July 08, 2016

Indoor track (and another trailer for the documentary)

After my last post, I took the boys to their baseball games which lasted all evening. We didn't get home until 8:30, and Joey had been cooped up in the house while we were gone, so I was going to take him for a quick walk around the neighborhood. I started thinking about the unintentional run streak I had going on, and at the last minute, decided to run a mile with Joey instead of walk (to keep the streak alive).

In the six years I've been running, that was the longest run streak I'd ever had (like I said, I'm not a big believer in running every single day). It was hard not to continue it, though! I made sure to go nice and easy, and it was only a mile.

It's been crazy-humid in Michigan this week, which makes for miserable running weather. Lately, I've been dealing with the heat really well--I was running in 85 degree temps, which is great for cold-loving me--but the humidity was only in the 40%'s, so it wasn't that bad. This week, even when the temp is just 75, it's too humid to be enjoyable.

Yesterday, Jerry was off work, so he took the boys to practice in the morning. When they left, I decided to go use the indoor track at the high school recreation center. I don't normally like running on it, because it's a very small track (1/12th of a mile), and the constant turning can wear on one knee--but since I've been running such short distances lately, I figured 2-3 miles wouldn't be too bad, and I could listen to a podcast.

One of the runs on my Cookies Summer Running Checklist is a track run (indoor or outdoor), so I got to check that one off the list. I was the only person on the track the entire time! It was super quiet, which was really nice. I had forgotten my headphones, so I just zoned out while I was running in the silence. (It sounds terrible, but it was really enjoyable to be that quiet and just hear a light tapping of my shoes on the track.)

My fist in that picture seems to be saying, "Go get 'em, Champ!" or something like that. Also, my shorts were blue, so it looks like my body is cut off at the waist, haha.

It was actually just as hot in the rec center as it was outside. I wish they'd crank up the air conditioning in there, or at least have some fans going. But, it was nice not to have the sun beating down on me. I'll probably go there often over the next month or two.

Today was another humid day, and the kids were scheduled to run as well. So I took them to the rec center, and the three of us ran on the track. Eli was scheduled for 1.5 miles, and Noah was scheduled for 3. It was fun to be able to run "together", but not have to stick right next to each other.

Normally, I try to do some sort of speed work on Thursdays*, but running intervals on the track is really bad for my knees (the indoor track is just too small for running that fast). Instead, I decided to run a warm-up mile, a tempo mile, and then a cool down mile.

*Just as I was typing this, I realized that today is FRIDAY, not Thursday! Oh, well, I didn't do speed work yesterday, so it worked out anyway.

I felt really good during the warm-up mile, so I decided to aim for sub-8:00 on the tempo mile. It sounds like it should be easy, considering I ran a 10K at that pace just three months ago, but I've only run a few sub-8:00 miles since the 10K.

Surprisingly, the second mile went by really quickly! The pace felt difficult, but not too difficult, and I actually felt like I probably could do another mile or two at that pace if needed. My heart rate for that mile was 165 bpm, which is just what I would have expected. After that mile, I slowed down to run with Noah, because he still had over a mile to go. Eli even joined in for another half mile with us. When we were done, we were all dripping with sweat because it was hot in there. It was a great run, though!

This afternoon, the back of my heel felt kind of sore, and I thought maybe I developed a blister or something (if feet gross you out, you might want to close this post now). I took off my sock, and noticed a piece of hair stuck to my foot (the hair wasn't growing there, it was just stuck there). When I tried to brush it off, I realized the entire thing was stuck underneath my skin! It was like a grew a layer of skin on top of it.

I ended up having to use a needle and tweezers to pull it out from under my skin. I instantly felt relief, and it wasn't even sore anymore after a couple of minutes. So weird! I imagine maybe the hair was inside of my sock, and somehow got stuck to my foot that way. I don't know. (It was pretty satisfying to pull it out, though).

Sorry if I grossed anyone out, but I just thought it was odd enough that it was worth mentioning here! Haha.

I'll leave you with another new trailer for From Fat to Finish Line!

And here is a behind-the-scenes teaser video:


  1. Cat hairs do that to me! I be it's a cat hair. THE WORST.

  2. It's been so humid here too-- it definitely makes it feel even hotter! Awesome trailers!

  3. It's been so humid here too-- it definitely makes it feel even hotter! Awesome trailers!

  4. Literally skin grew over- a bloody piece of hair?!!! That's the weirdest thing ever. LOL And I am totally into it. I am a picker.I would be all over that thing

    I am having really terrible running times right now. I guess I have really stopped working out since the kitty died, and I have been having some intestinal issues- abdominal pain they just finally diagnosed as gastritis- but I have slowed my 5k by like 4 minutes. It's bad. I guess we are more humid too. It just feels terrible. I feel like a lump.

  5. That is a weird hair thing....These trailers look so inspiring...its got to be such a great feeling to be part of something so cool.

  6. The trailers are so good - they're killing me! I wanna see the doc so badly! When will it be out? Where can I get my hands on it?

    ^_^ Susie

  7. I can't get enough of those trailers!! :) The hair, not so much. ;) But it WAS fascinating in an icky kind of way.

  8. It might be a dog hair splinter! (Or cat hair if it's coarse enough). My coworker told me that it happens sometimes with dog hair - definitely had no idea!

  9. Gosh, the part where you're wiping away tears (I think) in the promo tape, brings tears to my eyes, especially since they time it right after your statement about "I felt like I was the worst mother in the world." I'm sure that refers to your inability to help your son learn to ride his bike. I know that was your "moment." This is a powerful film and I can't wait to watch.

    1. That actually wasn't me, it was Jennifer ;)

  10. So neat that you and your boys have the opportunity to run together! It's awesome that they are learning to enjoy being active!

    Your weird "buried hair" story reminded me of a similar story my mom told me... a friend of a friend had a baby who was getting fussy about his foot. It looked like he had an infection in a toe, and it was all swollen. Turns out that a hair had gotten wrapped around the toe and stuck, so it was cutting off some circulation. The doctor realized what was happening and removed the hair so all was well, but it could have eventually led to an amputation of the toe for the baby! Isn't that bizarre? Now I'm thinking all new mothers who have read this story will have something else to worry about - sorry! :)

  11. AnonymousJuly 09, 2016

    My longest streak was six day (and I'm not really interested in establishing one), but I know a man whose streak is more than TEN YEARS OLD now.

  12. Enjoying the trailers :) And yep, I've had a hair splinter before. So weird! Pretty sure it was cat hair.

  13. That weird hair thing- happens to my hair dresser ALL the time!


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