May 07, 2015

Doggy daycare

Well, I managed to avoid getting sick the week before Indy (I *always* get sick the last week of April!), but yesterday I had a horrible sore throat. Then last night, I couldn't sleep for anything because every time I inhaled, it felt like there were razor blades in my throat. Jerry's alarm was set for 4:00 this morning, but I ended up turning it off a couple of minutes early and waking him up myself. I knew I'd never fall asleep, so I just got out of bed and went into the living room.

I tried catching up on email, but barely made a dent in it. Eli came into the living room at 5:00, complaining that his throat was hurting really badly. He sounded horrible, and I figured he had the same thing as me (which made me feel really sorry for him!). I told him he could stay home from school. I made him some chicken broth, hoping it would soothe his throat, and then gave him a breathing treatment because he was coughing. He was feeling much better after that, but I kept him home anyway.

After taking Noah to the bus, I took Eli over to my mom's house (he asked her if he could be sick at her house instead of at home). I really wanted to get my strength exercises from the physical therapist done today, so I turned on a movie and periodically, I got up to do a set of the exercises. It took a lot more out of me than I expected it to! I was actually breathing hard during the step ups. I did the maximum he recommended (hopefully it will help me recover faster).

This afternoon, Joey had another appointment at the doggy daycare. A couple of days after he'd failed his temperament test, Brenda, the woman who runs the daycare, called me to say that Joey had been weighing on her heart and she wanted to give him another chance. He had done so well up to the point where he bared his teeth, and even though she doesn't normally do second chances, Joey was on her mind.

I picked up Noah from school, and took the kids with me to the doggy daycare. It's a far drive into the middle of nowhere--there is truly nothing around for miles. Eli was excited to see Joey play with the other dogs, so we stood on the outside of the fence while Brenda and another employee slowly added dogs to the area, watching to see how Joey did. I'm no expert, but he seemed to do great! He didn't seem annoyed or put off by any of the dogs. They let in the dog that he'd bared his teeth to before, and there was no issue.

Brenda told us we could leave for a while, and she was going to watch him play in the really large area with the whole pack. I was a little nervous, but the kids and I went to Cabela's (nearly 30 minutes away, but the only way to kill time around there). We didn't stay long--just browsed around for about 20 minutes. Cabela's sells fudge, and I was SO tempted when I saw the Red Velvet fudge; but I am super determined to get back to goal, so I didn't get any. I even took the kids through the Burger King drive thru so they could have something to eat before their baseball practice, and I didn't eat anything from there, either.

Anyway, we headed back to the daycare. When we got there, Joey was still in the yard with the other dogs, so I assumed that meant he was doing well. Brenda brought him out to me, and said he was fantastic. He had a blast playing with the other dogs, and didn't show any signs of aggression or anything to worry about. He passed his test! Joey was totally exhausted. He laid on the floor by my feet while I chatted with Brenda. I signed him up to go there for a half-day every Tuesday, just to let him interact with other dogs (sort of like a doggy playdate). Joey loves water, and they even have an in-ground pool for the dogs, so he's going to love that.

The kids and I had to go straight from there to their baseball practice, so it was a long afternoon. I'm so glad that we don't have anything going on tomorrow! I just want to rest and nurse this cold. My nose is very congested, and I've been coughing. I just hope today was the worst of it. Eli was SO much better by the afternoon, and even did his baseball practice--so, hopefully this cold is a short one.

You may have seen this via Runner's World, but they are doing another cover contest for the magazine. SO MANY of you have such great running stories (I read them every week for Motivational Monday), and I want to encourage you to submit your story. I'm not going to enter (I had my 15 minutes of fame already, haha), but I'd love to vote for any of my readers that do. So if you enter, let me know! Here is the link to the contest. Remember, you'll never know unless you try. Your story could inspire thousands of people!

The winners (there will be one male and one female) will not only be featured on the cover of my personal favorite magazine, but also attend the NYC marathon as a VIP guest of Runner's World and receive some great prizes. (I'm not getting anything for promoting the contest--I just think it'd be awesome to see one of my readers on the cover!) #RWCoverSearch


  1. I love the doggy pool picture! Glad Joey got a second chance, he sounds like such a great dog.

    Hope you get well soon!

  2. Is that pool at doggy daycare shaped like a bone?? OMG, how cute. Glad Joey did well and that he got another chance to show his awesomeness. Warner would have failed within the first minute. *sigh*
    I hope I didn't get you sick last weekend. Sounds very similar to the crud I had. Fortunately, it was a fast moving cold and didn't turn into much.

  3. AnonymousMay 08, 2015

    Is it wrong I want to go to doggie day care? :)

  4. What a posh doggy daycare place. I love that she is so careful about which dogs "get in." That pool looks like lots of fun for the doggies, I know Joey will be happy there. Did you Mom keep him while you were in Indianapolis? Good to know you have some place for him to go for future trips. I know it's always tough to figure out what to do with our dog Juno, even when we just go somewhere overnight or a long period of time during the day. Since I'm retired, she doesn't have to be alone much anymore. Yesterday, my hubs had a minor surgery, I left the house at 11:30 and we didn't get home until about 6. We were worried we would find a mess, but she did just fine.She will be two years old in July, so I guess she's finally growing up.

  5. Amanda K.May 08, 2015

    I swear I've seen that doggy pool before. I think it was a viral video my husband showed me last year of a bunch of dogs playing in there. I love dogs which is why he showed it to me! It could just be a similar looking pool but it just looks so familiar! Looks like a great place for Joey though :)

    1. Amanda K.May 08, 2015

      Is it the Lucky Puppy Country Doggy Daycare? If so that's the video that's on youtube! It's so freaking cute. Just look up Dogs Playing in Pool and it's the first one to pop up.

    2. Amanda K.May 08, 2015

      Haha that's hilarious! It's such a fun video, I love all the puppies playing together! Looks like Joey is going to have a fun summer :)

    3. Melissa MMay 08, 2015

      I thought the same thing too -- recognized the pool! At first I thought 'Oh Katie posted that viral video of all the dogs in the pool" then realized that that's actually where you and Joey were. Cool!

  6. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! Hopefully your sickness clears up soon so you can get back to feeling like yourself as soon as possible.

    That’s great that Joey got a second chance! I’m happy to hear he passed. Have a great weekend Katie!

  7. Lise in IndyMay 08, 2015

    Hurray for Joey! You are a good doggie mama. :) Hate sore throats. Owie, owie, owie. If you can, try gargling with listerine. It helps calm down the pain because it contains salicylic acid, otherwise known as aspirin. (Without the side effects of aspirin.) If the burn is too much, add a teeny bit of water to the listerine.

  8. Be prepared for an exhausted Joey every Tuesday night. We use cageless boarding for my little guy, Riley, and he comes home exhausted every time! The interaction with other dogs is fabulous, and Riley loves it, but he just doesn't know when to stop and take a break.


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