September 26, 2022

Some Fun Facts for Monday

I started to write out a post about mental health, but I am too exhausted right now after cross country practice to really write out what I want to say. I'll need to save that for when I have more time. But I haven't posted any fun facts in a while, and I thought these ones were interesting!

I'm so curious if this is true! Anyone live in Alaska that can confirm? I've always wanted to visit Alaska--actually, it's the only place in the world that I have a very strong desire to see--and this seems kind of funny that they pay you to live there, haha.  

I'm curious if the bear would have run off if another song was playing--or if it really just didn't like Justin Bieber ;)

I'm a very emotional person (I cry over everything--happy or sad!) so I can't even imagine what my face would look like, haha. 

Well, this was a bummer for him! I guess someone had to be the first, but yikes. What a way to try to prove a point! It reminds me of this episode of Stuff You Should Know (a super interesting podcast!). The episode was about inventions that go wrong (well, inventions that kill), and a man spent years trying to perfect a parachute. He tested it by jumping off the Eiffel Tower, and "dropped like a sack of potatoes" (the host's words--the way he said it was really funny!). 

This one felt very fitting, considering Queen Elizabeth II just passed away. I absolutely love this about her--that act alone shows the compassion she had. I think compassion is a trait that is often overlooked, but it says everything about a person.

I have therapy tomorrow morning, so maybe that will be a good day to write my mental health post, haha. I've only had three sessions and it's been so nice having someone neutral to talk to about all of the things that are overwhelming me right now! I actually really look forward to going each week.


  1. Hello from Alaska - it's true! Its called the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) we receive it every Fall. The annual payment varies due to the amount of income the state receives from oil drilling over a set period of time and it is a HOTLY contested subject in Alaskan politics. Some people think we should get more, some less, it's a big deal up here. This year had an extra energy relief payment so it was about $3300 per person. The average family of four just got 13k last week! It's a great way to help save for kids college or just try to offset the expensive cost of living up here. One more cool thing is a program called Pick Click Give, when we sign up for our PFD each year we get the option to donate some of the money to local organizations. This year Alaskans gave over 3 million dollars of their PFD to over 600 local causes! I love that part and love choosing places to donate money to each year. As my kids get older they like to choose their own as well!

    1. That is SO interesting to me! I'd never heard of such a thing. And that is a huge amount of money (I don't know anything about the cost of living there, so the amount of money is all relative anyway). Thanks so much for the info!

      By the way, I would love to plan a trip to Alaska for my family in a couple of years, so if you have suggestions/ideas for me, please email me! I don't have any desire to do an Alaskan cruise--I'd rather stay away from the touristy stuff--so I'd like to hear from someone who lives there what their thoughts are about where to visit and what to do :)

  2. I love these. So interesting about Alaska and thanks to Kayse for confirming!!

  3. That is super interesting about Alaska! I had no idea! I would like to visit Alaska someday too I think. It seems like such a beautiful place! I also love that story about the queen. I'm not from the UK but something about Queen Elizabeth has always intrigued me. She definitely lived a full and interesting life!


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