October 13, 2020

Nailed It! (My Attempt at Color Street Nail Strips)

We've all seen the "nailed it!" memes that are typically a before and after photo of someone's attempt at a cute Pinterest project that goes terribly wrong.

Several months ago, a reader named Deb reached out to me because she read about how I just can't keep nail polish on to save my soul. By the second day, it's already chipping. I didn't want to try gel polish for fear of ruining my nails. Deb super generously offered to send me a set of "Color Street" strips for nails--which I had never heard of--to try out. She is a "stylist" for Color Street now because she loves them so much.

I'd heard really great things about them from several people, including my sister. I did warn Deb that I am terrible at this kind of stuff--very uncoordinated--so I was afraid I would totally botch it. Also, I'm VERY rough on my nails--with all the wood projects and painting and "handy work" around the house, they take a beating.

She sent me the nail strips right away, but I've been too intimidated to try them! They've sat in a drawer in my bathroom, and I kept telling myself I'd do them as soon as I'm done with _________ (fill in the blank with whatever project). Well, I finally got around to doing them on Saturday!

To explain a little bit about what they are... they are little strips of color (made from actual nail polish--the base, the color, and the top coat all in one). You simply pick the correct size and press it onto your nail, then file off the excess. I watched a how-to video and it looked so simple!

Leave it to me to screw it up somehow *eye roll*. They didn't turn out terrible, though--not enough to warrant the "nailed it" meme of shame. 

I have very shaky hands, so it was hard for me to hold the strip still as I brought it to my nail. Then I found that once it adhered, there was no going back. The instructions say to "gently stretch" the strip to fit your nail, but I accidentally tore it because I guess I wasn't gentle enough!

And when I think about it, I was rushing because the instructions said that they will immediately begin to dry when they are exposed to air. I wasn't sure how much time I had, so I felt like I had to hurry. And when I was done, I could see I clearly am no manicurist ;)

However! I don't want to complain about these, because I really do like them! Here are a few reasons:

1) They are dry right away. You don't have to paint coat after coat, letting it dry in-between. If I was good at this, I could have all my nails done and looking great in less than five minutes. (I honestly think that on my next set, I'll do a better job because I know how they work.)

2) They are real nail polish, and not just stickers. You wouldn't know the difference by looking at them.

3) You don't need to apply heat or anything to adhere them. You wipe your nails with an alcohol swab to clean them, then choose the right size strip. Remove the strip from the adhesive paper, and then (carefully!) line it up to your nail. Gently set it down--hopefully in the right spot--and press it down to the rest of your nail. 

I tore off the excess and still had more than half of it left so I could use the other half on my other hand (they are double sided, basically, unless you have very long nails). So now I have enough to do a second set (which I will when these wear off!)

4) They actually are really durable. I worked on a project yesterday with some shelves (now THAT was a "nailed it!" meme for sure--I wish I'd have taken pictures). Other than the couple of nails that I'd screwed up on, they didn't chip at all. 

As I always say, I am completely honest when I try out new products (whether I purchase them myself or they are given to me). Deb didn't ask me to give her a shoutout or to promote her business or anything, but I wanted to do that in case anyone is interested in trying them. You can find her here on her Facebook page.

I really do find them convenient! And I like them better than painting my nails. Now that I know what to expect, I think I can do a better job. I'm actually really impressed they turned out as good as they did! Like I said, I am terrible at doing stuff like this ;)

(Thank you Deb, for gifting these to me! It was fun to try something new, and I really do like them--I'm going to practice with the other set after these wear off, and then I may order some more. I appreciate it!)

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  1. Yes girl I am SO excited you tried Color Street! I was hoping you would after you posted about your manicures never lasting! I am OBSESSED with Color Street! Take it from me, my first couple manicures were interesting to say the least. But you get the hang of it so fast! Make sure you put your leftover strips back in the plastic sleeve and seal it shut with a hair straightener or curling iron so they don't dry out! Tricks of trade ;) lol. I can easily get 2 full manicures out of one pack with that little trick! Post pictures of your next mani, I'm excited to see it!

  2. My sister is selling them I tried them and I didn't like them at all! Took me like 20 minutes to do and was very frustrating. Much prefer taking less than 5 minutes to throw on some polish. -Beth

  3. I'm a Color Street Independent Stylist.
    Thank you for giving it try. And sounds like your going to try them again. Thanks for the feedback!!! Not bad for your first time. I wasn't that good at it my first time either!!!

  4. My niece's husband's aunt sells them and she sent me samples. I managed like 2 fingers. I've bought about 4 sets and am going to my niece's tomorrow to have her show me how to do them correctly otherwise it will be a pinky finger only manicure for me.

  5. My daughter sales ColorStreet and sent me some samples to try. I love ColorStreet nails and am hooked. Application took me a while the first time, but now I have the hang of it. I love having pretty durable nails that are inexpensive. Because of a disease I have, I have to do my own nails and its so fun to have lots of designs and colors available. Thanks ColorStreet

  6. I *love* color street but boy do they trash my nails. My nails become brittle, dry and flaky. I have no clue what causes that. I have so many sets but I've had to stop using them. The damage is worse than gel/dip/acrylic for me. I really wish I could use them. I've been trying a few different brands recently to see if I have the same issue. Polish chips in like 24 hours for me, but color street lasted. I'm so bummed.

    1. ColorStreet stylist here...try Mineral Fusion polish remove. It's probably not the nails but the remover.

    2. Hi Jen. I had the same issue, whether with liquid nail polish or color street strips, my nails end up dry, flaky and brittle. I decided to start wearing artificial nails so I can still put color street on and so far my nails are just fine. I would recommend using artificial nails if you're up to it.

  7. Used them , they are the best ones!!They keep my real nails healthier. You match the right size, i put on and press end of nail film downward across end of nail. Cut off use baby scissors. Filing ONLY in downward!!! Any other direction wrecks nails!!

  8. I love nail strips, too! I'm very hard on my nails, but they still last much longer than regular nail polish :) I love the colorstreet ones, and another place you can get some cute ones is LilyandFox.com.

    1. I just ordered from Lily and Fox. I sure hope they are easier on my nails than color street. I also have had my first set of Dashing Diva on for a week now and I'm super impressed with how well they lasted. I am just nervous about what my nails will look like when I remove them.

  9. I am also Independent stylist and it has strengthened my nails and improved their appearance

  10. I just became an independent stylist. I love using color street.


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