May 22, 2015

Noah's first track meet

Yesterday evening, I got a really exciting email from the race director of the Wins for Warriors Detroit 9K. As you know, Nathan and I have been fundraising for it. They've had little incentives along the way to try and get people excited about raising more money (for example, a sweepstakes for a pair of shoes, or a baseball signed by Justin Verlander, etc.)

On Wednesday, I got an email saying that I won a sweepstakes for a Tigers sweatshirt and a baseball signed by Justin Verlander--I was super excited, because I never win sweepstakes! I'll get to pick up those things on Monday at the race.

So, back to yesterday's email... the race director emailed me to thank me for being their top fundraiser for the event, and she invited me to a VIP Reception at Comerica Park tomorrow. There is a meet and greet with Justin Verlander (he's actually the one that started Wins for Warriors), and then I get to watch the Tigers game from a SUITE. I was stunned. She said that Nathan was invited as well, and that I could bring Jerry. How awesome is that?!

Nathan and I never imagined we'd raise so much money; and then to have this opportunity to watch a Tigers game from a suite on Memorial Day weekend to top it off? So exciting!

Tomorrow, Jerry and I are going to Nathan's house for lunch (he's going to cook on the grill) and then afterward we'll head to Detroit for the meet and greet and Tigers game. I love going to baseball games, so I'm really excited to go.

This morning, I had to go to Weight Watchers, because I wasn't able to go on Wednesday. Glenda, my leader, told me her other meeting times, so I chose this morning to go. I weighed in and was down two pounds from last time (a week ago Wednesday), so I'm happy with that. Still not back to where I was before I left for Indy, but I've lost something at each weigh in for a few weeks now, which is good.

Noah had his first track meet today after school. This is his first year doing track, and he's been going to practice for the past few weeks. Today was their first meet, but it wasn't very formal--they didn't compete against another school or anything. Noah deliberately chose events that had the least amount of running--haha! He picked the long jump and the 70-meter dash.

I wasn't expecting him to be very good at the long jump, because he's pretty small compared to all the other kids; but he really surprised me! Here is a short video of him doing a practice one.

He ended up being one of the best kids at the long jump. He was definitely the most consistent (he had three good jumps, all about the same distance).

The 70-meter dash is tough, because it's a sprint. When kids sprint, they are FAST--it blows my mind how fast they can be! As we learned in cross country, Noah is one of the slower runners, so I was nervous for him to do the dash. I didn't want him to get upset if he was last. He ended up finishing (I think) fourth out of six. He later said it was a lot harder than he expected it to be, because he was running against some of the fastest kids on his team; but he had fun.

Seeing his track meet made me wish that I had tried track when I was in school. I'm sure I wouldn't have been good, but it would be so fun! And maybe I never would have gained so much weight--who knows? But I'm glad that Noah is doing it and that he enjoys it. He's going to do cross country again in the fall, too.

I already mentioned that I wasn't going to be able to run the 9K on Monday, so I was planning to walk the 1-miler. But, I decided to do something different, that I've never done at a race before--be a volunteer! I signed up to be along the race route, which involves: helping distribute water to runners, assisting runners at the start line, cheering participants on along the course, and picking up trash after the race. I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but I'm excited to be a volunteer. It's something I always say I want to do at a race, and just never think of it (usually when I think of races, I think of the ones I want to run!).

Well, I probably won't be writing tomorrow, because I'll be at the Tigers game. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Everything happened exactly as it should have. :)

  2. Congratulations on winning that sweepstakes! Noah looks like he is booking it! I wish I had tried track in high school too instead of cheerleading! It probably would have saved a lot of drama, and I would have gotten in some vital training. ;)

  3. It's so great to see kids getting into sports and fitness like that at a young age! That boy in the video that cut in front of your son right before he went to do his jump made me nervous! Our daughter is 8 and has chosen things we NEVER did: swim team and martial arts!

  4. Had to come catch up to find out how you ended up meeting Justin Verlander, lol! Very cool!! Congrats!

    And congrats to Noah--I loved seeing the video!!

  5. Congrats to Noah, and congrats for raising the funds! You rock.


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