July 25, 2023

Deep Thoughts With Jerry #21

Jerry and I were discussing what questions to put on the blog today, and I had the idea that we make an actual "deep thoughts" post--writing vulnerable questions and answers. I suggested things like, "What is the hardest part of having a wife with bipolar?" and "How do you think it will feel to be an empty nester in a few years?"

Well, this just got us emotional--me, feeling very depressed as it is, and Jerry talking about the answers made him tear up as well. Soon, we were each a crying mess. It was an emotional discussion. Literal deep thoughts.

So, we went for the opposite. Maybe next week our emotions will be in check and we can write something like that. This is something a little different than usual, though. This is a "lightening round"--I asked a "this or that" question and he had to answer immediately, without thinking about it.

Does anyone remember the Friends episode where Phoebe helps Joey decide something by asking a bunch of "this or that" questions? And then Joey screws it up when he tries to do the same thing to Ross? Maybe you'll catch the reference...

Vacation or Staycation?  *Staycation

Netflix or Hulu?  *Hulu

Night or Morning?  *Morning

Passenger or Driver  *Passenger

Car or Bike?  *Bike

Train or Airplane?  *Airplane

Ketchup or Ranch?  *Ranch

Bad Breath or Body Odor?  *Bad Breath

Guacamole or Salsa?  *Guacamole

City or Countryside?  *Countryside

Sweating or Shivering?  *Sweating

Fiction or Non-Fiction?  *Fiction

Patterned or Plain?  *Plain

Board Games or Video Games?  *Video Games

French Fries or Onion Rings?  *French Fries

Tattoos or Piercings?  *Tattoos

Store Bought or Homemade?  *Homemade

Plans or Surprises?  *Surprises

Roller Coasters or Water Slides?  *Roller Coasters

Letters or Emails?  *Emails

Loud or Quiet?  *Quiet

Protagonist or Sidekick?  *Protagonist

Animals or People?  *Animals

Show or Tell?  *Tell

Visual Learner or Verbal Learner?  *Visual

Raise or Bonus?  *Raise

Introvert or Extrovert?  *Extrovert

Speed or Accuracy?  *Speed

Sight or Sound?  *Sound

Predictability or Excitement?  *Excitement

Dogs or Cats?  *Cats

Night Out or Night In?  *Night In

Sweeping or Vacuuming?  *Vacuuming

Who would you rather sleep with, Monica or Rachel?  *Rachel

Here is the video clip from Friends that I was talking about ;)  (I had it start at the point where Phoebe quizzes Joey. I couldn't find a shorter clip--but it's funny and worth watching!)


  1. Got to be ketchup! Otherwise ok. How is the heat there?

  2. Hugs. You two are going through a lot.


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