August 01, 2015

Running, new recipe, and August goal

Well, I didn't intend not to write for a couple of days, but it just turned out that way. On Thursday, I had a FANTASTIC run. I was scheduled for a Hansons tempo (different from any other tempo, in that it's supposed to be done just 10 seconds per mile faster than marathon pace--so it's a rather slow pace compared to a traditional tempo run). I don't have a goal race pace, however, so I wasn't sure what pace to run it; I just figured I'd push the pace a little faster than what my easy pace has been lately.

I also changed the run/walk ratio to 4:00-run and 0:30-walk. I'd like to keep increasing the running portion until I'm not doing walk breaks anymore. As much as I enjoy it, and I know it's good for avoiding injury, it's hard to plan social runs (unless someone is running the same run/walk ratio as me)--and I miss running with people! Anyway, I increased the running portions by a minute for Thursday's run to see how it felt.

I've really been enjoying the treadmill lately (thanks to One Tree Hill on Netflix!), so I chose the treadmill again. For the running portions, I started out with 5.9 mph, but at around mile 1.75, I decided to switch to 6.0 mph because I was feeling so good. I did the walk breaks at 4.0 mph. I felt amazing through the entire five miles!

The Garmin showed my pace as a little faster than what the treadmill reads (the foot pod needed recalibrating, which I did today).

My heart rate is still fairly low on the treadmill compared to outside. I always set the incline at 1%, but I may have to change it to 2% to get my heart rate up higher, but for right now, I'll just leave it until I get my endurance back.

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday advertising an 18-mile training run on August 30th for the Detroit Marathon. I have a 16-miler scheduled that day, but I decided to sign up for the training run anyway. I've never done a formal training run like that, and I think it'll be fun. It's on the marathon course (the U.S. side only), and I really love the Detroit Marathon course, so it'll be a nice change of scenery for my long run that day. I had to specify an approximate pace that I'd be running, and I said 11:00/mile. That's another reason I'd like to get back to running without walk breaks; during that training run, it would be nice to stay with a group (hopefully there are other people in that group! haha).

Yesterday was really nice outside, so Jerry, the kids, and I sat outside all afternoon. We opened up the big garage door that faces our backyard, and sat just inside the garage out of the sun, but still "outside", if that makes sense. Jerry brought the radio out to the garage, so we listened to music and had drinks (margaritas for Jerry and me, Shirley Temples for the kids). It was SO relaxing. Those are my favorite kinds of days during the summer!

I couldn't sleep for anything last night, and had a hard time getting myself to run this morning. But I have back-to-back longish runs on Saturdays and Sundays, which are the most important part of my training. Last week's runs were 8 and 8, but this week they are 6 and 10 miles. The weather would have been great for a run outside this morning, but considering I was so tired, I decided to do the treadmill again. I didn't want to fall apart three miles from home, so I watched Netflix and did a nice, easy pace. I used the same 4:00-run and 0:30-walk ratio as Thursday. I did the running portions at 5.7 mph and the walking portions at 4.0 mph.

If the weather is nice tomorrow (not too hot or humid) then I'll do my 10-miler outside. I've been on the treadmill all week, so I'm curious to see what my pace is outside.

For lunch today, I tried a new recipe from Forks Over Knives, called Green Chile Rice with Black Beans. I'd never actually bought a poblano chile before, so I was kind of excited (as nerdy as that sounds) to use a new-to-me ingredient.

It was pretty good! I was hoping it would be a little spicier, but it was very mild. I added some diced avocado on top, which made it even better. It's only 6 PointsPlus per serving (the bowl above was only about 3/4 of a serving, which was plenty).

I always used to come up with a goal for each month--just something small that had to do with food or exercise--and I'd like to start doing that again. Since today is August 1st, Jerry and I decided that we want to make a combined goal of no eating out all month. We ate out several times last month, and I was a little shocked when I saw how much money we spent on restaurant food! So, the goal is to eliminate restaurants from our budget this month. Anyone else want to set a goal for August?


  1. Thank you so much for your blog, Katie! You are so motivating. I wonder if you're like me, and can't sleep when there's a full moon. It happens to me every month like clockwork. I realize I sound a little werewolf-ish;) I've been pondering the same goal for the month of August. It adds up fast! Thanks again for your blog. I walked the Indy Mini this year because of you!

    1. Thank you! And that's interesting about the full moon ;)

  2. Looks like a great recipe!

  3. I like to make 'diet' margaritas. Minutemaid 15 calorie lemonade from the dairy department, a good squeeze of lime juice, a packet of stevia, frozen strawberries used instead of ice and of course, tequila. Refreshing and guilt free.

    1. That sounds really good! We used a premade mix that ended up being 8 PointsPlus for one margarita, which was a lot. Usually, I like to use the margarita flavored Crystal Light mix (mixed with water per the directions) and add a shot of tequila to it. That only ends up being 4 PointsPlus for the tequila, because the drink mix is 0 PP!

  4. Hey Anonymous--that margarita sounds delicious. Gonna try it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just posted last night about our "No Spend Challenge" for August! :)

  6. I'm a new reader, and I've been enjoying your posts! Thank you. Do you have tips on picking a bike? I'm just getting started and wanted to start riding around my neighborhood.

    Great job on recovering from your injury and keeping up with your tenacious battle to reach your goal weight! I also lost my weight, achieved my goal weight, and the gained large chunks of back within the last two years. It's been such a discouraging and frustrating journey for me. I don't have a great support team around me, so reading your blog has been really inspirational.

    I started running a year ago and your pace is a dream pace for me. I am a very slow runner but I do enjoy it. Keep at it!

    1. Hi there, and thanks for commenting/reading! I am not the person to ask about picking a bike, unfortunately. I ended up buying a hybrid (a cross between a road bike and mountain bike) and I love it. I did learn that you really do get what you pay for--I was shocked to spend $500 on a bike, but the quality has been WELL worth the money. I would suggest going to a bike specialty shop and talking with them. I was clueless when I went in (and very intimidated) but they were so nice and helpful!

      My current running pace was once a dream pace for me, too ;) I started at a 13:00+ minute mile, and after three years, was able to do a half-marathon at an 8:34/mile pace (I wish I was still at that point, haha!). Keep working on it, and as long as you are enjoying the running, don't worry about the pace!

  7. My husband and I started the 21 day fix (our first time this month) my goal is to make it all 21 days having given my all! My birthday is aug 27 and we will finish our fix the 23, my birthday present to me is going to be seeing the outcome!


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