July 02, 2016

Short trailer for From Fat to Finish Line

I almost didn't write a post today, but I wanted to share this video, so this will be a super quick post.

As I mentioned, the From Fat to Finish Line documentary is going to be released on August 2nd--it's coming up so fast! I'm a nervous wreck, especially when I saw this on Amazon:

"Starring Katie Foster"... what?! This is just so crazy to me. I'm actually more nervous than excited at this point. When I agreed to this whole thing, I never dreamed it would actually get this far. On Amazon? And Netflix? It blows my mind!

Anyway, Angela (the producer) shared another short trailer for the film. I already showed you the original trailer several times, so here is a short, fun one that was shared today:

I love Rik's quote at the end. That's EXACTLY how I feel when I finish a run :)

As the release gets closer, I may be sharing some more photos or videos as Angela allows. If you follow the From Fat to Finish Line page on Facebook, you can see them all there as well.

Today, I checked off another run on my Cookies Summer Running Checklist--the "Podcast Run", where you download a new podcast and listen to it while you run. I downloaded the new podcast from Runner's World, which I'd been meaning to do anyway, and I listened to the episode with Bart Yasso (one of my favorite people in the running community). I think he really needs his own podcast where he can tell stories about his runs! His stories are SO interesting! I listened to his seminar at a RW event, and then I bought his book because I enjoyed the seminar so much.

Anyway, I am getting bored of taking mid-run selfies (and for some reason, they keep coming out super blurry). I'm not sure how else to "document" my run with photos, other than the token Garmin photo. So today, I decided to try out the timer on my phone. I propped it up on a rock, and managed to get a pretty good picture!

I ran 3.5 miles at an easy pace, and it felt REALLY good today. The temp was much lower, which is probably why.

I've been trying to get some good pictures of Olivia/Monica (we call her Monica, but because we are fostering her, we can't really officially change her name). She's constantly on the move, so about 49 out of 50 pictures I take turn out blurry. But here is a decent one:

And I love how she sleeps curled into a tiny ball:

She adores my family, but she still doesn't get along with the other pets. I hope that after some time, they'll come around. They don't fight, but the cats always hiss at each other when they walk past. And Olivia/Monica constantly swipes at Joey's nose when he gets close to her.

But other than the issue with the other pets, she's adjusting really well!


  1. Monica is a cutie! I've always wanted a tortiseshell, but my husband thinks they look funny. We have three cats that are siblings from the same litter and we raised them together, and they have never been "friends". At best they tolerate being near each other (maybe touching backsides) when curled up on the bed at night, but they never groom each other or just want to be near each other. But, the hissing only happens occasionally. They are super friendly to my husband and I. So your cats may never completely warm up to each other - who knows! Sometimes a cease fire is the best you can do.

  2. Your name is on IMDB too 😃

  3. I think the cats will come around. When ours had the issue I mentioned a few days ago (nonrecognition aggression) I did some research trying to figure out if there was anything I could do. Cats knowing each other is all about smell. Once Monica gets the "family odor" they will be good. If you haven't tried this already, one thing they mentioned is to groom/pet Monica with a cloth and put it underneath your other cats bowls so they will smell her as they eat. Also, you can groom your other cats with a cloth and then Monica with the same cloth so some of their scents start to rub off on her.

  4. Forgot to say I love that picture from your run!

  5. Awesome picture! It was fun to see the preview for the movie-- it looks really good!!

  6. GREAT picture of you on the lake Katie. I cannot wait to see your movie, starring YOU, of course. As you said, it was all inspired by your blog, as are so many of us! Yesterday I decided it was time to start moving again, I've been depressed due to results from a recent mammogram (after a call back and more pictures, they scheduled a biopsy Tuesday for an abnormal finding--talk about ruining a holiday weekend with stressful worrying), but yesterday I got out one of my many Walking Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone DVD's (she sent me a boxful a while back when I shared my story with her, along with a bunch of equipment to use as I walk at home), and Du and I did a 30 minute walk in front of the TV in our family room. It incorporates hand movements and we both had weights in our hands, so that got the sweat going much more so than our casual 1.2 mile walks down the road. Now we'll see if we can keep doing it for 30 days. That's my plan. If I can make it through July doing the 30 minutes with Leslie every day, perhaps I will be closer to my 150 lb. goal before leaving to see Barbra Streisand in Vegas in August (MY DREAM TRIP)! That is my other dream!

  7. I forgot to say, I JUST LOVE Monica/Olivia. What a beautiful cat!!!

  8. LOL, "starring Katie Foster"!! That is awesome!!!

  9. I listened to a new podcast for my long run this week! It's funny how switching it up (from music to Podcast) just changes something. By the time I looked at my watch, my run was half over!

    I listened to Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell. He's written a slew of books which I've also listened to on audiobook.

    Can't wait to see this film! BTW!!!



  10. look forward to reading your blog everyday, i just recently reached my goal of 135( i'm actually under at 131.8) i'm 5'2. you have been such a motivation for me!!!! love hearing the ups and the downs,helps to know everyone struggles as i'm sure i will for the rest of my life.

  11. Looking forward to the movie. :)


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