November 10, 2014

Motivational Monday #86

Happy Motivational Monday, Friends!

After yesterday's humbling half marathon, I am feeling extremely motivated today to get back into the shape I was last year. At the same race last year, I paced my friend Stephanie to a sub-2:10 finish, which is about the same pace that I ran yesterday... but the difference was HUGE in how I felt. Last year, I had just run the Chicago Marathon a couple of weeks prior and was in extremely good cardiovascular shape (not my thinnest, but I could run). I felt so amazing after that race that I felt like I could run the whole course twice. Yesterday, that same pace nearly made me keel over at the finish line, and I can barely walk today ;)

I've been back to counting Weight Watchers points for about 6 weeks, but I haven't seen much progress in my weight (only down 4 pounds). I've had a few bad days, but I've mostly been right on track. When I saw the photo of my brother and me at the half yesterday, I almost didn't post it on my race report, because I couldn't believe how big I looked! Maybe it was the angle, or the fact that I was wearing a few layers of clothes, but I wasn't happy with that photo at all.

I've been doing a new running schedule for three weeks now, and I am really happy with how that is going. Despite how I felt during the race yesterday, I actually did finish faster than I expected to, so I am happy with that. I've been hitting my goal paces during my training runs, so I have no complaints.

I think the hardest part is just having patience. I want to see results NOW (if not yesterday), and it's hard to wait! But I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing (counting points and running according to my schedule) and I hope that in a few months, I'll see some nice changes. Maybe I'll run a spring race with my brother, and we can do another photo for comparison (or redemption? haha)

Anyway, the whole point of all this is that I am feeling extra motivated on this Monday! I want to kick this half-marathon's ass next year, and feel like I could run the whole race a second time... maybe even backwards. ;)

Here are a few motivational stories for you to read this Monday...

Rachel just completed her first half marathon! That alone is cause for celebration, but she has quite the motivating story. She started running in August 2012 with the sole purpose of running a Disney half-marathon--and at the time, she couldn't even walk more than a mile. While she was training, she and her family were in a car accident, which caused her to suffer a bilateral vertebral arterial dissection and stroke that impacted 1/3 of her cerebellum. Her neurosurgeon told her she'd never be able to walk normally again, and she should plan on never running again. She made it her mission to prove him wrong!

Eight months later, she was cleared to start running (slowly) again. And now, eighteen months later, she completed her first half-marathon in a time of 3:16! When she started this journey, she hoped to show her then-2-year old that with hard work, you can accomplish anything, even if it seems impossible. She has proved to herself that she is the only one who can put limits on herself, and that 'impossible' is not a word that should be in anyone's vocabulary.

Heather (left) and her sister,  Emma (right), just completed their first triathlon! The race consisted of a 300-meter swim, 9K bike ride, and 2K run. They had a goal to finish under an hour, and even though it was very hot (they're in Australia, where it's nearing summer), they reached their goal!

Jamie just ran her third half-marathon, and PR'ed by nearly 30 minutes! She's also feeling proud because she just got her school photos back, and was excited to see such a difference in her appearance. In just over a year, she's lost 90 pounds!

Don't forget to check out more stories on the Motivational Monday Facebook post!

If you have an accomplishment you'd like to share, you can email a photo and short description to me at Katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com, subject "Motivational Monday", and I may include it on a Motivational Monday post!


  1. You already know this...but sometimes it takes a little longer to see the results of our hard work. Hang in there and trust that you are doing good things for yourself everyday!

  2. My progress has been slow too, steady, but so slow. I continue to be flabbergasted by people (like you once!) who lose 100+ pounds in a year. Crazy! I consistently lose about 3-4 pounds a month. I am down 75 and have 15ish (?) to go.
    On one hand I think the slow loss has been healthy, mentally speaking. I've had time to adjust to my changing body and all the lifestyle changes are second nature now. But dang it, I want to be able to buy clothes and not feel like I'm wasting my money! I'm at a point now where I drop a pants size every 8 pounds or so, and I can't afford to replace clothing every two months. I'm ready to splurge on some nice things, but I can't justify it until I'm done losing!
    Anyway, keep on keeping on, Katie! You are doing great. It's so awesome that you are hitting your running goals. Just imagine how freaking amazing you are going to feel the next time you get a PR. :)

    1. I lost 90 pounds in a little over a year. I started shopping consignment and thrift stores. Every three or four sizes, I'd donate the clothes back. Went from size 20 to 6 and still shop at my "favorite" store. I have invested in a few new things.

  3. You looked great. Dont forget.... as we get older our metabolisms betray us! Even a year can make a big difference.
    Keep it up, youll get there.

  4. Katie, you look amazing. I'll say that maybe the after pic is just a bad angle because the before pic that you posted with just you solo looks awesome (and the pic with your bro doesn't look bad... you are just turned a little differently). Keep up the GREAT work, I love, love, love reading your blog - very inspiring!

  5. Sometimes the hardest thing for me to do is to be kind to myself when I am not seeing the results I want fast enough. Hang in there!

    Also, WOW to Rachel's story! That is amazing, and what perseverance!


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