October 12, 2014

Preparing for a busy (and fun) week

Today I wanted to finish getting everything ready for this week, because I'm going to be gone all week (NYC tomorrow for Purina, and Pennsylvania on Thursday for Runner's World). I've gotten a bit ridiculous about preparing for Nathan's first marathon--I want to show it all here, but it will have to wait until afterward, so I don't spoil the surprises.

I went to Party City this afternoon to get a couple of things for Nathan's race. Before I left the house, Jerry not-so-subtly hinted that he saw an ad that Victoria's Secret had a sale--7 panties for $26.50--so I may want to pick some up while I was out that way ;)  I do like VS panties, so I ended up going there to take advantage of the sale.

It's kind of funny--I had exactly two things that I needed to get while I was out today (I went out specifically for them) and when I got home, I'd forgotten both! It will have to wait until Wednesday.

The kids went to my parents' house for a little while this evening, and Jerry and I were on our own for dinner. I didn't really want to cook for just the two of us, and when I learned that today was the last day that our local ice cream shop would be open for the season, I thought a flurry sounded good for dinner ;)  So we each got a small flurry (16 PointsPlus), and that was actually really filling. (I know that eating a flurry for dinner is not exactly healthy, but I only do that once or twice a year!)

Today was a rest day, so I didn't have to run. After "dinner", though, I was really cold and had only gotten in 3,000 steps for the whole day, so I decided to go for a short three-miler. I'm supposed to run three tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'll be able to, so it didn't hurt to get it done today. I was feeling pretty energetic, and it felt good to get out and run.

I very rarely run in the evenings, but every time that I do, I tell myself that I should do it more often. It's SO nice to run as the sun is going down. I think my problem is that if I didn't do it in the morning, it would haunt me all day that I need to get in a run. I felt really good, and even had negative splits.

In photos, I never look as sweaty as I actually am!

I sat on the porch until the mosquitos started getting to me, then headed in to get my laundry done. My flight is at 10:00 tomorrow morning, and I haven't even started packing yet! It's a super short trip (I'll be home Tuesday night), but I want to pack some running clothes. I'll have a few hours tomorrow afternoon to do whatever I'd like, and I'll just be a couple of miles from Central Park, so I think I may get brave enough to venture over there and go for a run. I'm so bad with directions that it makes me nervous to even think about, but I'll bring my clothes just in case.

I wrote the Motivational Monday post today, and it's set to go live tomorrow night. If you have something to share, and I didn't get to it, then I will save it for next week. I probably won't be writing a post on Tuesday, because I won't get home until late, but I will on Wednesday. Well, I'd better get packing. I'm excited to go to NY tomorrow!


  1. You have to run though Central Park; it was my favorite part of our NYC trip last year. I ran it by myself and felt totally safe. I think you'll regret it if you don't do it!

  2. Have a great trip. We loved Central Park when we were there in Late Nov. in 2012. The trees were gorgeous. Hope you get to run there!!

  3. So excited for your brother and his first marathon! He will do great! You absolutely gotta run through Central Park. And make pics! That is on my bucket list! Have a fun trip chicka!

  4. I do hope you will take the time to go and run in Central Park. It is really lovely. And take a cab so you don't need to worry about directions.

  5. I'm a morning runner too. I can't put it off. But during the week I often have to run after work and my body hates it. My pace is significantly slower and the runs just feel worse. :( I wish I could figure out how to make those runs more enjoyable.

  6. Hi! Just wondering if you've ever heard of the app called Two Grand? it's a food tracking app but you take pictures of what you eat instead of tracking on paper. It's fun to be able to search other people doing the same thing, like weight watchers, and see what they are eating. I HATE tracking food but I have no problem snapping a pic right before I eat. And I really like looking at what other people are eating...maybe I'm weird? Anyway, it's pretty fun and thought I'd share. If you do happen to get the app, my username is linaep and I'd love to follow you. Have a great day!

  7. Did you get a chance to run in CP? It is fun, I do half marathons there often. Those hills are no joke!


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