October 27, 2014

Motivational Monday #84

Happy Motivational Monday! I'm so happy to be back in a routine this week. I don't have anything major going on until at least January, so I feel like it's a good time to get focused on my goals. Other than the binge I wrote about a couple of days ago, I've been doing really well back on Weight Watchers. I've also been following a new running schedule, including speed work, so I feel like I'm getting my "groove" back ;)

I have a few Motivational Monday stories to share with you today... enjoy!

Mary had a great racing year in 2013, including running her first marathon (!), but felt very burnt out on running. She stopped running completely after a race in February, and wasn't sure she would ever want to do it again. She finally decided that she wasn't happy with how her body had changed after she stopped running, and she was tired of feeling unhealthy, so she got serious about eating well and training again. On Saturday, she ran her first race since she stopped running in February, and it went really well! Her time was only four minutes slower than her PR, and she had so much fun that she now feels excited about running again! (Mary's race report)

Amanda had a fantastic week of running, starting with her first half-marathon! She ran the Detroit International Half (this pic was actually taken very close to where I was standing and watching for my brother at that race). Just two years ago, she never would have believed that she could run a single mile, let alone 13.1! At around mile 8, the song, "Best Day of My Life" came on her headphones, and she immediately got tears in her eyes. She says it truly was one of the best days of her life, and she was so determined to cross that finish line looking strong! Just a week later, Amanda toed the starting line again--this time with her 7-year old son and her mother, for a 5K race. It was her son's first 5K, and he did great!

Rebecca and her running buddy hit a big milestone--they ran 13.1 miles! She began running a little over a year ago, and never imagined that she would be able to run HOURS at a time. She's now lost 141 pounds, and is super excited to technically be a "half-marathoner" now ;)

Don't forget to check out more stories on the Motivational Monday Facebook post!


  1. Congrats everyone! Great job this week!

  2. I'm getting ads covering your blog making it hard, impossible to read. My day isn't starting right now. You are part of my inspirational morning routine. Hope the ads can find a new place to land.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! Someone else mentioned this a couple of days ago, but I can't seem to find out where the problem is. Whenever I look at it, it looks normal to me. I have all pop-up ads and expandable ads turned off (I hate those things). I'll try to find out what is going on and see if I can fix it!

    2. I get them also. It's when I'm reading your blog on my iPad...which is always where I read it. I can't get the ads to go away. Some of them say they are from Adsense.

    3. Look at your browser ad-ons. I had similar problems with any website I was on. I use Firefox and installed Adblock plus. Look into it. It may help.

  3. Congrats to everyone! Wonderful job!

  4. These motivational Monday posts always inspire me. I ran my first half this last weekend and it was an amazing feeling to run across that finish line! (My time was 2:31:01!!


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