June 14, 2017

Summer vacation

Now that summer vacation is here, the days are really blurring together. We've been super busy with baseball--the kids have practice every day and games on Mondays and Wednesdays. Eli is also on a second team that he tried out for recently (I'm SO glad that he made it! He was really looking forward to it). It's a team that plays a tournament at the county fair. So he has practice on Saturdays as well. Lots of baseball going on here!

Eli actually almost didn't sign up to play this year at all. He was very worried about getting hit by the pitch (he was hit several times last year) and since the kids are older this year, the pitches would be faster. I talked him into it, and I'm really glad that I did, because he loves it.

Ironically, something much worse than getting hit by the pitch happened at Monday's game. He was playing short stop, and someone was stealing second base. He had to cover the base, and the catcher made a bad throw to second. Eli ran to catch it, which was right in the baseline, and I noticed the runner was watching the ball instead of where he was running.

The runner collided with Eli so hard that they both flew into the air and crashed down on the ground. Eli was facedown in the dirt, and wasn't moving. My heart felt like it stopped, and I was panicking inside. Jerry was the base coach, so he ran over right away, and I just kept waiting for Eli to stand up.

I had seen exactly what happened, and it felt like it was in slow motion at the time. The runner's head was turned to watch the ball (as was Eli's) and they were both running toward each other. Eli grabbed the ball and turned to tag the runner, who was inches away, and the runner just plowed into him (accidentally). The runner's helmet smashed into Eli's face, and I will never get that noise out of my head.

Anyway, after making sure Eli didn't appear to have broken bones, he was helped up and he walked off the field. I brought over a washcloth that I had (I brought ice water with washcloths in it, because it was 92 degrees outside, and I thought the kids would like that to cool off). Eli had a cut over his eye (which we later learned was probably from his sunglasses that broke when the helmet hit him). He also had lots of marks all over his head, like scrape marks. Later, we discovered several bruises here and there.

There was a paramedic at the game, who came over to check him out (basically to check for a concussion). He seemed to be okay, just a bit dazed. He remembered everything that happened, and he didn't black out at all. Anyway, he turned out to be fine, and he even went to practice the next day. I told him he doesn't have to be scared of getting hit by a pitch anymore, because what happened then was probably the worst thing that would happen to him in baseball. So, he got that over with ;)

Yesterday, I met my friend Jenni for frozen custard and a walk. We met at the custard place, and then we walked along the river and chatted for a while.

Vanilla custard with rainbow sprinkles!

We were good friends in high school, and then lost touch as we went our separate ways after graduation. Then when Jerry and I had game night a couple of months ago, she randomly came--and it was awesome! We got together once after that, and then made plans to meet yesterday. It's fun getting in touch with old friends.

Today was Wednesday Weigh-in, and I totally didn't even realize it was Wednesday until late this morning. I weighed in this morning when I woke up, but didn't take a picture of the scale because I hadn't realized it was Wednesday. So, I was 134.0 this morning, which is down a little from last week, I think. (I just checked--last week, I was 134.4, so I was down just under half a pound this week.) I think my weight might be stabling out now, which is cool. My goal weight is 133, and it's interesting that my weight loss is going very slowly now that I'm approaching 133 again.

But again, I just haven't cared that much about my weight lately, if at all. I spent my whole life thinking about my weight and trying to lose weight; it's interesting that now that I stopped caring (really stopped caring, not just thinking that I don't care) the weight is actually coming off without much effort (no counting or calculating anything, etc.).

I have had terrible insomnia lately. It all started when I got back from Portland. I'm sure it wasn't jet lag--I've never had a problem adjusting to the time zone difference. I just don't feel tired at all, and I've been going to sleep at around 3:00 AM every day. It's frustrating because I want to sleep but I don't feel at all tired at night--and then the next day, I'm dragging. I'm going to mention it to the psychiatrist the next time I go. I may just change up the time of day that I take my medication (but I don't think it's the medication that is giving me insomnia, because nothing has changed except for my sleeping habits).

Now that the kids are on break, though, it's been much easier. I still stay up late, but now I can actually sleep in (the kids do, too). It's actually kind of fun being a night owl! I always get in the mood to text friends, though, and clearly nobody is awake at those hours except for my west coast friends. And Jerry, when he works midnights.

So, I've been slowly but surely working on organizing photos (still!). I've been dating all of my photos that I scanned several years ago--photos from 1982, when I was born, until 2004, when I got a digital camera. After I get them dated, I have to tag the people in them. So, it's basically a never-ending project! But something fun to work on at night. The pictures have been making me feel super nostalgic, though! It kind of makes me want to be in college again ;)

It also really makes me miss my old roommate, Sarah. She's my friend who lives in Arizona, and I only get to see about once a year. We were best friends from when we were toddlers all the way through college. So, I've been thinking about going to see her next year, possibly for our birthdays (hers is on January 22, and mine is on January 25--we were born the same year, and lived just two houses apart).

Well, the kids want to watch a TV show together, so I am going to do that! G'night. :)


  1. Yikes....while reading I was kind of holding my breath to find out how Eli was...so glad no signs of a concussion. ;-)

    My post concussion symptoms are still showing up. Thank goodness they are typically at night and usually around 7PM. Weird? I guess by then my head/body is done for the day. I can do most stuff through out the day but then it hits and if I don't sit down and literally shut down. (No electronics /TV/ phone / reading etc...) my head gets all dizzy and the headaches start.

    I guess that is typical for a while probably but I am still going in the right direction.

  2. I remember the days of baseball with my son. They were so busy! And, there were lots of collisions, scrapes, and cuts. (He also played football, which was worse!). Anyway, my husband and I miss those days now! When we hear the baseball announcer on the loudspeaker from our house, we both always feel a little sad and nostalgic. Enjoy these days. They go by fast!!

  3. love the new title and subtitle!! I've lost a big amount of weight (for me! 35 pounds) on WW and then gained half back when they switched to SP. Now 'm calorie counting and reading your blog for encouragement. Oh, and i'm a Michigan girl, also. So, we're basically like best friends, right?

  4. Its great to see how you are losing weight without calorie counting. I too have always been obsessed with weight loss. I wish I could do what you do but any time I stop calorie counting I gain weight.


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