August 31, 2015

Motivational Monday #120

Happy Motivational Monday! It has been a stressful couple of days, but I am happy to say that I have stayed on track with my calorie counting and exercise for another week. Our washing machine broke, as well as our wireless internet router, so yesterday I had to go out and buy new ones. Spending a small fortune on things like washing machines and routers is so NOT fun. As I type this, I am waiting for Lowe's to deliver the new washing machine. Since they are delivering the new one, and taking the old one, of course I felt the need to clean the laundry room top to bottom yesterday. I'm sort of dreading what the floor will look like when they pull the old washer out... 12 years of dust! Haha.

Anyway, like I wrote yesterday, I'm doing really well with the exercise, and I think that is my "proud moment" of the week. I did a long walk, a long bike ride, and two new-to-me pieces of equipment at the rec center. Here are some great Motivational Monday stories to share this week... enjoy!

Felicia just ran the Crim 10-Miler for the third year in a row, and set a new PR! In 2013, she made a goal to run the Crim every year that she is able. That year, she ran while she was 11 weeks pregnant. The following year, she was 5 weeks post-partum. And this year, she started training about 5 weeks before the race, and she finished in 1:55:05! The course is a tough one (it's in Michigan, and I have been scared of this race, haha--maybe I'll do it next year). This race was Felicia's main motivation to start losing weight in 2011-2012, and she dropped 80 pounds!

After taking a fitness hiatus last winter/spring, Katie made up her mind over Memorial Day to get back on track. She wrote up a training plan, picked out some fall races to work toward, and started training. While she hasn't seen much progress on the scale, she is starting to feel her fitness come back. This weekend, she ran a 10K--her first race of the season--and beat her "A" goal of a sub-12:00 mile pace! She finished in 1:11:43, a pace of 11:33. And, just as exciting, her daughter ran the 2.5K race--her first "adult"/timed race! (Katie blogs at Katie is a Runner)

Yesterday, Tiffany celebrated her birthday by doing something completely new to her: stand up paddle boarding (SUP). She has a big fear of being on something unstable (like a sailboat, canoe, skateboard, etc.), so this was a challenge for her to overcome. Getting started was especially tough; but once she stood up on the board, she really enjoyed herself! (She's the one wearing purple in the photo). She's working on getting back to her pre-baby body, and this experience was a big step in the right direction. She said it was amazing!

Carly is marathon training, and on Saturday, she was scheduled for her longest run to date: 15 miles. She woke up to a text message from her running partner that she'd be unable to make it because she was sick with a fever. Instead of letting that derail her, Carly juggled a few things around and met up with some friends on their 8-miler. When she was finished, she went on to run another 7 miles on her own, completing her 15-miler!

Marine is proud to say that she ran 100+ kilometers (62.1 miles) in one month! She started running in April 2014, and ran her first race, La Parisienne, in September (you can read about that on Motivational Monday #78); and she'll be running it again in two weeks. She decided to reach for an even higher goal as well--the Paris Centre 10K in October. She has run a cumulative 114K (70.8 miles) during training for it! She added in her email, "I feel like I'm becoming a runner"... but I have to say, and I don't think anyone will disagree, that YOU ALREADY ARE A RUNNER ;)

Congratulations everyone! Have a great week :)


  1. What awesome accomplishments! Kudos to Felicia and Katie on their recent races. I love the challenge that Tiffany took by doing SUP. Looks like a fun challenge. Very impressed with Carly's ambition to get her long run in. I've been guilty of not doing mine when plans change. Marine, you ARE a runner! Way to go, ladies. You are great inspiration for us to all stay on track this week with our goals!

  2. Thanks for sharing my story - and what great stories to be shared next to. Have a great week.

  3. Just curious why you don't link back to the "motivational Mondays" main blog? I see you did with Katie is a Runner only? Do the others prefer not to have links or is it by choice?

    Sometimes I wish I could read a little more background on where they have come from ~ like I said just curious. ;-)

    1. Not everybody has a blog. I include the link when the person submitting the MM story includes it in their submission :)

  4. Tiffany, that's awesome! I've wanted to try paddle boarding too, but I'm like you nervous about being unsteady. Congrats on your accomplishment and Happy Birthday!

  5. Thanks Katie for including my story and for the nice comments from everyone. :) Carly, it was definitely nerve racking but I got up about 5 min after getting on the board and it felt much more stable. i'm definitely hooked on the sport. -Tiffany


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