of that. And then yesterday, I felt ravenous! So who knows what's going on?

Anyway, as far as the scale goes, I was curious what it would say after being on vacation this past week...

scale photo

Whenever my weight hits about this point (135-ish) I start to feel comfortable in my clothes. I feel very comfortable at around 130. (I know it's only a difference of five pounds, but it's crazy how much of a difference that little bit actually makes in how my body looks and feels.)

In other news, I got to see Luke and Riley today! My mom has been taking them to Vacation Bible School at her church all week while they are here from Minnesota. Tonight is "crazy hair day" for VBS, and my mom asked if I could do their hair. It was fun coming up with ideas, and while it was kind of hard to do, they really liked how it turned out. (I have to get the pics from Jerry, so I'll post them on Friday with Friday Night Photos.)

Anyway, as far as my weigh-in goes, I can't complain--I'm down from 137.6 last week. I'm only 1.2 pounds from my "happy range" or "goal range" or whatever you want to call it. I think this is about what I weighed last year at this time. Now I just have to learn to stay consistent! I think that is the hardest part about losing/maintaining weight--doing things consistently.

Hoping for a good week :)


  1. Great work on the overalls!!!

  2. OMG, your overalls are ADORABLE! I love the idea of customizing the pocket, I have a pair that maybe I'll add a sunflower to (but I'll buy a patch from the craft store, ha!)

  3. Congrats on your weight goals in sight! and I'm going to need close-ups on the overalls...I love them! So cute! I would love to see the cat up close and the stitching on the sides and the backside of them as well. I love your style!

  4. Good job on meeting goals! Also good job on recognizing sustainability of weight loss needing to be just that- sustainable. You've recognized that transient random appetite loss isn't a sustainable weight loss strategy and need to get in to a consistent pattern of normal eating or something you can maintain for life. It doesn't have to be complicated. Good for you! :)

  5. I love your overalls! I would definitely wear them out places. Your clothes that you alter are awesome!!


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