June 28, 2017

Catch-up and Wednesday Weigh-in

Yeesh! I meant to write more frequently last week, but I swear the days go by so fast. With the kids playing baseball every day, we've been busy. And we're going on vacation Friday, so we've been getting ready for that.

Anyway, it's hard to even begin a post because it's been so long since I've written, so I'll just write some bullets and keep it simple.
  • Someone abandoned this tiny kitten at my younger brother's house, and Nathan asked me if I wanted him/her. While I would LOVE a kitten, there is no way that I can have another pet. I tried so hard to find a home, though, and finally managed to find a rescue that would take him/her (still don't know the sex). Just before I was going to take the kitten to the rescue, however, one of Nathan's friends ended up taking the poor kitty in. 

  • This is not very interesting, but speaking of cats, Phoebe has found a new favorite place to sleep, and she looks so adorable there! She blends right in with the teddy bear, and sometimes I don't even notice her lying there.

  • The fish flies hatched... ugh. These are the gross bugs that the people around Lake Erie get every summer (I think they're also called May Flies, although they tend to hatch in June). Living right across from the state land, and having a street light in front of our house makes us a huge target for these nasty bugs (they are attracted to light). They're harmless, but they smell like fish ("fish flies") and they're really annoying because they just cover everything. 

  • This year, however, Mother Nature did us a huge favor! The day after the big fish fly hatch (they all come at once, usually overnight), we had a huge storm. The wind was crazy, and the rain was so bad that I could barely see when I was driving home. I only had to drive a few miles, but I was going to pull over on the side of the road and wait for the rain to stop. Then I saw huge branches coming off of trees into the road, and I thought it would be more dangerous to just sit there. Thankfully, we got home safely. And the storm ended up being really great, because it completely got rid of the fish flies! They usually hang out for a couple of weeks before they die and smell even worse, but they were all gone after the storm. 
    Eli took this picture
  • We were at baseball practice right before the storm came, and the sky actually looked pretty cool! But the coach called off practice just in time, because as soon as we got to the car and started driving home, the rain started coming down in sheets.

  • The glasses that Noah and I ordered last week came in. Mine don't have a prescription--just an anti-glare coating because my night vision is so bad. I only wear them when watching TV or using the computer at night, or when I'm driving at night, because they keep me from seeing halos around lights--it's awesome! I was so excited the first time I drove at night with them, because there weren't any halos around headlights of other cars. And Noah just looks so much older with his glasses (especially when he actually does his hair--this picture was during a lazy afternoon at home, so no "cool" hair for him, haha). 

  • Lucas (my nephew) is getting SO big!! He's almost four months old already. He's been smiling, laughing, and cooing--I love this age! My brother (a pilot) has been getting outfits for him from each country that he flies to, and it's so adorable I almost can't stand it. Brian went to Scotland recently and came home with this. So cute! Becky said maybe he'll get a kilt next time, hahaha. 

  • Wednesday Weigh-in was kind of a surprise today:

I was at 132.4, which is down 0.8 from last week. I'm still consistently losing, even though it's much slower than last time. I am hoping that means it'll be easier to keep off. As I see my weight get lower, it makes me a little nervous that I'm just going to gain it all back soon, per usual. But the changes I've made have been lifestyle changes--the correct medication (to treat bipolar, rather than depression) has helped me to stop emotional eating because my mood is stable; and I've pretty much stopped drinking alcohol altogether. I don't plan to totally quit, but I save it for special occasions and limit myself to two drinks. The last time I had a drink was actually in Portland a month ago. Not drinking alcohol has helped me to not snack when I'm not hungry. Before, alcohol would make me want to eat everything!  
Well, we leave for vacation on Friday, so this may be my last post for a while. We are going to the far western part of the upper peninsula, and there is no cell or internet service. It's going to feel so odd! But I'm kind of excited to find other non-electronic ways to spend time. I'm actually going to bring a notebook and write the old fashioned way--I can't even remember the last time I did that. I also have some books I want to read. 

If I don't write again, I hope everyone has a great weekend and Fourth of July! 


  1. OMG that kitten!!! So cute! It is good Tom is allergic to cats! We have to get special cats that are hypoallergenic.

    Question, Your slow and steady loss is awesome but do you ever worry about going too low? Losing too much?

    1. Yes! I do worry about that--I would actually be happy at around 140 (although 130 is fine, too, or even 125). But I'm not really doing much to lose weight at this point--I'm eating what I want to eat, and not counting calories or anything. Since we're budgeting money right now, we haven't been going out to eat, which I think makes a difference, too. And since I stopped running, I feel "softer" than I did at this weight before. So, I imagine getting down to 125 would be okay, but I wouldn't want to go lower than that. It's just weird to me--I've always been struggling so much, and now that I stopped caring so much, the struggle is gone. I never thought I'd be saying that!

    2. I love that the struggle is gone for you <3 You have worked so damn hard it is about time <3 <3

  2. In the U.P. there is a zoo called DeYoung Family Zoo about near the WI boarder that my husband and I went to and spent an entire day because it was so amazing. Have fun the UP is gorgeous.

  3. Ugh, that kitten. I want him!! So adorable. Glad you found the kitty a good home!! You sound like you're doing great!! And those glasses look great on you too. Have a fun 4th!! It's my fav holiday so I'll be taking time off work to spend with the family! <3

  4. Oh.. those flies. Ugh. I'm glad for you the storm washed them away.

    Your nephew looks ADORABLE!! What a great idea to get him outfits from every place he visits.

    Have a great trip!

  5. So awesome that storm washed those flies away!!! What a relief

  6. Have fun up north!!! We are going there towards the end of July!!!😊

  7. That baby outfit is adorable!


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