November 12, 2014

A run with Dean!

A couple of nights ago, I was feeling kind of down, and I posted about it to my Sole Mates team on Facebook. I absolutely love my teammates--I feel like I can tell them anything, and they always have great advice or know just what to say to make me feel better. The next morning (yesterday), I got a text from Dean, asking if I may want to get together for lunch or a run today.

It was really great timing, and of course I said yes. While lunch sounded good, I always have a hard time with counting points while eating out, so the run was a better idea. We made plans to meet just outside of the State Park near my house for a 5.5-mile lollipop route.

It was really warm on Monday and yesterday (67 and 60 degrees), but this morning, it was in the 30's! I was freezing just before we started to run, but I warmed up about a mile in. I even took off my gloves after a couple of miles.

Dean is much faster than I am (he just ran his first marathon in 3:52!) so I felt bad about slowing him down, but he didn't mind. I made it a point not to look at my watch during the run, and the only time I looked at it was at around mile four. I felt like we were going faster than I would have run on my own, but I had no idea just what our pace was. I haven't run with someone in a while, and it was nice to be able to have a conversation while running--definitely makes the time go by faster!

Just before we finished, I saw a truck up ahead that looked like my dad's, and it turned out that it was actually my parents. We stopped and talked to them for a minute, and then ran back to our cars. Our average pace was 9:24, and we had (mostly) negative splits. Considering we were talking the entire time, I was very happy with that!

Dean had driven about 45 minutes to meet me, so I invited him back to my house until lunch time, when he had plans to meet up with his sister. Jerry was off work today, so we sat and chatted for a couple of hours. Estelle loved meeting Dean, and took it upon herself to cozy up on his lap the whole time he was here.

Anyway, it was a fun morning, and I hope we do it again soon!

When I was at the Heartbreak Hill Half in June, one of the bloggers I met was Amanda from Run to the Finish. She noticed that Noah has gotten into running lately, and she recently asked me to write a post about getting kids interested in running (without pushing them into it). I loved the idea, so I wrote some tips that I hope are useful ;)  You can read the blog post here: How to Get Kids Interested in Running.


  1. Looks like fun. I hope running with Dean made you feel better. It's so cool that you got Noah interested in running too. You should be very proud of the great role model and influence you are for your boys. You've sure come a long ways since you were unable to teach him to ride his bike!!

  2. It's always so much more fun to run with other people!


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