September 08, 2022

Running Recap: Sept 1-7

I started this post in the afternoon, but didn't have time to finish it before cross country practice. I was SO TIRED today (my insomnia has been terrible lately) and I really wanted to stay home and relax after a busy day. However, there is something about practice that makes me feel so happy and energized when I'm done. Today was an especially fun practice (long run day!) which I'll write about this weekend. I just feel so proud seeing the kids work hard for their goals--and they certainly worked hard today.

Now I'm home and I'm dying to just crash in bed and (please please) sleep. I forgot how much time cross country takes out of my day, so it's hard to squeeze it in on busy days. The actual practice is only an hour, but I do a lot of work at home for it (adding up mileage, setting individual goals for each runner, planning practices, nerdy spreadsheets, etc.).

Today I had to meal plan for the week, go grocery shopping, run three miles, cook dinner by 4:15 (I like to have it done so Noah can eat before his night class), prep the cross country stuff, write a blog post, and then go to cross country practice. Each thing on the list is simple, but when you put it all together in one day it's exhausting! In a good way, though.

I did learn something very valuable today: Grocery shopping at 1 PM on Thursdays is the best! There was practically NO ONE at the store. I spent much longer than usual writing a meal plan this morning and by the time I was done running and showering, I had to rush through the grocery store. I probably shouldn't share this valuable information online, but considering how much I hate grocery shopping, I was very excited to discover the optimal time to shop, hahaha.

Anyway, I only had two runs this week (not counting this morning's run). I've been in the pattern of running one day, then skipping two days, then running one day, and so on. I had planned to run three times per week, but I'm happy as long as I don't skip more than two days between runs.

These days, my running goals are very different from several years ago. Running three miles every few days at whatever the pace happens to be is nice--I am loving not having pace goals, heart rate goals, or any other goals I usually push for. Maybe I'll want to run farther or faster in the future, but with all the stuff I have on my plate right now, this is ideal.

Saturday - 3 miles outdoors

I only mention "outdoors" above because I go through phases of running outside and running on the treadmill. Lately it's been outside, even when it's been really hot. I'm definitely ready for fall weather! On Saturday, I was having a very rough day mentally, which definitely affected my run--I just felt drained and I hoped the run would make me feel better.

It felt SO hard! I ran my first mile in 12:43, but it felt like I was running at a 9:00/mile pace. My overall pace when I was done was 12:18, and I felt like I had just raced a 5K. It's so odd how one day you can have an amazing run and feel fantastic, then just a couple of days later feel like death while running.

I guess this is my "well, that sucked" face, haha--I swear, my face was much redder than it looks!

Monday - 3 miles with Jerry at the State Park

Considering what I wrote above about skipping two days between runs, I hadn't planned to run on Monday (Labor Day) but in the words of Forrest Gump, I just felt like running. I already wrote about it on this post, so I won't bore you with the details again, but Jerry and I ended up going to the State Park. We ran the 3-mile loop at an easy pace, having a great conversation without distractions--it was so nice! A big change from just two days prior.

Well, I'm off to bed. Jerry has the day off tomorrow, and we are determined to get some serious work done in the bathroom. It would be awesome if I can get the wall between the bathroom and bedroom done--right now it's just one big open space!


  1. Another optimal time to shop is Saturday night, like after 6:00! Although if you have a life (unlike me lol) you would probably be busy Saturday night! ;) Sounds like a great running week!

  2. Great work! Love your new attitude around running and wow those kids are so lucky to have you as their cross country coach.


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