July 19, 2016

Running and family stuff

I really haven't felt much like writing lately. You can only say the same thing over and over so many times, before it gets mundane. However, I've been thinking about some new goals to work on, so hopefully I'll find a focus soon and I can write about progress with that.

On Saturday, I did the "Zoo Run" for my Cookies Summer Running Checklist--the "Zoo Run" was where I needed to spot five different animal species during my run. I managed to do it in three miles--I saw a deer, rabbits, squirrels, a cat, and, of course, birds.

Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, and I was looking forward to my "Ice Cream Run"--mapping out a route that finished at an ice cream shop, and then literally run for ice cream.

I spent all day Sunday working on my bathroom walls (the seams of the drywall were covered by these thin strips of wood--hard to describe, and of course, I didn't take pictures). I took all those down and started prepping the walls to join the seams properly. It involved a ton of scraping and sanding.

Anyway, by the time I was done with it for the day, I really didn't have any desire to go run, even if it was for ice cream. So, I skipped it--which is a bummer, because it was one of the few runs on my list that had to be done on a particular date--but I was exhausted from working in the bathroom.

My brother, Brian, took the kids to an airshow in Toledo on Sunday. They were SO excited to hang out with him. Since he lived in Minnesota until just recently, the kids had never really gotten to hang out with him unless I've been with them. They had a blast at the airshow.

Then, they went back to Brian's house to stay overnight. Brian sent me a text that night about a conversation between the kids as they were brushing their teeth:
Noah: "Eli, you need to brush your tongue!"
Eli: "Your tongue isn't even made out of bone, you idiot!"

Hahaha! Brian said the kids cracked him up with all the funny things they said. Kids really are so funny--I think as a parent, I sometimes feel immune to it; but to someone who isn't around kids all the time, hearing the things they say is hilarious.

Last night, we were invited over to Renee's house to hang out with her family. She has three boys, and two of them are Noah and Eli's ages, so they had fun playing pickle and some yard games while we adults were able to chat. The time flew by, and before I knew it, it was after 11:00! Jerry had to get up for work at 3:45 this morning, so we headed home. We had a lot of fun though!

I have a pretty busy week ahead, but today I didn't have anything going on, so I got ALL of the laundry done and I did some deep cleaning. I'm hoping to finish up working on the bathroom over the weekend (Brian is supposed to come over and teach me how to do it).

I'm going to do a weigh in post tomorrow, and then I'm going to make an important (to me) goal for the week--to track EVERYTHING and keep my calories reasonable. Lately, I've really slacked off with tracking my food. I know how easily it goes from not tracking here and there to not tracking at all and eating way too much. So, I want to stop that before it starts.

Tomorrow, my family is getting together for Noah's birthday dinner (his birthday was last week, but it took a while to find a day that everyone was available). Noah chose Anson's (our favorite pizza place). I'm looking forward to it! I haven't seen Nathan in a while. I just wish my sister was able to be here, too. Now that Brian lives in Michigan, the only one "missing" is Jeanie. Anyway, my plan is to have two small slices of my favorite kind of pizza (the Reuben) and water to drink. (I'm stating that here so I'm more likely to follow through, haha).

Now, Jerry and I are going to take the kids to see The Secret Life of Pets!


  1. Thank you so much for being so true, I love reading your blog! Do you have any plans to be near the Detroit Marathon in October? My bestie and I are making the 7 hour drive and a meet up would be so awesome!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest! Love it.. I just started counting my calories (again) I find its the easiest way for me to track, I do it right on my phone calculator.. and I love to run and more than that, I love to eat! Ive added you to my favorites!

  3. What on earth is Pickle??!!! Google didn't return anything for me!!!

    You know what, GOOD for you for doing the animal run and oh well about the ice cream run! And just because you can't do it on ice cream day, (admittedly I didn't even find out about ice cream day until it was over!) it doesn't mean you can't do it on another day!!! That still sounds like a great treat for a high calorie day and a great way to mix up a run too! Do it anyway! Damn I would love to do that!

    I am getting more and more and more caught up on bloging! I feel like I deserve a small reward for this! Although, I did a lot of really good grocery shopping the last couple of days and I couldn't stop eating everything delicious in my house.I feel so bloated and gross- yuck!

    And I owe you an email update... Things have calmed down with the kitten, A LOT! I have been smearing them both with butter, and guess what, buttering up your pets totally works to resolve interspecies conflict. LOL LOL LOL

  4. I love reading anything you write :) My son sometimes reads over my shoulder (he's 6) and sees your before and after pics on the side. He tells me I need to start running so I can do that too. He's right of course. I really found your "how to start running" post helpful because I have started the couch to 5k so many times but get frustrated at the intervals, so this I can actually do!

    Oh, and someone on the radio here said it was ice cream day today. Though perhaps they were just being silly :)

  5. Okay, I have to share something funny that happened while the Toledo Air show took place. I live not far from there and my gym is even closer. While I was working out the Blue Angels did a fly over and half the people working out jumped from the sound.


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