September 09, 2022

Friday Night Photos #83

I think this is probably going to be the shortest Friday Night Photos I've ever done. I had no idea just how few photos I took this week!

This may look like an ordinary picture of a dusty pile of shoes at first glance, but look carefully at the bottom shelf.

When Jerry told me to come look at Duck, I didn't know what he was talking about. With his eyes closed, he was completely camouflaged. Jerry, the kids, and I were all crowded around looking at him in disbelief, hahaha.

I've mentioned several times that I am totally accident-prone and clumsy. I'm never without cuts and bruises and scrapes in all stages of healing. That doesn't make for pretty legs when I'm working on the flooring and ladder and doing drywall and all of that. Still, I was a bit shocked when I saw how bruised my shins were! Most of it is from climbing the ladder and resting my shins against the rungs. 

Eli has been really into golfing lately, and one day, he brought home ALL OF THESE golfballs... that he found on the course! He was really excited because there were several balls in there that cost $5-6 each. He spent a lot of time scrubbing them to sell the good ones; with the others, he's just been hitting them off the beach as far as he can. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how many he found. 

This is another hidden picture illusion... do you see it?

A few days prior, I realized that my nose ring was gone. I never take it out and I was super bummed to have lost it. I had no idea where I could even start looking. So I just put in a different one and forgot about it. Then a few days later, I was making the bed and I felt something under my hand--I was so surprised to see that it was my nose ring! The odds of finding it were next to nothing.

This was just before starting the six-legged race at cross country practice. I'm thinking Sundays will be a good time to write about cross country, so I'll save the rest for then, but this was so funny to watch. The race ended up being very short because, well, it wasn't exactly easy! (and yes, the parents gave me permission to post photos)

A behind (no pun intended) the scene look when Jerry was going to take my goal weight picture on Wednesday. The dike is MUCH steeper than it looks and climbing up is difficult...

...but getting down basically involves sliding down on your butt, or else you'll totally biff it into the concrete. Jerry was hoping for the latter, so he could get pictures ;) 

I was creeping so slowly through the bedroom to get this picture of Chick--I didn't want to wake him--because he was sleeping in such an awkward position. He was completely face-planted on the bed. I always find him sleeping in the weirdest postitions!

This. 100%.

Today's random trivia was interesting:

I saved my favorite for last. Noah was going to take Joey for a walk and as he was getting ready to head out the door, he asked if I wanted to go with him. That sounds like no big deal, I know, but I was totally taken by surprise (teen boys--well, mine at least--don't usually ask me to do stuff with them). I was so happy he asked me, and I couldn't have gotten my shoes on any faster! We walked around the neighborhood and had a great talk. It was the highlight of my whole week.

... and I'm out. Have a great weekend! xo

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  1. Perfect Friday photos. Thank you. I hope you're having a good weekend.


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