November 03, 2014

Motivational Monday #85

Happy Motivational Monday! What a tough few days this has been, with my kids eating Halloween candy right in front of me at all hours of the day ;) I've managed to avoid it, which is a big victory for me! Halloween marks the beginning of the whole holiday season, so I'm hoping that I can just keep my goals at the front of my mind and spend my Weight Watchers Points wisely.

Overall, though, I'm very happy with how well I've been doing this fall. My eating has been on track for the most part, and I've been following a new running schedule (excited about it, even!). I want to go into 2015 feeling happy with where I'm at.

Anyway... Let's see some motivating stories this Monday...

Cat had surgery a couple of months ago, and was told that she couldn't run for 10 weeks. She didn't realize just how much she'd miss running until she couldn't do it--she was aching to get out there. Yesterday was her big day--10 weeks after surgery, she got to run! She ran four miles and felt fantastic. (Cat is a "Sole Mate" of mine, from my Ragnar SoCal team. She's lost over 90 pounds!)

Maegan, and her husband, David, just completed their third 5K race together. Her goal was to run at least one mile of it, and to finish the race under 50 minutes. While running hasn't been easy for Maegan or David, they continued to train, and Maegan even completed her goal of running a mile during training. The race they did was the Undy 5000 5K (for colon cancer awareness) in Atlanta. The couple was surprised and excited to finish in 47 minutes, beating their goal! They've even lost a combined 80 pounds on Weight Watchers since mid-January. (Maegan's blog)

After getting back into running regularly in August following a break, Kelly completed the Dallas Running Club half marathon Sunday! This was her fourth time running this particular race, and it was her fastest time--2:22:56. She says the best part was all the different kinds of people and bodies on the course.  Little old ladies, one-armed runners, big, skinny, short, tall, fast, slow--everyone was a runner!

Alice is very proud of her mom, Edith, for completing the 4-mile Fall Frolic in Hammond, Indiana--at age 80! Edith started running in 2011 while taking a No Boundaries running program at her local Fleet Feet store. Even though a friend told her she probably shouldn't be doing "those things" at her age, she checked with her doctor, who gave her the okay. Running even helped take away some aches and pains that she had in her hips. She just had a full cardiac workup in August, and the cardiologist said he'd never seen such a healthy 80-year old, and he wishes that all his patients were that healthy! Edith took first place in her age group at the race, and continues to be a huge inspiration to the other runners in her No Boundaries program.

I got this email from a woman named Lori while I was in Pennsylvania, and I was so excited about it that I immediately shared it with the other bloggers in the car with me. I love hearing about stories like this one! Rather than edit the story down, I'll just copy it here:
"For a while I wanted to write you an email and thank you because you made a difference in my life and you don't even know it! And believe me, it is a pretty big deal :) I will tell you why. In January 2012 I found your blog. You inspired me to change my life, to take care of me not just everyone around me. I needed badly to lose 50 pounds (even more, but those 50 pounds really mattered for my health). I was also trying to get pregnant for a couple of years and it was just not working. Reading your blog every day helped me keep myself motivated and I even joined a boot camp. And I did it, I lost those 50 pounds and felt better than ever. Following year I got pregnant. With QUADRUPLETS!!!! It was a VERY high risk pregnancy and the doctors gave the babies very little chances of survival and no chances of all being born healthy. Well, I took that pregnancy all the way to 29 weeks and 4 days, the babies were little but PERFECT. The doctors told me that my body was in a great shape before I got pregnant and that was one of the reasons the babies did so good. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! I didn't know what I was preparing myself for, but now I really wanted you to know too, because you are part of our journey. I will attach some recent pictures of our family. The Quads are doing great, they are 13 months old now. May God bless you and keep you and your family healthy and happy! Much love,
(Lori's blog about the quadruplets)

Don't forget to check out more stories on the Motivational Monday Facebook post!


  1. I hit a milestone this week too!

  2. Holy Cow! These are some great Motivational Monday Posts. I especially loved 80-year-old Edith who RUNS! I am in awe. I want to be Edith when I grow up! I'm 63, and my knees are so terrible and I use that as my excuse not to run. But truthfully, I just never was a runner, even in high school when I wasn't heavy. So anybody who runs earns my respect, and at 80?! WOW!!!

    Also--How about being responsible for quadruplets? Katie you hit the jackpot there! Just amazing!!!

  3. Those babies are too cute for words!

    Congratulations, everyone! I needed MotiMonday this week. Thanks for the kickstart, Katie.

  4. Great job everyone! Alice, your mother Edith is seriously so inspiring. I think older people are often treated as "washed up" or too fragile to do anything, and your mom proves that that's just BS. Keep rocking it Edith!

  5. I want to be Edith when I grow up too! Very inspiring stories, everyone. Those babies are precious!


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