October 22, 2020

Looking for New Projects

Thanks so much for the suggestions on my last post! I'm going to start adding them to my library queue and hopefully I'll find some that capture my attention. Today, I just continued with a book I'd listened to on a walk earlier this week--'Dear Wife' by Kimberly Belle. (Amazon affiliate link)

I'm not sure why I stopped listening to it after that walk, because today I found it to be really good! I even had that feeling at the end of my walk that makes me want to continue walking just to keep listening. So far, it reminds me very much of 'Gone Girl' and I loved that book. The narration is great, too.

I feel like I am writing WAY too much about books lately! My life has been pretty mundane, though, after a short bout of total chaos. Books are pretty much the most entertaining part of my day lately. Hahaha! I wake up and then go for my walk within about 30 minutes (I've even been walking in the dark lately, just because I hate sitting around waiting for the sun to rise).

My walks are about 85 minutes, so I get a lot of listening time in. And that means I'm going through the books quickly. Other than Noah's desk and Laura's shelves, I haven't been working on any projects--and I want to!

Jerry and I REALLY need new nightstands, and I decided that tomorrow after my walk, I'll go to Lowe's and get the materials to make them. Even though lumber is expensive right now, I really want something fun to work on. When I was feeling super overwhelmed, Jerry told me I should just buy some nightstands, but the affordable ones are made with such cheap materials. I can make them with much better materials for (slightly) cheaper. 

I'm not going to be using someone's building plans to make these--I just sketched out what I want and I calculated all the measurements--so I hope that they turn out okay! I'm going to try to document it well so that if they do turn out, I can make a tutorial.

Speaking of Lowe's, today I was paying some bills online and I noticed that on our main credit card (the one I pay bills with and then pay off in full each month) we have a ton of "points" that I hadn't seen before. When I noticed them today, I saw that we could exchange them for gift cards... 1,000 points is worth $10. One of the gift cards available was for Lowe's, and I had 9,300 points to redeem! So, the nightstands should be fairly cheap after using the gift card. I love when things like that happen :)

Something else I've been wanting to do lately is sew something! I was gifted a bunch of cute fabric earlier this year, and I bought a serger that I've used it a few times, but I haven't really made much use out of either (I think I was tired of sewing after making a trillion masks). 

I really want to make something fun now, though. I asked the kids if I could make their Halloween costumes but they didn't want me to :(  I miss when they were little! I remember spending so much time working on these costumes in 2009:

My mom always used to sew Halloween costumes for me, so I wanted to do it for my kids. Unfortunately, they only let me do it a couple of times through the years because they were particular about what costumes they wanted to wear.

I don't think there is going to be trick-or-treating this year because of COVID (yes, my kids are at the age that most people would probably consider too old to trick-or-treat anyway, but I love seeing teens doing it--it's harmless fun before they have to start being an adult!). I told the kids I'd put together a clue hunt/scavenger hunt with candy if they want to invite some friends over in lieu of trick-or-treating. 

Now that I really want to focus on losing weight, I'd like to pick up a long-term project that I can work on. When I'm having fun doing something DIY, the time flies by and I don't even think about eating!

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  1. With your talents, have you considered sewing items for the group home your friend lived in awhile ago? I am sure there are other organizations out there that would love you to do some sewing projects for them, if you are looking for other long term projects.


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